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  2. what would Thai nationality have to do with this... if the person were from another country but knew nothing, would you not get bored?? But, even more boring than this is someone who thinks they know everything and never stops talking, even when it is obvious they don't know much and are wrong about what they think they know... lots of boring out in the world from what I see...
  3. We try to stay out of each others shoes The family live next door,and she spends a-lot of time cooking at the temple,so it works out well [emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. You can register to file the TM30 online here: https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/
  5. I don’t think there’s a need for more stupid comments.... yours has already won that prize!
  6. maxipeon

    Gaming chair

    I had this one before at ikea also: https://www.ikea.com/th/en/catalog/products/50261151/ very good chair but little bit more pricey than the 2k gaming chair we can see everywhere. It was a nice chair, but I like for something else.
  7. Just how do these people know how much tourists spend? Do they follow them around?
  8. Where is that? Can't stop to read that (on this forum only!) but have no idea where it's supposed to happen. I depend of Jomtien Immigration and never heard of different IOs asking different documents ?? Maybe some isolated case in some small Immigration offices but a few exceptions don't make the general rule.
  9. I suppose they scraped the stairs since everybody will use the elevators anyway.
  10. Yes, tough sh1t. If they can't afford it stay at home, or buy a tent/caravan! Plenty of very cheap accommodation in Thailand You obviously have never had to suffer 30/40 thais in the house next door, up all night with the lights & music on full blare. It's not like you can call the police for assistance either
  11. Nuisance? The annual income of a handful of airbnbs supports a higher property valuation. Hurts the hotel business? The source of the crackdown then. Is illegal? The law is made in the interests of the people, not a small section of super rich, often foreign, hotel owners. Tourism accounts for 12% of GNP. Higher accomodation costs will have what effects on the economy? Airbnb are run by little people who have made good by working hard and saving. The benefits of tourism should go to the people not a handful of monied gentry.
  12. The so-called Iran Deal did not cover all arms development or acquisition by Iran. Rather, it was the Trump administration which claimed that such activities violate the spirit of the agreement, or something. Nothing which actually held or holds water, though. So, granted, Trump may use reasoning as suggested for "proof" and "confirmation", regardless of whether it applies or not.
  13. If they do that online... 1) How do I know they did it? 2) Then I don't need the slip from them? 3) So do I need to fill out any form, or I just get the slip from them and that's it? I just need to be sure because I want to do my extension in a few days. Thank you.
  14. Dom.Rabb is the man imo to be the PM Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Wow, in other parts of the world, it takes many years to improve, Thailand can do it in a few months! Thais should go to Australia and teach them how to do it!
  16. Can we assume that the gearbox was also not functional? Over 600 feet away from cars when he realised 'brake failure.' So, start working down the gears and slow the truck down you prat! Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  17. Resting it on the lip seems like a good idea [emoji51] I found the main problem is when you approach with your todger a burst of air is released, presumably to fragrance the area, but this air is very strong and can cause pain to the sensitive parts. A system I’ve adopted is by using thrusting movements you can relieve yourself intermittently before the sensor causes the air to be released. With practice, and a few good hip movements you can relieve yourself without any splashback whatsoever !! Generally people entering the restroom while I am engaging in this procedure find it so inventive that they usually retreat to inform their friends of the marvellous discovery , on many occasions it appears that their friends are also restaurant security !!
  18. So are you saying that very few eu supporters support federalism whilst being aware of the ultimate aim of the ultra federalists in brussels hq. I find that very hard to believe as they must know full well the ultimate aim of brussels hq is to have a united states of europe. Just who is kidding who?? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  19. Collector Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  20. Expecting a politician to honour promises is like expecting a government to refund your taxes ......
  21. Hi Spi - I wish I could give your posting ten likes... this is so similar to my experience here... my wife in USA was smart and if we talked abt intellectual subjects or any serious conversation, we could agree 99% and it would narrow down to that 1% and blossom out into a fight - I hate to fight... winning a fight [causing pain and tears] is even worse than losing... and my relationship with my wife here is very similar to yours... very light of heart and mood, which is definitely uplifting for me to be around and maybe the added dimension is that we share family, and are raising a niece together... that is a lot to deal with in common and yet no major dependencies, as we each go our own way much of the time... so, thanks for the post as sometimes I feel a bit alone here on TVF in that I genuinely like my wife as a person, and her family too... she is not my all and everything - but a major positive presence - 18 years now...
  22. OP, a lot would depend on the ownership structure, GF or wife is the actual owner or company ownership etc. As for the loan, you cant just move a mortgage to another property. My wife recently re-financed her house with the same bank and even that was closing up the existing mortgage and reapplying and qualifying for a new mortgage.
  23. So when anyone from my family comes over from the UK we have to fill out a tm 30? never done it in 13 years ,did not even know i had to ,and when we go and stay with relatives in BKK or elsewhere do they have to fill in forms? sorry if i appear dumb .
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