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  2. More condescension & nothing in support of your earlier claim? My point here is quite clear but I may as well spell it out in full....YOU DISH THIS BEHAVIOR OUT EVERY DAY and it's getting rather tiresome.
  3. What on earth are you talking about? 1. Brexit is the default legal position since parliament enacted article 50. It is written into law. 2. The UK does not have a written constitution. 3. The vote for May as PM was implemented, she's been the PM since July 2016 in case you hadn't noticed.
  4. No need for "as well" - let them hunt each other. I do not go with the poachers do it because they are poor and starving, they do not kill the elephants and rhinos for meat, they do it for greed. Suppose if one wants to shoot poachers one could join the British army, only problem is elephants can not tell friend from foe...
  5. I strongly disagree Donald lost the popular vote and more people realize what a fraud he is the problem is getting rid of him.and to tgir Donald earned the anger and revulsion every bit if it with interest
  6. Not required for retirement extensions. Required for OA visas in home countries. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. This is a good suggestion as moving the non return to the outlet also protects the pump from mains pressure which often rises well above the pumps operating pressure.
  8. It was a rhetorical and facetious question meant to highlight, or low-light, the government's actual intent in this case. No New York Times Co. v. United States case planned I imagine. BTW, I am not a huge Assange fan, but try to keep to my principles even when trying not to throw up in my mouth.
  9. Made my 90 day report at CW on Tuesday 21st May 2019, nothing about requiring TM30 from the I/O.
  10. Here goes: "haha same than isan food north eweryday have my home, thats is why i have slim now, haha i come thailand 7 year before weight has 120kg now have 80 kg no have good food newer. but newermind someday i die to thailand. haha. this men has idiot, who need phone ???? i no has use phone last 7 year anythink, only OTP at bank need phone but my account internet no working last 6 month mai ben rai who need. life relax and enjoy haha"
  11. Who on earth has any interest in respectable Thai girls other than their own mirror perhaps ?
  12. I am looking at the same contract. Would you mind being so good and sir giving me a PM on the procedure and requirements? I am not sure about using a lawyer for this.
  13. Interesting are there any words to this story
  14. Is there an official instruction anywhere that states what a medical certificate must include? The reason for asking is that I have had 2 medicals, today and 3 months ago, in 2 different hospitals and 1 mentions x-ray and the latest one doesn't.
  15. Fyi, the Guys , who use the agents , seldom have the reqd 800k . Therefore they choose agents, if i was in their boots , i would do the same. What would you do, leave Thailand ?.
  16. It is intended as a distraction from the fact we are about to get sight of Trump's taxes and financial records with banks and lenders.
  17. Should at least be a topless race to catch some attention, and in Pattaya, i think people expects no less...
  18. Jirawat is alive. Is his colleague Pirasak, 30, who suffered from epilepsy. Why he drove in this conditions? RIP
  19. Just a nuanced restatement: 'In Thailand, elected governments have no power on the judiciary.' Remember, until the next elected government is "installed" (publicly endorsed), Prayut continues in power as Chief of the NCPO and possess Article 44. Note also that according to precedents, it is the incumbent PM that presents the new (regardless of whether created by an election or coup) Executive Branch (PM and Cabinet members) for endorsement. From that perspective Prayut has considerable potential influence over all government agencies and institutions.
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