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  2. I though any time Patong had waves they issue a Red Flag warning and tell everyone to get out of the water.
  3. If there was no corruption (LOL) then there would be more money for teachers and more teachers. Maybe there wouldn't be 50 kids in one class.
  4. quote from the BBC article "Physical attacks against Jews in Germany also rose in the same period, with 62 violent incidents recorded, up from 37 in 2017." That is a 67% increase in physical attacks against Jews in just 1 year. Absolutely shocking. What on earth has been happening in Germany for this culture of violence and hatred to be flourishing like this??
  5. Starting with this government.....Just sayin'.
  6. I would have designed this car with a smaller boot and more room for the rear passengers.
  7. "Fake News" is anything that the those in power consider to be counter to their own narrative. The term "Fake News" is in itself a pejorative. Labeling information as "Fake News" is simply a rather insidious form of censorship that seeks to support only an official narrative while rejecting all others. When educational institution indoctrinate students to reject "Fake News" what is really happening is the melding of young minds to accept only one view - the view of those who rule.
  8. Is Nipit another name for squid? If they join them they have zero credibility and they should never be able to use the word democratic in their sentences.
  9. IMHO Thailand's white hats love this Drama its a opportunity to grandstand and get out the big guns .
  10. Stopped using visa run services years ago because of these kind of scenarios. Much nicer to travel on public transport. I use this “Rome2Rio” app to help plan the journey
  11. Hope he,s paying his tax to keep my pension money coming in!!
  12. There is a local school about two kilometers down the road from from my place. I use to help out but no more. Here is just one reason. A few years back a library/study hall was built by funds raised by an international school in Bangkok. Some of these high school students even traveled to the upcountry school to help with painting as part of a community project. The building turned out great with a hand painted mural covering one wall and long tables for studying. Even had air conditioning. This original concept only last a few months. Then the local school's administration team decided that they needed a new office. Students are no longer allowed inside the building...
  13. Renting out your condo is legit hence the word rent. Using it as a hotel is not. Very simple really.
  14. Estimated tax payments should be mailed with form 1040-ES to: Thank you for the info! I really appreciate you letting me know about this.
  15. http://www.mybycat.com/en/PrePay.php?package=90_แพ็กเกจเสริม-my-เน็ตเพลิน-1,-4,-6-Mbps I have it. Works fine.
  16. So they've spent years studying the decline in Education standards; they've agreed that new ideas should be introduced but I don't see any of these ideas listed above. As a teacher of English for 39 years, here's a couple of improvements I'd like to see: despite a huge budget many schools lack basic necessities like Air/con except for the elite classes; some of this money disappears before it reaches schools because of the layers of bureaucracy in the Civil Service; many of the schools are run as businesses by Directors and unprincipled Principals - profit is the bottom line not raising standards; teachers are appointed not on merit but through connections/cash; nobody fails exams!
  17. Words like ''Embrace, tangible guidelines and innovations in Education'' are just western words Thais will never know the meaning of..
  18. A typical Horrible looking local class room set up..
  19. seems strange you would drop your husband off at a rehab and go back to the US to work. what did you expect ?? special treatment ?
  20. Some, not all, TrueMove H promotions. The mobile app will have all of the latest promos. http://www.prosermthaisim.com/true.php
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