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  2. There still is and it is still being collected; it was just 'absorbed' into the price of your ticket, meaning you pay for it without really knowing.
  3. The estimate I heard from our legal/ government relations group is that 30-40% of every baht spent in Thailand is siphoned off for some type of corruption or another. Everything from blatant payola to exclusive licenses for the Elite to trade in many products that make up the backbone of the Thai economy. I think 30-40% was a little on the low side...
  4. The problem I have with this is that your visa will be dependent on your health and insurance.
  5. I think that is rubbish. There will be factors other than Brexit that wii determine the outcome of the next election. For example, Labour’s inability to take advantage of a lame duck government.
  6. They won’t bring any change to Trump, he is beyond redemption. But perhaps they will show Americans back home how universally despised this man is. He base won’t be changed but perhaps it will galvanize enough people to get out in 2020 and vote this insult to the office of POTUS out.
  7. Overcharging the sick. Money and medicine are a bad mix, with some hospitals even listed on the stock exchange what are we to expect. It remains to be seen how tenacious and effective the Dept of Trade are. Some of these hospitals are making so much money that they would just laugh at the fine. It is interesting to note that many of the doctors working in high end private hospitals also work in Gov’t hospitals where the same doc can be seen for far less. Instead of the typical comments, it might be more useful if posters listed hospitals where they got good care at a fair price. I’d start with Ramathibodi usually being ok. Overcharging?..… Bangkok Pattaya and Bumrungrad.
  8. The only case that I have first hand experience of turned out well ...........initially. One has to to distinguish between the legal position and the practical position. The legal position will always win, but there may be (an unacceptable) price to pay from the practical aspect. A friend’s wife tried to kick him out when the relationship soured. The police were called and my friend explained about the usufruct; the wife produced the chanote. The police officer advised the wife that if anyone had to leave it would be her..... she did. The officer also (incorrectly) advised my friend that he wouldn’t be able to help if there was a next time. Legally his position was secure. The first problem occurred two weeks later when he took another Thai lady back to the house. The house, as you may guess, was in the village built on family land.....the MIL was a neighbour. Word quickly got round and a family posse appeared; there was a confrontation and girl left out of fear - effectively run out of town. I understand that there were further incidents and he eventually moved elsewhere. I think will depend on individual circumstances, location, family and how the local judiciary and police deal with the situation. If I had to deal with such a situation I would employ a local lawyer and visit the local chief of police to discuss the position - to ensure that the family’s ‘card was marked’ about my legal standing.
  9. I saw the data for the MG GS 2.0 Turbo AWD, and it's very interesting! Has more power (218hp) than all these other Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Nissan/Subaru cars, apparently has a very similar list of features and costs only 1.31M (about 300-400k less than the equivalent cars from Japanese brands). Looking very good on paper, I'll try to get a test drive next week.
  10. Brexit Dilemma Anyone who wants to win the Cons leadership election has to say no to an extension and yes to no deal. But the PM that exits without a deal will not win the next general election.
  11. Great, so lets say for example every tourist stays in Thailand 3 weeks, if 100 baht is the cost then expats living here long term should be able to pay a similar cost. So 100 baht every 3 weeks for 1 year would be 1733 Baht to purchase life and health insurance. Thats looks cheap so lets make the average visit only 1 week, the price is now 5200 Baht per year which is still a reasonable price in line with the Thai Social Security payment. Unlike the private insurance scams starting at 30,000 baht rising to 100,000 baht and more.
  12. nobody cares about OTOP~it only makes ordinary products more expensive
  13. Sometimes it's the counterintuitive that saves the day. Like Nixon to China. What if Boris wins and cannot get a package to leave passed? Could he call another referendum thinking it will again be a Leave win. Only to be shoot down by a smartened up Brit public.
  14. almost the same question but different return thailand 18th june non o visa "before 19th june" add 90 days gives me 16th sep to leave or can i get an extension say on or around 13th sep or earlier ? for 30 days then i intend to return to resident country and apply for new non"o" think i asked uj this 6 or 7 years ago but cant find it
  15. A METV is indeed the way to go. Don't mention your online work in Thailand, not to immigration officials, not to friends, not to anybody, not even in a drunken stupor. In fact, treat the word "work" as a dirty word, never to pass your lips unless it is about your work in Vietnam. Your visits to Thailand are exclusively for the purpose tourism and there may come a point where an immigration official at an entry point will accuse you point blank of working illegally in Thailand. If you are lucky he will not just refuse you entry without a discussion but let you explain. Therefore, keep a record of your touristic exploits, for example a blog, which you can set to private if you wish. Make frequent entries with selfies with temples and other scenes in the background, post photos of local transportation tickets, including BTS and MRT, receipts of restaurants where you eat and hotels or guest houses where you stay overnight, post short video clips of everyday scenes, and throw in the occasional complimentary comment about the friendly immigration officer who stamped your passport. Absolutely avoid comments on politics and the Monarchy.
  16. The interesting thing about this is the amount of cach he was carrying. I wonder if he declared it.
  17. Expect many more such projects to be announced, now that the smokey season is long gone and forgotten, and everyone's lungs are 100% fine again. Thailand is a proud party to the Paris Agreement, along with fellow noble non-polluters such as China and India.
  18. Victim blaming is not going to be tolerated. Posts have been removed.
  19. That's interesting, this is new. I went to Cambodia for a couple of days and then back to Bangkok about a month ago and none of the fingerprint stuff was in use. It was there but not used at all.
  20. That is the problem. Uncoordinated though it may be, there is a general consensus among the Thai elites that the country has made a mistake in becoming a destination for "poor" farangs. When they travel abroad, they see that other major destinations attract far richer tourists, and fondly imagine that they can swap out their existing kee nok guests for the five-star travelers they see in Switzerland or New York. In Thailand, wealth is, in itself, a moral good. They do not see that 40 million "poor" tourists adds up to a lot of money (10% of their GDP), they do not see that their kee nok expats were there to prop up the economy and support entire families back in leaner times. Arguably, the reliable font of farang money pumped into the poorest regions of Thailand for decades has propped up the system and allowed the elites to avoid any real pressure to provide services to the poor. Like most Thais, the elites dream of sudden windfalls that require no real effort or investment. As their economy falters, they look to apportion blame to someone else. Their unsatisfactory farangs have let them down. They feel no gratitude, they have no sense that much of Thailand's current wealth was built upon decades of Westerners loyally returning every year and spunking away their valuable foreign currency. Yes, they will cull the herd. They will continue to replace Western tourism with Chinese and, when that falters, Indian. They will continue to make it more complicated and expensive for expats to stay here, all while prices rise and the air quality deteriorates. So, in their uncoordinated way, from different directions, they will all keep hitting the golden goose with hammers. And, one morning, after the Chinese property bubble crashes, and the despised farangs have mostly moved on to Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia and, even, Indonesia, the Thais will wonder why there is so much less money around, and why they have to work so very hard to keep up with their neighbors.
  21. The only reason i can think of why a gogo honey would have her hands in ur shorts is that she is looking to dig up some coins.. Enjoy ur 0,60 Bht kebab!
  22. Why would a new license release her from fines? Same name? Don't the records follow you? OH, Thailand
  23. Come on guys you wouldn’t say a lady is ugly until you see her...give it a chance I’m more than willing to fork over 100 baht
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