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  2. Maybe you should educate yourself by going to the more remote villages and see their standards of living and employment potential before you call them degrading names..
  3. None of those options would get 50% of the vote. So then what do you do? Whoever decides the voting rules then gets to influence the option chosen. Anything beyond leave/don't leave gets very messy and arguably unfair.
  4. Hove you ever posted in any thread, other than in threads about Israel and yourself opposing the Israeli state ?
  5. Unless it's been taken down it was on here yesterday, I spent a while watching it, I like him, fingers crossed that they win and do some good for this beleaguered country.
  6. If on marriage/retirement deal. On the monthly income. Does this foreign transfer amount have to stay in the Thai Bank for a certain amount of time or can it be used /spent or possibly recycled
  7. At 63 years old though , you would be around to be there for them when they are growing up , not that you care about anyone other than yourself though
  8. the secret would appear to be finding one thats differant.
  9. Outrageous personal flame. Quote a single anti semitic thing I have ever written.
  10. Some don't/didn't have a low ratio selection. Such as GM's powerglide. from a while back.
  11. Quite agree. In all my years here would never have them for that self same reason, and never will. The stupidity and danger of fitting them beggars belief. Also often they are fitted to all the windows and in many cases have sliding ones over the door secured when people go out by a padlock !! Decent bolt croppers soon get them off.
  12. Not sure about that, but they have full immunity. That's why nobody could identify the fever in Thailand.
  13. Yes the sun has been too hot,we got sunburn on a lot of plants this year. When you pick off leaves the tree does not have to maintain them thus more energy for growing roots.We always do that when we move trees,even in rainy season.
  14. Every year when I am in Benidorm for three months (like now) I spend a few weeks in London for food only. London, I consider the food capital of the world.
  15. You take the point though, guys are lonely, vulnerable and they marry the wrong girl and have kids to boot. Guys often don't get it that it's about money most of the time I'm happy to father as many kids as the women like, that doesn't mean they'll be getting more than a thousand baht.
  16. I'm thinking I'd put the on-delay (and contactor) between the pressure switch and the pump motor.
  17. Stop right there , "attack" means : Verb "take aggressive action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force, typically in a battle or war." Noun : "an aggressive and violent action against a person or place" No "attack" has taken place , the German Gov passed a motion in Parliament , your use of the word "attack" just doesnt fit or make sense .
  18. You have to be very careful interpreting polls like this. When you have a public source, like the media, pushing hard to make those who support brexit feel embarassed about their choice, people tend to say they are "undecided". That doesn't mean they are equally likely to choose either option though. The key thing I see from that poll is that only 42% are strongly convinced remain is the proper choice, and that is even with all the scare tactics being levelled by the mainstream media. I suspect what this poll really means is that absolutely nothing has changed since the original vote, and if held again, leave would still win by a small margin. And as for polls, it is likely they would still be embarrased to admit how they were voting, right up until the curtain was closed and the decision was forced upon them. My opinion: everyone would be so much better off if those who wish to remain in the EU would try to understand why half the UK is willing to risk economic destruction in order to get out, and then actually trying to fix the problems, rather than just calling them "stupid".
  19. That looks a bit larger than a controlled fire. Do you know if anyone is doing anything about extinguishing it? I feel sympathy for the people that live in the northern mountains as the air quality this season has been horrendous.
  20. UJ, just to confirm I understand correctly, you suggest: 1. extend for 30 at UT Immigration 2. cross over and back before that expires (providing and additional 60 days) 3. then extend 30 at UT immigration again (possible if August 27th or so?) If 3 is not an option, can I safely get 30 day under visa exemption returning from Laos?
  21. 19 pages, 16 of which are expats squabbling as usual. 13 of which are Americans shouting 'get a lawyer!' What I would recommend is that the OP reports to the Home Office that he's been duped into a fake marriage for visa purposes and she is making threats to ensure she gets ILR. He will get open ears in this as its a common enough scenario and the Home Office is well aware of it. They have even been raiding wedding ceremonies of late. There is a helpline number kicking about although I dont know it. Essentially this IS what is happening so there's no need for any subterfuge and it circumvents any police/legal/courts nonsense. Make sure you get to the Home Office before she gets to the Police and then she hangs herself by making a false report as you told them she has said she would. Job done.
  22. You take the point though, guys are lonely, vulnerable and they marry the wrong girl and have kids to boot. Guys often don't get it that it's about money most of the time
  23. Totally agree. Three years after an advisory referendum, and a GE, in which the main parties said they'd implement the advice if in government, they have failed to do so. A lot changes in 3 years. Far more real information is now available, and some have been exposed as liars and hypocrites. People would now be able to vote along the line of leave with no deal, leave with May's deal, leave with Corbyn's proposal, or revoke Article 50 and remain with the current deal. Understandably people are pissed off with the Westminster politicians; some also blaming the EU. So in such a new referendum there is a danger of a protest vote without due consideration. Cutting ones nose off to spite ones face so to speak.
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