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  3. I think words like 'fascists, far right and the rest' are the reserve of some remainers, suddenly because Nigel Farage has been doing extremely well at the polls, he and his followers have become far right, when at the end of the day he is only trying to honour the wishes of the referendum, anyway, onward and upward. If you were to believe in parliamentary democracy you would understand that parliament did trigger art 50 and agreed to leave the EU, parliament did this, not the plebs. We have had a referendum, there is no need for another, we have got to respect the wishes of the majority of the UK electorate, and all of this "we didn't know what we were voting for" is just nonsense, the government couldn't have made it more simpler, leave or remain. There is surely not enough time to work on a deal before the end of October, so the remainers would have us vote on Mrs Mays deal (which nobody in the country wants) or to remain in the EU, would you say that was weighted favourably to remain. On the plus side Dominic Grieve has said he is not standing for the leadership of the Tory party.
  4. What policy objectives? This is the first time you have mentioned them. I don't understand why you are finding it difficult to understand and address the question directly. The question hasn't changed. Don't obfuscate, concentrate. What has a document published about the EEC in 1975 got to do with today's EU?
  5. Tourists are far more valuable to the Thai economy than any amount of gated farang retirement villages in Chiang Mai, condo's and apartments in Pattaya full of former 2-week millionaires with a frozen pension or the diaspora scattered throughout greater Isaan. Yes, there's horrible traffic congestion and badly parked buses up the ying yang but look at the rapid, new motorway expansion that whisks them from expanding airports to their new hotels.
  6. What Mr canopus1969 was talking about is that IRA mass murders have been given letters by the B-liar government which gives them immunity from prosecution no matter how many they have killed. The piece of c.rap prime minister May who has just resigned and will be remembered as the worst PM in the history of the UK. Wrote a letter which said something like British soldiers should not be given the same consideration. The troops having been sent there to stop said murders killing other people by politicians who now want to hang them out to dry. Some are now in there 70's who were living there retirement but now may be taken to court. It might have been a good idea to ask what Mr canopus1969 what he was talking about before throwing ill informed comments about.
  7. No. I'd suggest that if you're the One True Aussie, you should stay put in Aussieland and try to persuade everyone else to leave instead.
  8. I am home and I have no intention of keeping quiet. It's called freedom of expression.
  9. I recall the time watching a couple of young guys salivating as they waited for there monster burgers out front of Rock Me Burger on Loi Kroh. When they arrived in front of these guys their eyes lite up with glee,it was an impressive stack of culinary delight... in unison they each gripped a burger,raised it to their gapping mouth and.....krapow! in unison the contents of the burgers ended up in their lap....building a burger that ends in a culinary disaster makes me wonder if the person making it has ever eaten it. A well crafted burger for the buck can be had at the Wild Hog Saloon Pub and Burger Restaurant - just pass the Makro on the 108.
  10. So the ‘priming’ of the public with “Nasty Iran, might have war (but it’ll be the best war ever)” was all about this. Of course, should a further distraction be required one could always be initiated anyway and then there would be weaponry needing replacement- win win. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but can’t help but wonder about kickbacks. On $8Bn, you could probably bury $4-500m easy. Especially with a Saudi accounting system I guess.
  11. Rocket science is old school. Now brain surgery and rocket science are conflated as Rocket Surgery. Please spend whatever time is necessary for you to keep up with such important matters. [emoji854] Sent from my SM-G930V using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. For transport of a vehicle of this type, & size, & condition, some 300 km with all 4 wheels resting on the deck of a hauling truck,- is THB 12,000 too much a fee ?
  13. the only people you will see are the little mafia pickpockets. Ive been watching them the last week or so. they are pretty audacious and have some success. just a warning
  14. Although he did indeed try to find out what WTO meant by asking you what it meant
  15. You have an odd predilection for sphincters, tight ones. What's up with that? Comey looks fine.
  16. Numbers all over the place. Best ignore and move on.
  17. How on earth does someone get themselves into the situation of drinking "one litre of whiskey a day"??? Do you even have time to do anything else? BTW, if you want to quit alcohol, I think Thailand is probably the worst place in the world you could choose to do it. It's overflowing with chronic alcoholic farangs and cheap booze and bars everywhere you look... Even local Thais drink like fishes! Anywhere would really be better than Thailand, plus the unrelenting heat in Thailand will dehydrate you and damage your health even more if you combine it with alcohol. Thailand is, in my opinion, the worst place on earth to be a drinker.
  18. Did anyone in this thread find a thai source for injectable tri-mix. It is all I have found that works for me. Or a shipment source for the dry mix?
  19. But the IO has no right to ask to see insurance. Their job is to check the validity of the visa. If they refused entry to someone with a valid visa there would be a big onus on them and, because of that, they would be unlikely to do such a thing. I am yet to hear of a visa holder being refused entry without good reason. Usually too many tourist visa or cannot prove they have 20k. The MFA can refuse to issue a visa if the applicant does not have insurance. I would say it is most definitely them with the upper hand, in this case.
  20. A typical Brexiteer, who heard a word "WTO", but was too lazy and too stupid to find out, on which that was based.
  21. You should compare Thailand to Malaysia, indonesia, Philippines, not to UK or Canada. That's Thailand's peer group. If Thailand is anti-poor but not anti-farang why is it so easy for Chinese to immigrate?
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