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  2. "An autopsy has been ordered at Maharat Chiang Mai Hospital and relatives have been informed". Missed that part, did you?
  3. Nothing like a great knowledge of modern history. I am sure the CIA didn't shoot Kennedy either.
  4. From Sheryl no less, if you have a source,please reveal Get locked up in Thailand for bad reviews and there has been more than a few(hundred) in the past few years
  5. I'm always entertained when there's been yet another mass shooting at a school in the US and people start saying of the survivors and the families of the dead "We must remember them in our prayers"
  6. What has girls getting pregnant by boys got to do with LGBT? First let's tell them all about the birds and the bees and how to protect themselves from getting stung.
  7. Hijacking the thread - has anyone noticed an increase in noisy motorcycles lately?
  8. More "what if". If the Palestinians accepted the partition plan, or chose negotiation over rejectionism and violence - they wouldn't be in the sorry state they are in. But in some posters' world, the Palestinians are never ever accountable or responsible for anything, not even their own choices and decisions. How was Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip "pretend" isn't explained. Same goes for the connection between this bogus "argument" and rockets attacks. Peace making takes both side.
  9. I could see these actions as restricting free market enterprise, in effect violating anti-trust laws. But don't look to the US Attorney General to defend Huawei. If Huawei bothers (ie., if it decides it's cost effective) to challenge such in court as a plaintiff against the US and Google, it will take years to decide, especially if appeals are involved. Of course Trump's initial restrictions of use of Huawei technology was based on "national security" that would override anti-trust laws. That approach was based on the presumption that the Chinese government could force Huawei to make decisions (ie., 'spy') that would be beneficial to the Chinese government and detrimental to the US government and the American people in general. Prevailing legally for either side would be tenuous, especially for the US to present evidence of such concerns. There might be alternatives regarding Huawei's marketing in the US to ensure the national security of the US country and the integrity of US electronic industry - if the government really wanted to see a resolution. That would through legislation similar to limits on foreign ownership and foreign control by foreign airlines. By regulation, U.S. airlines must be at least 75 percent owned (as a percentage of shares) and effectively controlled (as a percentage of voting-stock) by U.S. citizens. Additionally, two-thirds of an airline’s governing board and its lead executive officer must be U.S. citizens. https://www.alpa.org/advocacy/foreign-ownership Huawei would have to form a US subsidiary (call it Hauwei?) structured in a similar manner. Perhaps even take a step further to stipulate US taxation of any of its profits offshore, ie., to the parent company Huawei. Then it falls to the US government agencies and American shareholders and Board of Directors to assure no Chinese political agendas in the operation of the subsidiary. Otherwise, the subsidiary should be unbridled to operate in the US free enterprise system.
  10. Till we know more (eventually), it's all about opinion and perception.
  11. Thanks will let you know
  12. Well said. Off course some items are cheaper but overall the UK has many. many hidden costs.
  13. LOL. Some judges have been taking the opportunity to find against Trump.
  14. Apart from wine and cheese, I've not found anything cheaper in the UK. Recently bought a 60" LG TV, only difference in price was 3 year warranty in Thailand (Lazada), 5 year warranty in UK (John Lewis). My house and girlfriend are considerably cheaper in Thailand, as is my council tax, water, internet and electricity.
  15. I am assuming the poster meant couples (each) rate ie half couples combined rate!
  16. visa 30 usd plus 2 their is none and nothing best go back same day at extra fee cheap guesthouses and nothing to do ex a casino
  17. 450 rockets into southern Israel. aimed deliberately at schools even if they do miss. What are they supposed to do? War for their survival. Yes, missiles kill children a.lso.
  18. About 23,000 young corals being relocated from Maya Bay Park officials at the famous Maya Bay, in Thailand’s southern province of Krabi, are busily relocating about 23,000 young corals from the shallows into deeper water to prevent them from possible damage by strong waves during the monsoon season. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1101722-about-23000-young-corals-being-relocated-from-maya-bay/
  19. If couple of years ago they were saying 15A maximum that would have been a 15/45 supply (you currently have a 5A supply [5/15]). They never use the higher number so offer 5A, 15A, 30A then 3 phase 15A As you are a couple of years later it will not hurt to ask for a 30A supply, they will quite possibly say "no can do" then offer a 15A. FWIW We have a 30/100 and are using about ½ the power you are our bill this month is 741 units (up from 640 last month.
  20. Ten years younger? I'd call that living dangerously.
  21. This makes no sense for expats. The bills imho are the O-A brigade and the responsibility of the health authorities to collect. Need clarity on WHY not paid or why not collected. Expats report every 90 days and have PERMANENT homes here and fill in TM 30 forms, so if it was them, bills would come through the door first, then legal action. Reason is I think they cannot trace these people because they have left, not real retirees. Lets do the math....... Year on year these unpaid bills are trending down from ฿380 million to ฿305 million today. That's £7.5 million compared with UK £200 million up. Not acceptable I agree. If you were to divide that figure by the 700,000 western expats only It's ฿435 each or ฿10 on every plane ticket????? For all visitors. This Mandatory Health insurance if true but I doubt it as expats have extensions not visa would be, get ready......... ฿56,000,000,000 a year, that's a hell of a big plaster and this figure is just for the 700,000 western expats. Plus what about the ones no insurance company will touch, up sticks and go. Plus that money leaves the country as most insurers are not in Thailand only offices and would be spent in private hospitals, not Government? Most Expats with no insurance would pay at the Government hospitals? Would it not be prudent for the government to come up with a health care care card for expats at a reasonable and affordable price and not make it mandatory. Remember a lot have be here fir mire than 20yrs, Again I am confident it is an O-A problem as the numbers don't stack up. Government need to clarify this immediately as many people are very worried. Also what is the ฿400,000 untouchable deposit for extension for exactly. I guess most single westerners would struggle to meet the ฿65,000 a month due to the collapse of European currencies some as much as 40%. Feel free to comment and add to
  22. Latest, ties to Justice Kennedy, his son, and debts for Kavanaugh paid off. Easy to understand why trump wants to hide this. Deutsche Bank employees say leaders dismissed concerns about suspicious Trump transactions In 2016 and 2017, computer systems that screen for potential money laundering at Deutsche Bank flagged transactions conducted by legal entities owned by President Donald Trump and White House adviser Jared Kushner as suspicious. "Former Deutsche Bank employees said the decision not to report the Trump and Kushner transactions reflected the bank’s generally lax approach to money laundering laws ... [and] said it was part of a pattern of the bank’s executives rejecting valid reports to protect relationships with lucrative clients,” according to the Times. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/5/19/18631628/deutsche-bank-trump-kushner-suspicious-transactions-ignore
  23. Nope, the beauty in the world we take for granted, but let's blame god when things go pear-shaped..(sarcasm)
  24. About 23,000 young corals being relocated from Maya Bay Park officials at the famous Maya Bay, in Thailand’s southern province of Krabi, are busily relocating about 23,000 young corals from the shallows into deeper water to prevent them from possible damage by strong waves during the monsoon season. Mr. Worapote Lomlim, chief of Haad Nopparat Thara Phi-Phi Islands national park, said Sunday that the ecological system and environment of Maya Bay, or Ao Maya, have improved satisfactorily after the bay was closed to all unauthorized visitors and tourists ten months ago. He said, with coral bleaching not as serious as last year, the corals have regenerated and black-tipped coral sharks have returned to the bay. Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/about-23000-young-corals-being-relocated-from-maya-bay/ -- © Copyright Thai PBS 2019-05-20 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  25. Come on......that's silly. You can learn all about your surgeon before agreeing to their services.
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