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  2. Mr Crossy and other experts...hope you can help me on this one. I have a project where I must estimate the power consumption, either on a hourly, monthly basis. The person who is helping me is not familiar with Thailand and has asked for the following information. "I need that you give me the data about the electrical net power in Thailand, one phase in Volt, three phase in Volt V, and frequency in Hertz" The first two is where I could use your expertise. Thank you in advance.
  3. 80,000 baht a month to a care facility employing only Thai staff is not nothing. The problem is that immigration want to see this as transfer from abroad into the lady's bank account rather than used for her care.
  4. There is a reason there are no u-turns in most western countries. They are dangerous.
  5. I'm sure the ponces will be pleased with that.
  6. Well, firstly, give us a kiss. I love it when you're angry. Secondly, quite a few people on here have said they rent their condos out and it follows that quite a few who aren't on here do too. I'd expect the Chinese membership here to be minimal at best. So why vilify the Chinese for it when it seems to be common practice amongst all nationalities? Can your much superior brain process that and answer in a civil manner?
  7. 1. None 2. None 3. None Its time to give back in commitments while joining the EU
  8. I'll volunteer for this, will fill out the application on the website later.
  9. She would be fine if she or you had money. But you don’t. So you are not really bringing much to the table and won’t really be viewed as upstanding, and i doubt you are are citizen. i have the same plan if my mum goes the same way. Maybe you could gofundme with a promise to pay everyone back when the money is no longer needed. People donate to complete dropkicks at that website so with your genuine story you might get a few takers. 800,000 isn’t a lot of money. Good luck.
  10. Tell her she should be proud your penis is khaeng , because that means she still arouses you with her dark skin and small tits. Thais are modest in public. Behind closed doors, it's a different story. If that's not the case, you have a problem which will only be resolved by flight.
  11. This is a horrible situation, and it is really sad that you could not find a sympathetic senior immigration official who would work with you to find a solution. Frankly, this is one of those situations where skirting the law using agents seems to me a moral action. For around 20,000 baht a year, you can make all the immigration issues go away. There is a risk, but a small one if you choose the right agent.
  12. Buy new tires for both bikes. IRC for you; Mich for junior. That would be best. ///////// Nice work on the e-stop.
  13. How come the expected revenue is ten times the amount of the lost money , money lost by people skipping hospital bills ?
  14. Thank you. It seriously has been. All we want is for her to be happy .. and we will go to the ends of the earth to make that happen.
  15. the lesson is dont buy a condo i a tourist area. if you want peace an quiset buy did you buy in the wrong place.
  16. i saw a scooter hire place set up in banglampu, bangkok a couple of months ago, since then i've only seen two people using them. cant help feeling any normal able bodied person using one is simply being lazy. and anyone using one on the road here daft and on the pavement selfish.
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