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  2. My ale of choice recently has been Snowy, its not brilliant but better than any other offering - IMO
  3. I couldn’t last out longer than 10 minutes of Blood&Treasure. I thought the acting was as realistic as the pyramids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If I was to consider city living in India I would start in Cochin preferably at the tail end of the monsoon. That to me would be about as gentle an introduction as you are likely to get. If you prefer diving straight in at the deep end then Calcutta would have to be the city of choice. Chaos reigns supreme here and it's one of those places that you truly will either love or hate with the latter being very much in the majority.
  5. wasn't the 300 million figure the same one used to justify mandatory health insurance for O-A visas? which one is it or?
  6. Mandatory health insurance for over 50s in Thailand only affects those on Non-Immigrant Visa O-A File photo Thaivisa has today spoken with Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration in a bid to try and clear up some confusion surrounding the recent announcement regarding mandatory health insurance for Non-Immigrant Visa O-A. Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration told Thaivisa that the new requirements only affect people seeking Non-Immigrant Visa O-A. The requirement for mandatory health insurance does not affect those people who stay in Thailand on a Non O extension of stay based on retirement. The requirement also does not apply to those staying in Thailand on a marriage extension or an extension of stay based on being a parent to a Thai child. Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration said they have had elderly foreigners visiting their office incorrectly believing they are affected by the new requirements. Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration stressed it is important for foreign retirees in Thailand to familiarise themselves with exactly what it says in their passport in order to determine if they stay in Thailand on an Non-Immigrant Visa O-A or an extension of stay based on retirement. Many people, both foreigners and also immigration officials, use the term ‘retirement visa’ when what they are actually referring to is an ‘extension of stay based on retirement’. It is this inaccuracy which has lead to some of the confusion. If you stay in Thailand on Non-Immigrant Visa O-A, you will have something like this in your passport: An extension of stay based on retirement looks like this: A Non-Immigrant Visa O-A is obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country, whereas an ‘extension of stay based on retirement’ is normally obtained from your local immigration office in Thailand. For expats living in Hua Hin, anyone who is still unsure about what type of visa or extension they have are urged to contact Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration at their office in Thap Thai, where officers will be happy to answer any questions. Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration also stressed to Thaivisa that retirees should not panic regarding the new measures, especially if you reside in Thailand on a Non O extension of stay based on retirement as the mandatory health insurance requirement does not affect you. While it is yet to be confirmed, The Nation reported earlier that the new mandatory health insurance requirement for Non-Immigrant Visa O-A are likely to come into force from July onwards. Thaivisa spoke to Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration on the Surf 102.5 FM Breakfast Show. Thanks to Richard and the team at Surf 102.5FM for their invite onto the show. https://www.facebook.com/Surf102.5/videos/1294319820719990/?t=6082 Expats in Hua Hin are reminded that Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration has moved to a new office in Thap Thai and have an office in the basement of BluPort shopping mall. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-05-24 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  7. Time flies! 12 years ago it was included into the ticket price! Helped more than one person out who had not "budgeted for this last minute payment - back in the day.................
  8. OP, I'm not surprised people are looking for alternatives. I had planned to obtain my next extension based on retirement and not follow the 3 month post application etc and just live off the 800. For the following application just return home country (do each yr anyway) and obtain an O-A instead. Then they changed to O-A requiring insurance. So yesterday I stuck 800k in fixed term deposit. 1.55%. I'm thinking people will start to look at alternatives. The elite visa isn't cheap but becoming more attractive. If I was under 50 or even early 50,s would definitely look at obtaining one.
  9. Cool! My favourite tipple is Ranong green tea with jasmine. A local product I really like.
  10. Not really. The guy has admitted the offence. Offered a fair compensation and the family are happy with that. Sending him to jail costs money and no one benefits. It will probably be a suspended sentence.
  11. I was looking into this as well. None of these comments answers the original question. I am not looking for comprehensive coverage because the whole point of catastrophic insurance is to cover the expensive stuff ONLY which means cheaper premiums. Is there such a thing in Thailand or anywhere... and what are the costs?
