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  2. great news! It must be clean and hunkydory to take a dip now then ..
  3. "At the end of last week her lecturer told her class that each member of the class had to personally find and interview 5 farang (not Asian!!!) tourists in Nakhon Si Thammarat (NST) district before 25 May!!!" I have been "interviewed" myself a couple of times. It would have been interesting if the OP had explained the purpose of this exercise?
  4. It will just give the traffic stop guys another thing to cash fine for. Have g more cars with no current rego to fine. Goodbye!!!!! The original thinking is correct but as usual enforcement is the failing detail.
  5. Meh. trump has said many, many, many, many, many times that he gets audited every year, and his rich friends do not. This alone would raise a red flag, and it seems normal for the Joint Committee on Taxation to look into both the audit(s), and the practices that prompted them, as part of their legislative and oversight constitutional requirements. The president has long said he will release his returns after the audit is finished. Surely mnuchin, or the IRS Commissioner, can answer as to the status of these audits without sacrificing any imperial privilege or privacy, right? Why do I suspect there will not be a clear answer on this audit matter from the administration? Super-Rich Americans Aren’t Getting Audited as Much, New IRS Data Show The chances of an IRS audit for people making at least $10 million a year plunged during the government’s last fiscal year, according to data released on Monday. The audit rate for those high earners fell to 6.66% for fiscal year 2018, less than half of the 14.52% rate the year before, according to the IRS data. The government’s fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-20/super-rich-aren-t-getting-audited-as-much-new-irs-data-show
  6. If you are referring to Trump (look who's in charge), this is one thing I wouldn't pin on him or Republicans (though both are appalling). US expats are lower than a flea on a Soi dogs butt regardless of party. We just don't matter, taxation aside.
  7. "A ban on swimming in the sea off Thailand’s famous Pattaya resort has been lifted after the condition of the sea water returned to normal with no black and foul-smelling pollutants. However, people with allergies are warned to not swim in the sea, especially in the Na Chom Thian area where the pollution problem was at its most extreme". I hope the above information goes public in all countries where holiday makers are contemplating visiting Thailand...
  8. As you said just go for it. Come over and visit, don't get a long term rental at first. Try out the different parts of the island to see what suits you best. Markets and shops have all you need so don't worry about that. Lots of ways to meet others your age, just like back home, at the gym, bar, etc. Rainy season is fairly short where it rains long enough to keep you inside. But with internet not an issue.
  9. Samui is a tourist island and more expensive than many other places in Thailand. Phuket is also expensive. Probable almost anywhere in Thailand (except even smaller islands) is cheaper than these two places. You will survive on 45k but you will get a lot more value for it in other places. I.e. Pattaya and surrounding is a lot cheaper and has more options (not only for the nightlife).
  10. The run of the mill Labour members won't vote for him, he is too intelligent for them.
  11. Notice that we are now being inundated with ads and admonishments for health insurance companies who are offering high premium, low payout polices riddled with exclusions for pre-existing conditions. The shear number of these new ads as well as the media bashing long-term expats as freeloading medical bill skippers and now governments getting into the game even to the point of saying that if you can't afford 'adequate insurance' (whatever that may be) then Thailand is not the right place for you - how fascinating in it's ramifications. What I come up with is there is a lot happening behind the scenes. It's as though blood and chum have been tossed in the water and the insurance sharks are circling their prey with the intention of chewing off small pieces of flesh at a time. Don't want to kill the host, just bleed them dry before discarding them. These Thai proffered policies will be essentially worthless as they don't cover pre-existing conditions which virtually all aging expats of retirement age will have. Someone with diabetes is excluded for diabetes coverage, that person is most likely to be hospitalize due to diabetes which is not covered, and then must pay out of pocket! How does this protect the Thai hospitals from patients who can not pay? Someone with cancer is excluded for cancer coverage, that person is most likely to be hospitalize due to cancer which is not covered, and then must pay out of pocket! How does this protect the Thai hospitals from patients who can not pay? Someone with coronary issues is excluded for coronary coverage, that person is most likely to be hospitalize due to coronary problems which are not covered, and then must pay out of pocket! How does this protect the Thai hospitals from patients who can not pay? This is not about having 'adequate insurance', such as the ridiculous 40k out-patient policy that will be required - this is about harvesting the wealth of a class of foreigners living in Thailand who inject billions of Thai baht into the GDP of this corrupt country and then are rewarded by being lined up and further harvested of their wealth for insurance products that are predatory in the price structure as well as their lack of real coverage. This is governments and corporate entities finding a source of wealth and finding a way to harvest that wealth. If this was actually about protecting the Thai health care system from those 'who can not pay for health services', then the government would require that healthcare insurers to provide affordable policies that cover pre-existing conditions. But that is not what this is - it's a money grab. When they kill the geese that lay the golden eggs and those billions in foreign capital that are injected into the Thai GDP dry up as long-term expats pull up stakes - who knows, they will probably double down. It's getting time to start polishing Plan B.
