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  2. But if you die here, does your body still have to pay the 100bt when it's shipped back..? Seriously though, with 38 million visitors, they just need some jars at departures that you could throw all your loose change into. Would only need 8 bt of shrapnel on average to cover the 300 MM bt shortfall.
  3. ..just another Air-head Day coming up..they may all blow away into the turd infested waters.
  4. The odds are not good because it is certainly NOT clear and precise. One place it says "applying for" and in the other it says "on". Which is it?
  5. "If I were Italian in England, I should do absentee vote for Italian candidates." Which is what they tried to do, but were not allowed to do.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Do you mind pointing me to where I can edit the title? Regarding payment: So the way it works is that you fill out the application for and I believe you make yourself liable to pay within 7 days of receiving the confirmation letter from TE (after they send it over to immigration for 1-2 months background check). You pay the money upon receiving the letter and then have a 30 day window to go through the process of affixing the actual visa in your passport. This is the point where IO may deny affixing the visa and reject your TE application. It's really annoying that they can not just sort this out when doing the 2 month background check.
  7. Roughly translated from Thai to English. " It could just about P##5 down at any time in any place ". Take a brolly
  8. Thanks, I read that piece and some connected links. Interesting that the author states the country is welcoming to foreigners, that obviously is a plus. An extract "It is, however, no country for vegetarians. Everywhere you look, on parrillas (large iron grills)—the prominent cooking method of the region—vast wonderlands of meat and sausages cook slowly over wood coals. Salads are few and far between. Apparently, chicken is considered a vegetable....." Sounds like food heaven to me. The chivito "It’s a mountain, all right: Walk past any hole-in-the-wall eatery in Montevideo or sidewalk table in beach town José Ignacio and you’ll see two, three, even four people sharing a single sandwich. Even when cut into halves or quarters, each portion is so tall—piled so high with ingredients—that you can barely manage to get your mouth around it. The chivito is Uruguay’s classic sandwich. The name is a bit of a misnomer: Like sweetbread (which is neither sweet nor bread) or a hamburger (it doesn’t contain ham) or an old-fashioned egg cream (it doesn’t use any eggs), the chivito doesn’t sound like what it is. Chivo means “goat” in Spanish (chivito means “kid”), but the sandwich is made with steak, ham, cheese, and sometimes other ingredients, like lettuce, tomato, and fried egg....." Leave the lettuce and fried egg out, do not like either but the sandwich looks good. Higher cost of living than Colombia though it would seem. So far within the region under discussion Colombia is the front runner I think. ( personal view )
  9. I reckon this will be a slush fund for hospitals to access for unpaid bills from foreigners
  10. He clearly has a very good idea of the Embassy's obligations.
  11. So I bring in 65,000 every month and I spent 64,000 every month. It does not make sense to me at all but I am glad it seems not to affect me. But wait for chapter 2. To continue at a later date.
  12. Next period of chaos to be the sharp knives out then ?
  13. But you have no coverage for 100 baht. It is a social tax where you pick up the bill of someone else.
  14. Right. And I don't understand why perthuniversity mentioned expats in the first place. He must realise what I, you and others have said that basically it would be very unwise for expats here to get involved.
  15. As other posters have said, activated charcoal absorbs toxins present in tainted food. It is also useful in treating flatulence.
  16. It is all propaganda, tell the poor uneducated people they are paying for a foreigners hospital bill and it is a win-win for them. The more educated tourists would say that tourists do pay taxes as well while they are on holiday through their consumption.
  17. Allow me to correct that...... (Airport Tax) now paid by the passengers and the airlines pass it on. Just sayin'......
  18. Perfect comment that most posters should take note of.
  19. Assuming you have knowledge (which you for sure are devoid of)It entails a requirement to point out errors, in your case are universal. Renumber the cheese episode? sure got your hooter pushed out there,quite a few others too.
  20. June 7th is the date for May's resignation. Lost it at the end of the speech, voice breaking and near to tears
  21. 100 baht is a great deal. I don't care if they make a profit because it is money well spent.
  22. THIS is STILL ongoing? 555555 Really? Doesn't Thailand care about their image one iota? Saving face and all that! THIS is a huge joke. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  23. 3 main companies full of ex military and current military together with major connections to you know who. to kill a snake you have to cut its head off, not tickle it's tail.
  24. Apparently he did follow the rules, but your remark about selective enforcement says it all, either everyone gets shafted, or no-one. The junta is making a big mistake, and it will backfire. They well and truly are dumb people, they will never learn.
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