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  2. Have you seriously never read the small print, that: "past performance is not indicative of future results"? In fact, after a long run in one direction, experts will usually look for any indicator of when the market may turn.
  3. Disagree, but it depends how you want to work the numbers.
  4. UJ, thank you, heaps! TTT, everything you said. Can't underestimate the psychological toll of those minivan rides, even if I survive.
  5. Could it have been adults acting like small children as it usually is ...
  6. The cats we feed are feral so used to it but they do sit under our sala in the shade and drink copiously.
  7. 40bht for 400gms of chicken breast in Tesco Lotus.
  8. These 2 direction indicators near intersection 118 and 121 in Chiang Mai were standing within just 200 meters, indicating 4 resp. 2 km to San Sai. "Unfortunately" they are now removed as this intersection is being reconstructed.
  9. Odd that from where I was sitting it was government and the military of the day, not always correctly, responding to an Act of Treason against Thailand being played out in the streets of Bangkok and funded by the master scumbag Thaksin via the Red shirts, their UDD thugs and his hitmen "Blackshirts".
  10. They usually want 300 pounds to pass it through the MoT, another 300 in insurance, and what's car tax another 300. So 900 pounds UK Vs 100 pounds Thailand. Can't say I care how nice my 20yo pickup is, as long as it starts when I turn the key, that's 800 pounds saved.
  11. Thank you. I will get one of these. The apartment maintenance man has also patched up the roof area that had the leak during the very heavy thunderstorm.
  12. Solution is easy, equipped every police car with a mobile ANPR system connected to the Traffic and Police database and if any outstanding warrants no insurance/tax or unpaid fines then the Police will just arrest the offender. Seize the vehicle, and give the owner a limited time to pay the fine. If the fine still remains outstanding, sell or scrap the vehicle, simple !
  13. Must mention that a lot of these bands never made it across the pond, like Small Faces. Some I'd never heard of. Floyd didn't get much attention until they became "head" music (like King Crimson). Deep Purple, this list is before their re-emergence with Smoke on the Water. Saw The Nice as opening act for 10 Years After in '68, blew me away! They never made it in the US either. A world away from it's original form (actually it started with a stage play). Rita Moreno is about 300 years old now and still looks good.
  14. You do have a good point. Hard to beat the value of fresh eggs from a farmers market, but I would feel foolish buying one of their tiny, scawny cooked chickens (with flies all over) for 120 baht.
  15. Same in UK. Not life threatening. Has the OP asked how much it would be to, ahem, go private and pay? I think my father paid around 12,000 pounds in the UK. Same surgeon just a different hospital. He said he wasn't going to live much longer so the wait was quite a large proportion of what he had left.
  16. Our dog regularly walks into the fish pond and then settles in a shady spot panting away. It comes to life when the sun has gone down. I have a few iguanas and tortoises. On of the iguanas lies in the mud in the pond during the hottest part of the day. Another iguana actually died from the heat when we had a string of 40 degrees days. The tortoises bury themselves in the damp sand, but, even so, one expired on a particularly hot day.
  17. Not if he was starting out 10 years back with those in their 40s!!!
  18. Topic of a previous response. How accurate are the cameras.? And if as mentioned, you have 90 plus 30km before you get a highway / motorway speed infringement. That's really giving you a lot of margin. Electric speedometers are calibrated by the factory at +4 / -0 and checked at 60kph and 100kph. But if the wheels are changed or the drive line gears, this then goes to whack. I think it's pretty fair. I'm happy with 100 to 110 kph when conditions permit. And this is the prescribed signposted top limit. Because as sure as ducks quack. Someone else will always pass you. Be it rh side or lh side. Going faster.
  19. I'm 40 and plan to help my retirement by saving a set amount each month for 20 years. (25,000 baht p/m) I'd rather not have it all tied up in something I cannot use, in case of an emergency or whatever. I don't work here, so I don't have a WP etc, but have a number of bank accounts. What are my options? Are there any bank options or pension companies here that I can use that would be better than simply building it up in a normal low interest Thai bank account? Splitting it 15,000 into something that I cannot touch without penalties, and 10,000 into a normal account in case I need to withdraw it could be an option. Any information appreciated. TIA.
  20. Im all for buying but seriously the figures dont make sense. Dont forget upfront insurance, the interest rate seems very low for Thailand but if that's what they have quoted. More important, there are so many threads at present with guys being ripped off by their wife or girlfriend with bad debts, loan sharks, Thai boyfriends its stupid for anyone to buy in a Thai name.
  21. The BDS movement has been launched by Palestinians in order to put non violent pressure on Israel and get some leverage despite the obvious unbalance of power between Israel and Palestinians. I don't see how it could be perceived as more scandalous than occupying land by force. One side has military power, the other side tries to get other sources of power.
  22. If we are playing the "What if" game, Zionists too have missed many very costly opportunities for peace by refusing partition (1937 Peel) and compromise. If the Palestinians do not have peace, nor do Israelis. Let's deal with the present please. The only way Israel can have permanent peace (the only kind worth having) is to compromise with its neighbors.... the offer from the entire Arab world has been on the table for years.. end the illegal occupation and allow return/compensation/ recognition of the Palestinian refugees...which are the corner stones of the BDS movement too.
  23. I traveled to Thailand two years ago and loved the place, choosing Pattaya as my preferred destination. I've been 4 times now staying mostly in hotels in the center but now want to rent a condo so i can travel hassle free and leave my belongings in one place. I would prefer to use a verified agent so i know i'll not get ripped off with deposits etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for a rental company or can point me in the direction of someone they have used in the past? Thanks for any help.
  24. I know, been there many times and never heard of a fast track option..Couple of years back they changed a same day service that cost nothing, but I think the local hotels were not to pleased and it stopped...
  25. Casinos could/would be the answer to getting Chinese tenants in the low season.. Well thats what Ive heard been mooted around.
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