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  2. Thanks BritTim...not the news I was hoping for obviously, but I'm glad to know sooner rather than later!
  3. Was the geordie paid by Farage too? Is everything that happens part of a conspiracy masterminded by Farage? I think you are giving him far too much credit.
  4. Vegetarian meals, dosas / daals generally are much less expensive than those with meat. I stayed at a hotel in Mumbai but in Goa ( Panjim , Anjuna ) I had apartments. They were not cheap. I think there is some intended snark to you comment but it went over my head.
  5. True. Other than the introduction of the 15 day visa waiver for certain countries in recent years (a definite stimulus to short term tourism), Vietnam's visa system is little changed in the past couple of decades, probably because long stay expats are still sufficiently small in number to have made too much of an impact there. Thailand in the past has surely had the most lax visa system that could be found anywhere. 15 or 20 years ago it was easy to get any kind of visa easily, overstay at 200 baht a day with impunity (as long as you avoided trouble with the cops), make endless back to back border runs... heck, for a while agents would even cart passports off to the border for exit/entry stamps to save you the trouble. The pendulum has swung back the other way in recent years in a pretty extreme manner, making Vietnam and other places look pretty liberal in comparison right now. But twasn't ever thus, and there's no guarantee that they and other countries wouldn't tighten things up if a lot more people started to arrive and stay long term.
  6. When it comes to unreliable utilities it should not be forgotten that those of us who have no choice other than to subscribe to satellite TV services frequently have to endure outages whenever a few drops of rain moisten our dishes - usually when there's something worth watching on the box! And then we have the so-called "sun outages" thrown into the mix around the equinoxes!
  7. There can be few privates left to kill surely with this army full of generalsRIP
  8. Hey, come on, give him a break, just a little toilet paper stuck on the rectum...
  9. Of course not. Why on earth ask me a stupid question
  10. huge increases are needed not minor trivial one's,these EU elections are menial trivial elections.
  11. Def a troll, confirmed. I'm baffled by the number of seasoned members here that continue to take this kind of bait. You must be seriously desperate for conversation. I've got some advice for the OP/troller tho: Get A Life
  12. Yes, even Schumer (whom I have no admiration for). At that meeting he got DT to say "if there's a shutdown I will own it." Not that it was a savvy move on Chuck's part, it was just DT getting caught up in his own babble. Howard Stern (ugh! another one!) said DT was a great guest (back before he ran for office) because he was completely unfiltered, no telling what he would come out with. Just give him enough rope....
  13. I think the attendances are pretty good at Bolton considering. Smaller clubs struggle to make ends meet, but is it bad management, lack of interest in the towns or uneven distribution of money in the sport? Bolton are the architects of their own misfortune, so need to resolve their own problems. I get that,and we will come good again in time. We were in Div 4 in 1987, eight years later we were in the Prem and playing in a League Cup final.
  14. Service is ok but you'll still spend loads of time waiting for bags so some might consider it a waste of money.....
  15. i use transfer wise to send money from U.S., to Thailand, have not had any issues.
  16. those elections wont change a thing,nobody listens to racist folks who blame the EU for the personal short comings in life.
  17. " “The more serious and clearly criminal of these obstruction events consists in Trump instructing those who worked for him in the White House to put documents containing material falsehoods into government files that were about to be subpoenaed, and instructing the same folks to lie to FBI agents,” Napolitano writes. “Mueller did not seek an indictment of the president on these crimes because he knew that Barr, his boss, would not permit one.”" https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/judge-andrew-napolitano-to-impeach-or-not-to-impeach
  18. and it's very strange how these energy costs are not affecting steel producers in other countries...
  19. Well I dont know.. after reading it all Im not getting warm and fuzzy feelings about Samui. The insane airfare cost to the mainland, the 90 minute ferry, transport costs, crazy traffic, accommodation posters swear by but not a single link because for some reason the cheaper landlords refuse to advertise ??? huh? I spent 7 days there after being warned off by mates it wasn't worth it. Well they were not wrong. but that was many years ago so thought it worth a read but not getting better ..just my opinion
  20. another coincidence to add to the list,i didnt state it was all to do with brexit,but brexit and a weak pound were reported to be among the reasons.
  21. it didnt happen so makes little difference,iam not a lib dem voter anyway,i ask could you if farage hadnt had a milkshake thrown over him by some geordie the other day would this of appeared today,answer = NO,another one of those mysterious coincidences that keep happening.
  22. Our moo bahn has a lovely pool that we hear used to be the epicentre of the community before we moved here 2 years ago. Never been open. I see these newer moo bahns with families playing in the pool regularly. How does it work is it free to use if you are a resident or a pay extra kind of deal?
  23. How many pages will there be before discussion is closed....
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