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  2. Well someone has to pay for the new Eye scan & finger print machines at all the Thai airports so they just do this to get the money back, one question you need to have 20,000 Baht on you at that airport if you fly in so if you use 100 Baht from that then you will not have the 20,000 so will they refuse you entry ? 5555
  3. I have been worried for a few years about the way that civil aviation, and piloting, have changed, down graded even, as technology replaces basic flying skills. I was brought up 'old school' by the military and taught to take aircraft to the edge of their normal envelope and learn to recognise abnormal situations and respond to them. Looking at civilian pilot training nowadays, I'm not so sure that many on today's flight decks are trained and primed to recognise what is happening to an aircraft, or have the basic skills needed to recover from bad situations. I mean no disrespect to the pilots on the two 737 Max crashes. They seem by all accounts to have done their very best to recover the aircraft and nobody could have done more or better. I even heard of one fully qualified civil pilot who claimed never to have carried out full spins in any type of aircraft, but was just trained and shown up to the incipient spin stage. It seems to be that as technology increases on the flight deck, basic piloting skills are not held in as high regard as they once were. Maybe that's just an old pilot talking, but it's a trend that is worrying.
  4. Smoking pot or hash can definitely trigger mental illness in people who have a history of mental disease running in their family. That’s why the UK reclassified it from a class 5 to a class 2 drugs about 10 years ago, but the percentage of people this is actually happening to is fairly small. Happened to a friend of mine, though. He started hearing voices which disappeared after he stopped smoking.
  5. "When I get plastered, I’m a mean-ass drunk, so until you see me actively pissing on the House floor or pressing a broken beer bottle up to Kevin McCarthy’s dumb face, you dipshits can rest easy knowing I’ve been sober as a goddamn judge.” https://politics.theonion.com/nancy-pelosi-slams-edited-footage-with-claim-that-when-1835013354
  6. While I cannot disagree with anything you said, the point of my post was that us saying these things on here will change absolutely nothing. The only thing it do is create more problem for the longstayer. Thats because certain people do not want farangs "brainwashing" (in their minds) the Thais about corruption, democracy and all the PC stuff we carry on about. If you talking to a Thai you dont know, would you say like this? would you say it to the Thai army guy you just met? If you could write your complaint in Thai, would you put it on Facebook under your real name? If no to any, then i just dont get why folks would sprout the stuff they do here. Half of it is BS rumours and stuff just regurgitated from old posters who dont know shเt and cant proof any of there theories! I say, just let them get about their business as they will and leave us to chase girlies or drink beer or whatever floats your boat! You dont think all PMs have advisers and researchers or even informants? who do you think transcribes the Thai PMs speeches to perfect English on his Television spots?
  7. I’m on and out most months. I know of the local Thai bars/clubs/ karaoke that stay open til 4 such as Yellow Bird but never seen any foreign type bars open after 12.
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  9. Not sure if this is true for all refrigerators, but mine is a closed system, which means that there are no external cooling fins which can collect dirt - unlike the external compressor/condenser unit for an AC system. The fridge apparently is designed to use the surface area of the sides and back of the refrigerator box to transfer heat into the room, rather than utilizing cooling fins. And, as far as the internal/evaporator AC unit that you refer to above, yes, the removable filters are designed to trap the larger particles, but anything smaller (like fine dust particles) will accumulate inside the metal cooling fins, which need to be cleaned periodically. During the smoky season (Feb-June), I typically cover my internal AC filters with disposable 3M Filtrete filter material to capture the finer stuff so that it doesn't contaminate the metal fins in the evaporator unit.
  10. The $5.15 billion in revenue based on 3.2 million tourists works out to $1,609/tourist. I found a stat from 2017 which said average length of stay was 9.5 days, or $169/day. Breakdown per day by expense category is: $50.70 lodging (30%); $35.50 food (21%); $16.90 transportation (10%); $42.25 shopping (25%); $16.90 entertainment (10%), and $6.76 sightseeing (10%). The $169/day works out to $5,070/month, or 162,240 baht/month. At first blush it may appear that tourists are far more lucrative than expats. But it needs to be remembered that tourism has enormous hidden costs which need to be factored into the analysis. Tourism places a huge burden on infrastructure, road congestion, environmental degradation, air pollution, water pollution, trash disposal, ground water depletion and the general quality of life. Thailand's tourism numbers can't keep going up in perpetuity. Sooner or later these hidden costs are going to be a drag on further growth. Perhaps this is the message the latest tourism numbers is trying to send.
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  12. Waiting for all the Indians to come give Thai's something else to complain about
  13. Yes it Will Be Announced Soon Record Amount of People Coming into thailand Again ! And Usual Garbage All False Figures Seen it over the Last 5 Years Lies Lies Lies And Make the Baht Stronger As Hotels i Have Seen in Pattaya and Bangkok Empty or Half Empty .
  14. He was among others caught in a national park, with guns and with the dead skinned animal... they should all be charged equally guilty of the offence regardless of who pulled the trigger!
  15. Agree wholeheartedly with your PS. However, I can't understand that simply forcing insurance on a relatively small number of new O-A applicants will make much difference to the alleged large-scale bilking of the system.
  16. Well as I heard said recently, we have now had two of the worst PMs in British History, one after the other, and the chances of a hat trick look very high. One of the many problems with Boris is that he is not just a lier, but a casual off the cuff lier. Like Trump, for him the truth is an irritating inconvenience. That's what we may well get, a watered down Trump with a thin veneer of class, not real class, just all the pathetic trappings of a private school education attached to a buffoon.
  17. The first thing you need to do is to check out other places to live. This is not a foreigner-friendly place. There are other places in this world that are foreigner-friendly and who will welcome you. This is not one of those places.
  18. I have the same ,as I load 100 baht (give me 1 year as it is very old package ..) the money disappears with something as 8 baht , no phoning it is gone before a month ends and some like 3.5 baht remains , it stays present not disappearing nothing for how long ever . Tried Ais staff , they checked did some … , but still the same. My solution , I use that official number only for receiving ,and second ais for calling , all works fine as on second the money balance keep same ,and if internet needed on sim 1 load money and buy internet quick before deducting that 8 baht mystery thing start again . TinTongAis
  19. Could it be because tourists spend a staggering 60 billion $ a year in this country??? I gather, gratefulness is not a strong thai trait.
  20. BB you don't happen to have a Telegraph subscription do you..... Or anyone else?
  21. No, you are calculating all countries' tourists by only the Chinese #.
  22. I’d like to say exactly what you sound like, but I’d be in trouble with the moderators. If you have a point to make about my comment, make it. But don’t try to be funny ... and fail.
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