  12. Does anyone know where i get tires for my Honda ST1100 European? Bridgestone BT023 120/70/ZR18 & 160/70/ZR17 have been recommend but i doubt i will get those. There are an odd size so not very common.
  13. and if you are from the UK you don't pay tax
  14. Deserted

    nintendo wii

    Thanks, I had a look on Lazada last night and didn't see one. I will be going to Fortune Town in a couple of weeks anyway and will take a look there too.
  15. The article says tourists, but I wonder if they mean to extend it to all foreigners entering the country. I imagine that many on this forum already have to pay 1,000B (re-entry permit, single entry) whenever we leave the country and come back. I've never been able to figure out what the re-entry permit was for other than a blatant money grab. So hey, what's another hundred, right?
  16. Terrific that we will finally have a way to get decent office chairs and standing desks in Chiang Mai. The local furniture shops are rubbish. Delivery to my house and, then, up to the intended room, will only be 2,200. If it works the same as IKEA in other countries, that charge covers you for as many items as you buy in that order. Assembly is also available for an additional charge but, this being Thailand, probably better to do it myself, fairly easy anyway.
  17. Better just to become a digital nomad and work for US tech companies that pay mid-six figures (10-year contracts at 12% annual increase ) + equity + bonuses and live beachfront in Thailand. The remote packages US tech companies are offering for you "not to live in the US" are far superior to what is posted above. You also don't have to bother with the Thai taxes since you're not working for a Thai company, don't need a work permit, and the work you are doing is for a different country. US tax is also minimal due to Foreign Earned Income Exclusion ( FEIE ). Your first $105k of salary earned while living abroad is federal-tax-free. At max, you're looking at 15% self-employment tax but even that can be avoided if you set up an offshore company in Singapore for example. The real question is, with the way tech companies are going these days, why on Earth would anyone live in a Western country where the cost of living is absurd and you're getting reamed with 30% - 40% tax on your salary? Verus you can go live in Thailand, get paid exactly what you would get paid while living in the US ( makes no difference to tech companies, just need a computer ), pay 40,000 baht a month to live oceanfront in Phuket ... all while raking in 1 million baht a month at 12% to 15% tax to the US. Seems like a no brainer to me. Github, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix are all working towards distributed and fully remote teams by 2024. I'm age 30 and work for one of the companies listed above, fully remote, from Phuket and have a 15-year contract locked in. Impossible to break the contract. Remote is the future and companies do not care where you live anymore. No one in their right mind would live in the US if they didn't have to. It's a huge disadvantage to live in the US or Europe these days. I can't speak for Europe but I can say with certainty that the US doesn't really have anything that Thailand doesn't have in 2019. Nothing really. Even Whole Foods is not a US perk anymore. Bangkok has Gourmet Market which is better. Phuket has Villa Market which is good enough. I would even argue that healthcare in Thailand is on par with the US. I had some serious work done on my teeth last month in Phuket and was blown away by my Thai dentist. Extremely good work done and at 1/6th of what said work would have cost me in California. I mean who needs health insurance in Thailand at these prices? Of course, you need to get a Thai wife so you can stay here forever on a marriage visa and avoid being put into the system via work permit. But that's easy enough to find. And no, Thailand has no interest in giving digital nomads the boot or taxing us. We bring massive amounts of money into the country, spend big wads of stupid cash, and employ lots of Thais. I've hired over 20 Thai programmers since I've been living in Thailand. Thailand needs more digital nomads if anything and should be doing everything they can to attract our attention. https://remoteok.io/ Change your life and work from home, from anywhere you freaking want...dude. California Dreaming but in Thailand.
  18. The establishment is not in parliament, no power there, but definitely in the civil service, banking world wide, industry world wide, royalty, in the clubs we aren't allowed in, it has no borders, no loyalties except to power and money. I don't think anything bothers them much because in the end they will always get what they want, the government and the plebs are controlled by them, the plebs through the 'free press and median' and the government can always be brought to heel by the world of international finanz, even China and especially America.
