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  2. Just another example of Thais driving as if they are playing a video game.
  3. Hicks will sink Drumpf- she would be the most honest person that has served in his corrupt regime
  4. I've been in a sexless relationship since the wife hit the menopause 5 hrs ago and I guess I must"ve done so many bar girls in my 3 decades that I no longer feel the urge. As for why, we know each other so well and there's never a cross word. Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Some locals on the sois can chip in by covering manholes with carpets to ease the smell from all the oil, grease and waste they throw down their hourly.,
  6. Hardly cowardly. They wouldn’t receive a fair trial so why stay? You’d be an idiot to stay.
  7. Having lived here for years, the facade, otherwise known as the image, is all important. Sandbags give an impression of taking care of a problem, which in all likelyhood is is so large and corrupted, it is going to take a long time and several governments to correct. Meanwhile, tourist arrival numbers continue to increase and the happiness meter is off the scale.
  8. Inflammatory nonsense from the UN. There must elections on the horizon.
  9. There's like over 50 ethnic groups there and lots are amazingly hot. Travelling just for women is very shallow
  10. UbonJoe is most definitely a solid source of information but even he cannot keep up with every immigration office let alone ever immigration officer. Wisdom, as you and Nancy note, seems to require that the 800k (when relying on that method for one's extension) should be in there for renewals for 3 months prior to the application date. Doing that appears to prevent any issue when confronted with an officer asserting the old "3-month-before-application" rule still applies. Another questionable issue is what is applicable timing for keeping the 800k in the bank after the new extension is granted - is it 3 months after the application date or is it 3 months after the date the new extension takes effect? The language in the so-called amendment clearly states that it's 3 months after the application date (which, presuming you renew 45 days early, would mean only another 45 days or so after the date the new extension takes effect); however, wisdom might very well require one to keep the funds in there 3 months after the date the new extension takes effect and that should avoid another problem by a given officer misinterpreting the new rules. Of course, just permanently parking the 800k avoids any of that rigmarole (being the comprehension skills of a given officer). (* I'm not mentioning the timing for the 400k to be parked just because adding that info seems to add to the confusion for some. So long as people know that one can never let the funds dip below 400k, that's probably enough on that).
  11. we only have written evidence of the 3 months being paid in full, and a receipt showing the fee charged for losing the deposit. no evidence of the phone call made promising to give back both the deposit and half months rent, though the half months rent was paid back. to the other poster - the room was found through booking.com, but we paid direct and signed a contract. the top half of rooms are used as apartments, bottom half as hotel rooms I think
  12. The Electoral Commission is responsible to demonstrate impartiality not just assert it. Can you tell me how many other Political Parties have been visited to check their rules and procedures for membership etc. Forgive my cynicism but if they haven't visited other parties they have invited a suspicion of bias.
  13. It was humour & made the room (his audience; before you go 'off on one'.... again!) laugh. If Starmer, Grieve, Cooper, Bercow etc had said it you would have joined in.
  14. Yes, the options do exist out there and they don't need a lot of effort to find. If one thinks doing a medical is too difficult, or one does have coverage-limiting pre-conditions, or just one just plain can't afford it, then carry on winging it I guess. Just don't keep complaining about it not being fair. That's (end of) life. That will get a few all riled up; especially the ones that like to bang on about the unfortunate tourists who fall off motorbikes or are somehow a victim of their own lack of guile and end up crowdfunding their way back home. Good find though.
  15. Thai only tip in rare cases. E.g. a restaurant where you have a server at your table who is refilling your glasses and when plates gets empty removes them imediately and asks if you have more wishes, but basically is at your table all the time. Caps and massage only westerners tip ... So, you gave 50TBH tip on a 250TBH bill, increasing her wage by 25% ... if she is allowed to keep it. I have no real rule, but when I'm out with my wife, I obviously don't tip, and if I use a cap I round up the next 5 TBH or 10TBH if it is close to a 100TBH border.
  16. Wonder where armed overthrow of an elected government stands in his point of view
  17. He went on the pith... Sent from my JKM-LX2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. I fell head over heels for a female tennis player. I bought her flowers and diamonds, but it was all in vain. Love meant nothing to her.
  19. It's called democracy. You could apply the same logic to the US. Major cities voted Democrat and the hill billies voted for a lunatic.
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