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  2. I used an agent last week. no change. we went to office together. I gave her 25k...she handed over a wad to an official with my pp and bb and I got my 1 year extension and multiple a few hours later.
  3. Scotland will never win independance..the scottish taxpayers are not stupid. Do you honestly think they would vote for something that will rapidly mean easily 70% of their wages/salary going to the scottish taxman..council tax..vat..etc etc Dream on Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. It is a folder I created and it is empty apart from another folder that seem to be the corrupted folder. I will try to give it a go from safe mode. Thanks.
  5. I was thinking of bringing one from home, it would be same price, but for sure a good one!
  6. At the end of the video "All my sexual fantasizes involve handcuffs" M. Avanatti lol sohm nam na , you got your wish
  7. Whats the difference with theft during darkess or during the day, it was inside anyway..
  8. The FTA only affects the cost of goods (COG), other factors may have risen in the meantime, transport, duty, local taxes, local wages and also are the retailers passing on the cost benefits or taking as additional margin?
  9. Great headline, but would have packed more punch without the add-on "as serpent refuses to go quietly". Reminds me of my old days on a tabloid subs' desk. We used to spend hours thinking up puns and cliches for every occasion. Enormous fun.
  10. Orban is doing a grand job for Hungary, standing up to the EU bullies. I wish we had somebody like him. All the right of centre populists will do an even better job from next week, our very own Brexit Party too. Russia's agenda of weakening the EU is to be lauded. We couldn't do that because our politicians and Remainer federasts support oppressive authoritarian states. Pity they don't support some nationalism, but prefer the multinationals' globalism for some reason.
  11. The two other options for power source beside solar panels which was to the power grid with a distribution line or installing diesel generators to power. It has been shown that the solar power can compete with its old rivals solar rooftop system dealers. A complete replacement of diesel generation with solar power is usually ... This system will replace an existing diesel powered electric generator and the amount of energy flowing from the energy source to the batteries.
  12. I contacted Santonis Place and used Google Map to look at photos of other serviced apartments in Cebu. I'm done with 40 sq meter rooms so I inquired about a 70 meter unit. Rent is $850 a month with heavy deposit requirements / no towels / no safe. Ditto with the other buildings. They all looked kind of tired and boxy. I'm willing to pay 850 but would expect better. This tends to reinforce my feeling that one of the best things about Thailand is the housing options available. All price ranges and levels of service. I think my brief infatuation with Cebu is on life support. One good thing though is that here in CM there is a Philippine Consulate and a one year visa is very easy to obtain before entering the country. They actually promptly reply to emails!!!!
  13. Well firstly that has little to do with what I said and the article is about how exports are falling. I gave one of a myriad reasons why exports are declining. One of the other issues is of course rice exports but that's another story. Is the baht declining in value ? Value against what ? For the average Thai, I would guess yes as what they could buy for 10 baht a few years ago now costs 15-20 baht but on the other hand, a LCD TV costing 20,000 5 years ago now costs 15,000 as technology and mass production has improved. For a tourist, yes, certainly over the past 10 years as their buying power has diminished in terms of fx. For exports, hard to say as most business is done in US dollars but there are other factors involved such as freight, duty, quotas, availability, competition, margins etc which are all factored into final cost price but COG have certainly increased in my experience. On the whole I would say that the Thai Baht is decreasing in value but improving in FX terms against other currencies.
  14. There was a slight decrease in the fuel tariff subsidy last month Also get your aircon cleaned and checked for coolant loss...its been very hot this year.
  15. I have no issue with him, he could well be a great guy. I just do not see how his opinion on how biased a particular site is is any better than anyone else's, and I believe using his site as some kind of reference is ridiculous. Actually, I would have more faith in it if George Soros were running it, as he's smart enough to at least pretend he is using some objective methodology to rate the sites.
  16. DAIRY FARMERS are threatening to dump milk in protest over the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry’s new regulations, which they say has affected milk production nationwide and resulted in a surplus of 110 tonnes of milk per day or 3,300 tonnes per month. Now I am confused
  17. Pretty sure webfact was making a pun as snakes sometimes hiss.
  18. Have you missed the action of BJ vs Agents? and the Agents and those connected won BJ's rules (assuming they were his) were not designed to stop agents, but to increase agent-revenues. If they wanted to stop agents, they would not have changed the seasoning-rules, which the agents can skip. Instead, they would be rounding-up agents, confiscating records, and canceling extensions, and issuing bans. And, or course, arresting hundreds (or thousands?) of IOs across the country - forcing each to reveal who else they had to share agent-money with in the chain of command. BJ focused on ending the types of payments not shared with the chain of command, i.e. "tips." Not so Well Hidden, methinks. It would be nice if they would come out and say, "I am a corrupt (colorful adjective), so give me a X-thousand baht tip, or I will make up a fake reason to deny your extension." Obviously higher tips for "real" missing requirements would be required. That seems to tally with the agent-prices variable by with/without meeting the official requirements. In Jomtien for marriage - landlord docs is one way they force legit-applicants to agents. You already have a valid TM-30, and they are coming to visit you anyway - but they know many landlords will not give up chanotes, or make special trips to amphurs for new housebook-copies for a tenant. No agent = no extension.
  19. Was it a folder you created? Could it be a system created folder? The name of the folder? If you are sure it is NOT a system created folder, you could boot in safe mode and try to delete it with Admin privileges. Edit First you could try deleting its contents and then finally the folder.
  20. Care to share? It might help his biz.By UK type cheeses, do you mean Cheddar, Cheshire, Lancashire, Wensleydale, Double Gloucester,: etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_cheeses
  21. Even if the Dead Sea Scrolls were 100% accurate in matching what's in the OT, the only thing proven is that the stories match...NOT that the stories are true or really happened. No proof whatsoever. Everyone agrees that people don't live to be many hundreds of years old. Donkeys and snakes don't talk. A man can't survive 3 days inside a "great fish", or was it a whale? No matter...still impossible. Nor that the whole Earth mass murder (by a failure of a creator) global flood happened. And beyond ridiculous for the Noah's Ark fable to be even mentioned, among adults.
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