  19. Irrespective of the impact of burning fossil fuels on global warming, coal is only a "cheap" option if one is prepared to turn a blind eye to its inherent environmental drawbacks and discount the indisputable damage it does to human health and the environment. This cheap, yet anything-but-cheerful, power source kills more than a million people a year, according to the World Heath Organisation. It is also responsible for over 1,500 deaths a year in Thailand - not including workers killed in accidents at the coal face. This ongoing carnage, about to be extended with another controversial ill-sited mine, is an unaffordable and unnecessary price to pay for failing to identify and exploit obviously preferable available sources of energy. Thailand has in excess of 3,000 miles of breezy coastline, plus virtually year-round sunshine, and appears to be tailor-mde for large-scale investment in the greener alternatives of wind/wave power and solar. Neither of these practical and attractive options, however, merits so much as a mention in the grandiose, waffly 20-year Energy Efficiency Plan foisted on the incoming government and future generations by the current regime. Why?
  20. Yes Life care (might be Life Labs) just off 3rd road between the overpass but before the lights at Regional Land (the intersection that for some reason has a sign that says "Teeden". That goes into behind Tukcom. So come from the overpass and turn left at the Chinese restaurant. They have an awful to read website on siam2web. It is in half a block from 3rd road on the left. Used to be down the road from the Laundry Express sign. Now it's a block farther away from the overpass. So after Laundry Express but before the traffic lights. Package 6 IIRC is 600Baht and tests for Hep B, HIV, syphilis using VDRL , Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Same day results. Most individual tests are nearly 600B so may as well do them all.
  21. Yes, that's pretty much the same info that I had gleaned. Thanks for the confirmation. Also as I said before even though the continuing financial problems with their health care system are concerning, I can't see the government there dropping the base of the national system. That's a big reason their overall system is rated so highly in the world, higher than the USA, because of the ACCESS for all. Apparently, CORRUPTION is a big problem there which is pretty typical for Latin America (and other places we don't need to mention). I have a question I'd like to ask you to pass along to your relative. I have heard completely conflicting information on the actual cost to the patient for the base "EPS" national health care system. One side says it's about 12 percent of the income you claim that you have to when signing up for EPS. That could be horrible for a foreigner making a large income as that's even before the private insurance add on if you are allowed to buy that and want it. Another says a ridiculously set low monthly fee, for example 30 dollars. I think the big clue here is that it's based on what you tell the EPS people about your income. I am guessing there may be a wink wink nod nod system of maybe people just telling EPS a standard minimum national income and the fee being based on that. That would be lying of course but if "everyone" is doing that, wouldn't you be a fool not to play along? If so, perhaps that's another factor on why they are having financial problems! Anyway, I am obviously speculating, but the actual cost of the EPS system could be a big deal for some people. Low income people as well. For example an American on a low social security check would probably be paying for Part B for their U.S. Medicare even though not using it plus possibly 12 percent of their income. That adds up. Not suggesting it should be free as I think it's fantastic that Colombia offers this buy in to expats, but I would like to know the answer to the mystery of the totally conflicting information about this.
  22. Thank you, always happy the gov listens to me, but somehow they got the number wrong
  23. Barr has just back peddled on his refusal to hand the un-redacted Mueller report to Congress, he was also ordered by a Federal judge to publish to the public all redacted parts of the Mueller report that relate to Flynn. On other fronts Barr can observe Trump's losing battle to keep his tax returns and financial records with banks a secret. The recently leaked memo revealing that the IRS and Mnunchin know they have no legal argument not to turn over Trump's tax returns. Barr is no fool, he surely knows the legal and political jeopardy Trump is facing and that Trump will not weather this. Hence his back peddling.
  24. What surprise was that? Given her descent into full blown Targaryen madness it was pretty obvious she was for the chop, and Jon was the only one able to get close enough to do it. Lots of things that I hated about the ending. Would have been brilliant to see Arya sticking Cersei with the pointy end, and watching Tyrion sleeping for a seemingly endless time was just a waste of time that could have been used for better things. They made the battle with the dead too long, and the events of the last 2 episodes too short. Could have made a far better season with twice as many episodes. It's not like they couldn't afford it. I think season 8 will be taught in writing school as an example of how to take a series beloved of millions and stuff it up, completely.
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