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  2. Joyelle Derma You know you should consume healthy as you age a body in optimum physical shape. Every once in a while, though, you ought to indulge your own self. This way, you do not have to dread the same kind of same old every day, and looks forward to this treat. This may help maintain to your healthier healthy eating plan if invariably you get to have a party occasionally. http://www.usahealthcart.com/joyelle-derma/
  3. This photo could have been taken in our house. We've even got the same cups! Only Thai super power I have is the ability to sleep anywhere.
  4. Yes, in Bangkok. Reverse osmosis model with three cannisters/filter: resin, carbon & sediment. Not sure of model name, number, but could be RO Aqua Fresh 50 GPD? Bought from Mazuma directly. THB1500 is annual contract fee for the quarterly filter change, excluding filters, which cost about THB290 each. International Customer Service: 080 249 5599 Hope this helps.
  5. The people who the President is considering for pardon are all convicted war criminals, not all are soldiers. Watch the video I posted above, it explains the problems their crimes caused.
  6. Thank god I never ever started drinking alcohol, but I sure know how you wine drinkers feel, I have been buying Irish pork sausages from Villa Market every time I went to Bangkok, the price is up from 190 Bt per packet increased to 290 Bt per packet. I would bet that like most things, Villa Markets wine is a lot more expensive than the other Western food stores in Bangkok.
  7. This does remind me of an experience some years ago. I was shopping in Carrefour. Now bearing in mind that this supermarket is a French company, imagine my surprise when browsing the wine shelves to find a bottle of 'Beaujolais Nouveau' on the shelf for 1,000 baht plus! Ok so far? However, this bottle of Nouveau was almost 3 years old and was security tagged to stop theft!! As most people know, Beaujolais Nouveau has a shelf life of around 90 days. After that it's only good for your chips!!
  8. That you don’t believe a word from these people is a smart move - trust your instincts. If you really want the Motorcycle one of your options would be to pay a deposit, i.e. 10%, ride the bike away and pay the remainder when they hand over the green book and transfer ownership. But you could still have issues if you are unable to prove ownership or financing if the Police stop you, especially if the motorcycle does have an issue such as outstanding finance or its stolen. 45 days seems too long and something doesn’t add up. Your instinct is correct, the sensible option is to walk away. You will be able to find the same bike elsewhere for the same money.
  9. The restless carry their boredom with them wherever they go, a kiss is just a kiss, even in Casablanca.
  10. Know what you mean, but nothing is going to change until there is some stability.
  11. Do not pay any money until you have a verified green book.
  12. Please have it equipped with a 12 gauge shot gun to completely eradicate the problem
  13. Funny how Conway, chief-enabler for the p...y grabber, is chastizing Pelosi for not being pro-women. [emoji16] Sent from my crappy device using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Talks to end the trade dispute collapsed earlier this month, with the two sides in a stalemate over U.S. demands that China change its policies to address a number of key U.S. grievances, including theft of intellectual property and subsidies for state enterprises. And the united States has never done this? And the USA does not subsidise industry to the detriment of its competitors. looks and awful lot like the pot calling the kettle black here. GM and Chrsler gor substantial US Government bail outs, Farmers have always got and are now getting larger subsidies. If China was a western European Country and not Asia would the USA attitude be different. Seems here also some racism in the targeting?
  15. Don't do it. If finance, green book handed over when payment in full, not 45 days.
  16. Wife has no problem with me gawping, she knows thats all i can do.
  17. I own a condo in Bangkok and did the online registration (https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/) for TM30 notification of myself and my family. Completed all the info in the form and added my scanned passport copy and a copy of the condo chanote. I received an e-mail confirmation of my e-mail address. I have now been waiting patiently for more than 2 weeks to receive the approval and get the login information. When I check the status online is shows: "Waiting for approval". According to info on the website it should not take more than 7 working days to get approval. Has anyone successfully registered his condo in Bangkok using the same website and was able to do the online TM30 notification? How long did it take to get the login information? Any other suggestions to get my condo registered with immigration? Thanks for any help/advise,
  18. Govts killing innocent people and covering it up: A-ok. Posting facts about govts killing innocents and covering it up... It is ok to kill, but not ok to try and stop the killing of innocents by holding the govts accountable. These people just do whatever they wants. It is hideous. Expose them and they end you. It is all part of their message.
  19. Hello, wgdanson, post 23 Too bad it does not look like Beaujolais. Agree for a sangria, but from Spain, go to Brittany where there is Breton sangria with cider and red and black fruits and cidria, with cider, peaches, apples, oranges and strawberries.
  20. Adults are worse, they don't understand anything important, only what they see with their eyes.
  21. That no real reason to return is a huge factor. Sent from my SM-J250F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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