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  2. Thank you. Wow, 3 trips to Chaengwattana for their 16 or 17 days holiday.
  3. stairs and prevent the watch when you get to the pinnacle, rinse and herbalist cbd oil repeat. Always try and beat your vintage time the following time you go again to the stairs. This applies to appropriate vintage going for walks too. You gets extra benefits from running as hard and as fast as you can for 20 minutes than you may from strolling a marathon every day, for motives beyond the scope of this newsletter. :::: Body weight exercises: Herbalist cbd oil are tremendous to get you sweating like mad and construct a chunk https://supplementeffects.com/herbalist-cbd-oils/
  4. Wonder if he was there the same time as " my friend" ? Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Don't know why you're struggling to comprehend. Another member easily understood. i.e. the actual policy objectives were held in secret. Was the particular issue later made transparent by HMG or not.
  6. I have quite a few friends with Thai wives and longtime girlfriends and they all admit that they really cannot hold what we would normally call a "conversation" of any depth with a Thai woman, so they meet up with other farang friends to get their mental stimulation – – and I don't mean sitting on a bar stool either! I may have been lucky with my ex g/f as she was intelligent and was university educated, so we could have a laugh or two but anything outside of Thailand, or anything outside of local stuff, just did not exist in her world, or the world of her family and friends. IMO mental stimulation is not something you will find with a Thai woman, but if you're satisfied with being looked after well and being reasonably happy at a basic level in one another's company, then that is fine for some people.
  7. How you know the majority wanted to leave on 29th of March = a no deal Brexit ? ? Maybe 40 %, but that's it.
  8. ...is the correct answer! Top of the class. Well done.
  9. It will be very tough. Generally I advise people who want to stay here to be of highly independent means, and to be very experienced in how things work in East Asia.
  10. Quite a few post on Thai visa lol Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. You Brits never get someting organised before 30 Oct, so it is... on your own. Do not forget a Schengen visa for when you want to cross the Calais Strait.
  12. Too cheesy and messy. And that's definitely not Kobe beef.
  13. The URL in the OP is the same one used to remind customers one month late paying their bill, soft warning. Assuming that everyone is paid up then it's some sort of cock-up at 3BB. Not seeing anything on Thai social media about this; my 3BB connection working fine. Obviously, ring them, I find them to be very professional and responsive. When I experienced something similar (notice of free upgrade) a few months ago, I was advised to turn off my modem for 10 minutes, but I actually didn't have to do this.
  14. I have only ever done one TM30. That was by post, and yes I included self addressed return envelope to CW. Never had a reply. As for online reporting, there are too many threads detailing that nightmare. I leave los and return perhaps 30 times per year. That was not a typo. Also spend most my time traveling throughout Thailand. Sometimes I return from say Saigon spend night in my base condo bkk and travel next day. The tm30 nonsense is just that. CW it seems is currently having a "crack down" so I will need look at options before next extension in November. Could I ask forum.... So I live bkk same address 7 yrs. Last week I returned from w/e trip to Saigon. Few days in bkk. Right now in Pattaya for fireworks festival. Monday on to koh Samed for 4 nights. Back bkk, then to Saigon for few days. For that snapshot couple of weeks, how many tm30 to submit. These rules are rubbish.
  15. Yes, in my experience also with 3BB and even True, an international VPN connection to a server in Singapore seems to be about the fastest route to the outside world, because Thailand has good peering with Singapore, and Singapore has good peering to the world (unlike Thailand). The only time using a Singapore-based VPN server is going to become a problem in that regard is if the content you're trying to access requires a home country IP address (like the U.S. or UK, etc), which the Singapore VPN server isn't going to provide despite being fast. In the past, I had one VPN provider that offered a Singapore VPN server connection that resolved as a U.S. IP address, which was great for my purposes. But they they stopped providing that particular type of connection, so poof!, it was gone.
  16. There's plenty of research that shows that virtually all sweeteners, including sugar of course, are detrimental to health.
  17. Is this another member of the "I'm richer than you" brigade?
  18. The saying goes that 'only boring people say they are never bored'.
  19. The truck driver is correct here . . . There are arrows in the road indicating it is a legitimate U turn - but some idiot has put all that plastic detritus in the road !
  20. "I want to come and live in Thailand but I don't have a job" - I stopped reading right there. Don't worry, you'll fit in perfectly well with all the self-described "English teachers" who don't have a job either. Join them to drink a bottle of Siam Sato on the steps of 7-11 while discussing plans of how to scam real ex-pats out of their money with "amazing investment schemes".
  21. Failure rate within five years of farang Thai marriage doesn't seem to be much different than the US. About half.
  22. Has anyone recently renewed their UK passport from Thailand (using the VFS UK appointed agency) - and if so, how long did it take until you received your new passport? I know they say 4 weeks from receipt of passport in UK, but I also hear it is often in reality quicker than that. I ask because I am trying to plan some business trips but whilst you are waiting for new passport you cannot travel abroad, except with an emergency travel document.
  23. hmmmm ... that's very sad. Did he get cirrhosis of the liver .... ?
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