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  2. We let the dogs in to cool down, one is a Thai "Ridgeback" (sort off!) she gets bored quick and is let outside again where she will then lay in the sun, I have measured the temp a couple of times, the highest recorded was 53c! - Beyond me?
  3. Can you tell me where exactly you read its ok for Chinese to do it and farangs not. The article i read said it was not allowed and this time it was Chinese breaking the law. So please explain to me what i read wrong.
  4. Did she forget who is the Chairman of ASEAN this year? Thailand's NCPO Junta Chief Prayut.
  5. The policies I've reviewed recently all have clauses defining as resident as "lives 75% in his home country", "returns to his home country", etc. You'd need to read those definitions very carefully as insurance companies are always out to wriggle out of paying the insured, and residence would be a classic one if the policy itself was for a long period of time
  6. She should go get the blue book and help you out,but ...... renting it out legally she will have to pay tax. You can never have proof of residency if the owner does not have a blue book. If she does not want to help you ,find another place to live.
  7. OK that makes since, i will ask for a 15/45 upgrade from PEA, and get an electrican out here to inspect the box and make sure the wiring is good for the upgrade. Thanks!
  8. In that case you need an extra circuit for the kitchen to spread the load.
  9. Thailand is getting pretty expensive. Most items are actually cheaper in the UK now (clothes, food, technology etc etc) and better quality. So, what are your monthly expenses?
  10. I add more in italiques: Agree your comments about FFF, perhaps if they don't get into a government it would give them many opportunities to challenge the ruling coalition and at the same time build their own credibility for the future, and make it very clear / prove one way or the other whether Khun Thanathorn and his team are aligned somehow to the paymaster. There is of course a fairly strong possibility that any multi-party (read numerous party) coalition won't last that long because trying to please 6 or 8 or more coalition members is a very tall order, plus the reality is that in any coalition there will be at least several parties who are only there for a chance at the trough and will be very vocal if they don't get their turn.
  11. Thete are policies that cover ad much as 1 year long trip at a time. But there may be requirement as to having lived in your home country for a period of time before travelling -- it is true that these policies are not intended for people permanently residing abroad. They also will not cover other than emergency care and may opt to medivac you back to your home country rather than pay for tteatment here if you ate stable enough so it really does not meet the meefs of a resident expat. It is a viable option for people spending part time hete & part time in home country though Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. I get the ECU light coming on in my somewhat elderly Vios occasionally, accompanied by rough idling. The fix is simple - disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, reconnect.
  13. not a luxury condo no more with day renters, value just dropped big time..
  14. If you are opening a 63A breaker you need more than a simple supply upgrade. You may be able to get a 30/100 (up to 100A incoming breaker) but PEA are not happy to install in a village environment. Next step would be to go 3-phase. That said, we have a 15/45 on a 63A incomer, even with the welder and compressor (and Madam's 5HP of irrigation) we have never opened the incomer.
  15. If you can swim, it’s very simple to teach another. Use a buoyancy aid. Understand flotation. Develop techniques for motion. Not brain surgery, is it
  16. Not the case. My wife has received tickets for going 92kph in a 90kph zone. That is inane.
  17. Much cooler here now the "rains" have arrived
  18. So perhaps a generator set is best for the welder, although i don't use it much anymore now that everything is complete at the house. I built a large metal fence, gates and a covered area for the whole property.
  19. I have a credit limit without any collateral that I can draw down on whenever I need or want I received a card which also serves as a creditcard with a limit of 15,000 thb If I draw down I need to choose option; personal loan and the CC can only be used as that, no cash draw down. At the time my Thai was limited some 15 years ago My partner was not involved when I requested and received. And she never signed anything No security deposit And this was the Krungsri First Choice Card
  20. Well, in all honesty that is not their job. But, it is indeed what most of them do.
  21. Yo Just saw EV Charging Station beside Pizza Hut, Would be nice to see if Ubon have any Electrical cars as i have not seen any so far
  22. Depends how you manage it. You don‘t really live in Thailand as Long you have an residence permit Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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