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  2. I wonder if his behaviour while naked was threatening the safety of others, or perhaps experiencing a psychotic episode. I hope his credit cards, cash and passport have been located.
  3. http://amazontrial.com/joyelle-derma-cream/ Joyelle Derma Cream Joyelle Derma controls the indications of untimely maturing and diminishes the presence of perceivability of pigmentation and wrinkles and gives an even skin tone. On the off chance that anybody has a skin sensitivity or some other issue, at that point counsel to a dermatologist before applying the cream.
  4. Actually, it does. Temples here are supposed to offer some form of sanctuary. Donating money to them so they can continue to do so would be seen as a form of making merit. Would you begrudge a politician giving monks food in the morning?
  5. None. They are not venomous or dangerous for a typical healthy adult human.... but they hurt like hell!!! If you are of ill health, very young or elderly its best to go to hospital.. but most usually all is requires is antibiotics as a precaution about infection at the site of the bite.
  6. I have had operations on both hands. The third finger on my left hand will not register a full print and my little (pinky) finger on my right hand is at 90 degrees. Have the IO been briefed on what to do? I fear the worst.
  7. Add a free spray of aftershave or perfume as well. Some people are just way too paranoid about things like this. Would be better if they just stayed at home and lived in a glass bubble.
  8. I have a pre paid True sim. The 300 baht for 30 days at 1MBPS as in your picture is the exact one I used last year, it was great. I am not sure why you say don't dial until reading the text, I used this for 2 years of and on Month by Month. If my sim has no credit in it then they can't take money out of it. I'm ok to pay up 400 baht for something similar if the code for the 300 baht one doesn't work anymore. The 300 baht code was *900*1974#. Is that one still alive? Thanks.
  9. Reminds me of that 70's tune about getting you're kit off in public ..
  10. first of all, you are an idiot. i was joking. second of all, you know nothing of orphanages except a few stories on TV and youtube. thirdly, you didn't see this guy so you don't know what he did before and during. or if this was the only time. and lastly, you are in Thailand. maybe much, much more evil in your mind than any evil orphanage you can dream up. throw stones......throw away. by the way, i have 89232483942384 kids. idiot.
  11. Does the TV respond if you use the manual buttons on the TV itself? If not, then I can't see a new remote solving your problem. Sophon
  12. Thais donate to temples all the time. Temples even have donation boxes. People donating money here in temples is about as normal as it gets.
  13. Was there a need to tie him like a hog ?
  14. Oh no!!! Don't you know they might have been reincarnations of family members? Bad karma!!!!! lol.
  15. Yes indeed. They may start flying again in June but will they be able to fill them with passengers?
  16. Voluntary euthanasia, with an advanced Health Care Directive would be a humane end for many of us to save relatives the heartbreak which so many experience. Keep your memories of the exceptional person you have loved and supported
  17. How much did this "solution" cost the Thai tax payer ? Robbing Peter to pay Paul comes to mind.
  18. No, it doesn’t make sense. I could as well suggest there are Remainers in the Brexit party number just because they love Farage so much.
  19. Now that you post the MMP system, the discrepancies and the blatant cheating by the EC are more clear. The eligibility for party lists are calculated based on a minimum percentage of total party vote OR NO candidates will be elected from party list. In Germany the threshold is 5%. New Zealand 3% and in countries that adopt the MMP, party must win 3 constituency seats in German and 1 seat in NZ to be eligible. In Thailand, 71,065 votes was the initial calculation suggested in the constitution. The EC made a mockery of the system awarding party list to parties that could not even win half of the votes in the constitution and none won constituency seat. Hope that the information is constructive for you to learn about the deceit of the EC. There are little linkage to the MMA system because it is little used but I have a gem for you. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/politics/MMA-challenges-fairness-of-elections-30272058.html
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand,_foot,_and_mouth_disease "Breast-feeding has also shown to decrease rates of severe HFMD". Better take that advice seriously
  21. trust me, i feel your pain. not stage 6, yet, but trust me.....i have an idea what you are going through. a friend got "lucky," his dad passed right at the time when remembering his name was extremely challenging. The same questions over and over, the bizarre anger and rage, sadness, mood swings..... but good news, it's not as hereditary as they first thought. let's hope.
  22. What is so frightening that you will have nightmares about a naked man walking about in daylight in a public space? If you have 9 children AND run an orphanage... how many kids have you got?! I think after you had 9 you might think that was enough. Are you a 'Christian Orphanage' by chance? If so, maybe you are the one with a worse mental illness than a guy walking about with no clothes on.. it's not like he was harassing people or sexually molesting passers by. Probably a lot more harm and molesting going on in some of these 'orphanages' you are so involved in..... and have some pity for the guy... who clearly is not well.
  23. . Perfect timing, it's always better to fix storm drains in the wet season!
  24. That's up to you and has nothing to do with the case in point.
  25. Agreed, 5555555 but that wasnt a "tower burger", that was a MAGIC burger !!
  26. Quote"- "defamation payment against a News Corp tabloid" Isn't News Corp owned by that unpleasant Rupert Murdoch?
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