  12. 1 - nothing really..probably better to huy what you need as and when you realise you need it. Personal electronic stuff...computer phone etc...there is not a great range on the island although most of the main chain stores are here. 2 - The place is in general very safe and burglaries are much rarer than in the West. Don't lose all sense of responsibility though. 3 - You can rent a nice 1 or 2 b/r house from 8 to 12 thousand baht. So 45 k will allow you to live quite well if you have a reasonably frugal lifestyle and eat local foods. 4 - life goes on in the wet, which is patchy from May to October but you lose have of the cool dry season with a really wet November and December. Samui is a lot wetter than much of Thailand and flooding is common as are the concomitant power outages at that time of year. 5 - Samui is not really Thailand, the island has a massive resident and semi-resident foreigner population. There are loads of bars clubs and organisations that cater for their needs...... it should be easy to make friends, however superficial. 6 - OK there are several large hospitals on the island offering healthcare at various price levels and competency. In fact regardless of how much insurance you have, you are unlikely ever to be fully covered and even the most expensive healthcare can end up as little more than a lottery. Don't be beguiled by flashy furniture, uniforms and machinery....its all face like a lot of Thailand. The occasional patch on a cut or basic antibiotic is very cheap from a local clinic or pharmacy........ but once in the clutches of somewhere like Bangkok Samui, your bank account will hemorrhage like a stuck pig. 7 - Samui is in general still more rural than Phuket, which is nowadays little more than a city. Samui is an hour or more from the mainland so it is truly an island life. That said, it is still very developed and quite without planning or infrastructure........ unregulated building has all but obscured the very best beaches. The rubbish tip fiasco has been an island sore point for over 8 years and only now are measures been taken to clear it....lord knows what pollution will be left behind. Roads on Samui are dreadfully engineered and as a result quite dangerous. Phuket has a much more sophisticated network based on European ideas. The main conurbation on Samui, Chaweng, has gone from island paradise to beach city in 2 decades. But depending on where you settle there are still some more rural patches.... for the time being.....where groups of foreigners huddle round a bamboo bar by a small beach, hoping no one will find them. Nathon is the only remnant of a real Thai town on the island. The rest are just centres for holidaymakers. All the main supermarkets have a presence on the island..... Tescos, Big C and Tops.
  13. Deutsche Bank have probably paid more in fines for interest rate manipulation, facilitating money laundering and other offences than the Blond Buffoon is worth. Looks like he chose the right bank though!
  14. Also, they may be reported to the Tax Department as they skip reporting iincome most of the time. Those Tax guys do not play ! Can be reported to be operating a hotel/renting room on daily without the proper licence. Many things can be done but not enforcement is really easy if the juristic person is not acting.
  15. What changes do you think they will achieve? Do you think a few Brits are going to affect the outcome of the next POTUS election? If so, doesn't this smack of foreign interference? Maybe we will need a 2 year investigation afterwards. Yes, now I am just being silly.
  16. The vast majority of our investments are in index tracking mutual funds, with management fees that close to if not equal to ETFs. If one wishes to reinvest dividends and capital gains that can be more difficult vis ETFs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. I have insurance as a retired civil servant. GREAT in the states, WORTHLESS in Thailand.
  18. Actually it depends You may well be talking about marrying a Thai Govt worker. I'm married to a Thai who works for the US Government She's a civilian contractor for DoD. Now I'm not complaining the coverage we get through BCBS is great, but it's nothing better than any other civilian would get outside of the Federal system. It's not like Tricare or the like
  19. I think more Thais wear Premier League shirts that one with American symbols? Just sayin.....
  20. We should be thankful to him that he exposed the USA. Their action need a lot of exposure! And about the Swedish "rape". Why did she have consensual sex with him before and after she thinks he raped her. What is called rape over there is maybe called a misunderstanding in most of the word.
  21. Shopper injured as car goes into 7-Eleven Caption: Went in and hit customer in "Seven" A nineteen year old man was hurt when an MG 5 plowed into a branch of 7-Eleven yesterday evening. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1101878-shopper-injured-as-car-goes-into-7-eleven/
  22. 2014/2015 I did back-2-back visa exempt for 15 months in KL, but I was travelling in & out a lot (e.g. I went to the UK for 2 weeks, came back for 5 days then went to Aus/NZ for 2 weeks, came back for 2 days then Thailand for a month, back for 4 days, Bali for 1 month etc...) - Longest I ever spent in-country was probably 2, maybe 2.5 weeks
  23. Deliberate most probably; but I'll bet the US companies - & all the rest, do something very similar. It's not about 'backdoors' I don't think, more likely competition. Huawei, do make good devices, & most probably, the US, don't want a Chinese company being successful with these devices.
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