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  2. Some comments on the Panama friendly nations visa -- My own interest in a possible second citizenship is really about residence security rather than a tax angle as interests wealthy people. In other words, no need to worry about visas.
  3. Immigration works fine with Safari (Apple) I thought that was my problem when doing 90 Day online but turns out it wasnt..........90 Day online works fine now on Safari.
  4. No worries about Immigration, or cops. There are some idiots around who are trying to blackmail some people by telling some lies. Yes, you should have taken some photos of them, the car and even recorded the speech. I'd also have called the cops. They knew that there's a foreigner and they were trying to milk you. That's all. A bit more could happen if you stop and ask for the way to your hotel when driving out of the airport in Miami.
  5. i would really recommend anyone who can to open a transferwise borderless account. Whilst travelling in Vietnam even the best exchange rate i could find was nowhere near the bank rates (Thai Baht always the worst, Sterling and Dollar much stronger) but using transferwise i can do an instant transfer from my UK bank and then convert it at the official bank rate into most worldwide currencies and then go and withdraw from an ATM within that country immediately - and even with atm fees i was getting a much better deal than exchanging locally.
  6. A SE O Visa, valid 90 days, only allows a 90 day entry. A ME O Visa, valid 1 year, allows multiple 90 day entries. A O-A Visa, valid 1 year, allows multiple 1 year entries. Only the O-A Visa will be affected by the proposed Health Insurance requirement.
  7. First sentence accepted, but as in my example true friends insist on being 'imposed upon' on occasion Second sentence agree, but never under estimate the pleasure that helping out a friend in need can provide, don't push the people you love and care about away Third sentence - disagree, regular people can hit a little financial difficulty, to me being a friend would mean if necessary putting my hand in my pocket - whether there would be anything in there to assist however is debatable as my wife is in charge of the money but yes on occasion we have 'been there' for people and so far not lost out I would never suggest others follow my example. I am just putting it out there as something which has worked for me as a person who has spent his entire adult life in Thailand, far from family and childhood friends. Independence and self-reliance is how I have survived.
  8. Not sure about Pre Nup But What I do know is that a properly executed and recorded marriage of an American to a Thai will be recognized in U S Courts.
  9. A comment likes that leads me to beleive you have never been to Swampy Immigration. Even the far lanes arent more than 10 meters from the qeue. and the near lanes? Three giant steps.
  10. 60 THB. One soda as i say hi for a few minuets. I splurge like this as often as twice per year!
  11. It took Pep 58 minutes to make the substitution we were crying out for (don't play Gundogan when you have Rodri or Fernandinho available), and what a difference it made! Silva MOM; his best game for a while. Ederson couple of important saves.
  12. 3-1 winners but I doubt Pep is happy with that performance. City second best too often today.
  13. I bought mine at the local car parts store where even people from other provinces get their parts. A big one is around 150 baht, but I prefer the Sonax from Germany. Of course depending on the job I'm doing. I also bought my clutch for my Mitsu L 200 2.8 l there and was very positively surprised when they gave me a clutch set made by Schaeffer/Germany for almost nothing. Made in Germany.
  14. never go anwhere without a tube! I remember my first (or maybe it was second) divorce when my lawyer came in and said "well here is your wifes settlement proposal" and he laid a tube af KY on the table. I told him he should quit his day job........
  15. Sorry. A bit hard to understand. She is a widow. I am still alive I think. We are going to get married. Sent from my SM-J730F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. Living your life hoping to get the next visa is stressful. And if rejected, can cause a sudden burden, both financially and emotionally. If you can not secure a long term visa, you may wish to consider your alternatives. Is it possible to take your son with you back home? I would suggest to think like this: If i can not get tourist visa, what is my next best alternative. Then act accordingly. Some say nearby countries are good, but not sure it is a good move for your son. If UK is your home, maybe there is a better future for you both there?
  17. O-A only available own country. You actually get 2 years out of it. Your money can remain in home country. Great option esp given new requirements on extensions based on retirement. Yes some extra things to tick off but grab one. Currently insurance not required. Get your application in
  18. Hi, I am a UK citizen & have been coming to thailand for many years, for the last 5 years i have been using (SETV) & staying for around 4 months with extensions etc, as everyone is aware they have changed the regulations, proof of funds, return ticket & proof of stay, i have always booked one way as my start dates for work varies, i can book a return no problem & if need be change my return flight, i will have around £5000 in my account for proof of funds, so that should cover my stay, i have a few concerms, i have been staying with my girlfriend for the last 5 years, she rents a small bungalow, as i have always done (TM30) a copy of the owners ID Card etc, would this be efficient with maybe a written letter from the owner stating the date i will be staying at there premises with my name & passport numer etc? Also are they expecting the return date out of thailand to be 60 days with a possible 30 days extension? I am planning to arrive on the 3 November, will stay for 3 months, fly to Malaysia to get a Visa & return to the UK around the middle of March, which i have done for the last couple of years without problems..... Would appreciate any advice as although i have never overstayed etc im always worried when appling for a Visa & i want to get it right first time without any problems..... Thanks in Advance..... Baz
  19. It's just a small condo, so there wasn't a ton of cement for a month.
  20. How's anyone managed to escape the error that comes up while registering on the app? I've tried it few times...on iOS - not sure if it makes any difference. Anyone managed to use it on iOS without the error when registering?
  21. I would have thought using the boyfriends acts of sabotage causing you malicious damage is the stronger case. However you may have to be prepared for a counter defamation claim
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