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  2. A firecracker fell down on her head, her hair caught fire and she jumped in the water but couldn't swim. Case closed.
  3. The people who did not vote where the vast majority. It is difficult therefore for either Remain or Leave to claim this result an endorsement. It was not a referendum on Brexit. It certainly is not an argument for Farage to be given any roll in the UK Parliament’s negotiations with the EU.
  4. A member on here had big problems trying to get rid of Kaspersky of his PC some time ago. It was mentioned in a post a couple of months back. just saying. I'll check if I can find the topic and his post.
  5. Almost anyone can get in a few times, but when people are gaming the system for TVs or any other gray area, it is best to look on the conservative side.
  6. Many supermarkets over here..all competing for customers[emoji6] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Well, that's where it gets critical. The Chinese are known for not caring at all once they left their beautiful country of theirs. They behave like wild animals and I can level with "genuine" condo-dwellers who just had it with slamming doors, shouting in the hall, blocking elevators and ransacking pool areas.
  8. Right, got the reg number. Now off to the lottery seller
  9. Yes, that is quite likely to happen, as are rejections by smaller parties. Much more democratic and desirable then PTP's block solidarity, guaranteed by monthly payments.
  10. Same Thai people will quietly sit and watch TV while heavy lightning is around. Devices connected to satellite dishes hanging outside. No idea of pulling the plugs. At the brother-in-law that "killed" the nice flatscreen TV.
  11. 38 years old? That's very young for expats in Thailand who are mostly above 55 years old. Many Thai girls would be embarrassed at seeing a young farang with a bulging shorts so your wife is definitely not making it up. It's acceptable to wear skimpy swimsuits in western countries but not in Thailand. Imagine if you have a bosomy young wife. Would you want her to wear skimpy bikinis when Thai guys can ogle at her?
  12. Well whatever sort of new weapon Iran may or may not have, the fact is that the Persian Gulf is a very bad place for a large navel ship - particularly a carrier - to be.
  13. The pjs is squishy also. My crv has more space there, and it's wider too. I'm 6'3 and can easily sit behind my drivers position. Not much in the 3rd row unless you move the second row forward.
  14. Does this car come with a built in dash cam ? Or maybe it was Somchai's, 5 minute we fit all dash cams service, got a bit hot. !!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I find many of the Brexit posts, while replete with emotion confusing. The constant repeats of statement proven many times to be falsehoods and the lack of understanding of the relationship of the UK with the EU, or indeed of UK Parliamentary democracy and how it operates. So yes, I find many Brexiteer posts utterly confusing, often laughably so.
  16. More likely; 'it'll cost you to buy 1 and it's rationed, so be quick about it'.
  17. Pitty "The Mythbusters" didn't do an episode about this. They busted the cell phone in petrol stations myth https://mythbusters.fandom.com/wiki/Cell_Phone_Destroys_Gas_Station_(Myth)
  18. I'm thoroughly enjoying the coverage so far, despite the Beeb 'bigging-up' Mr Barraclough's Lib Dems and the SNP. Here Farage reads the Tories their horoscope ()
  19. This nonsense repeatedly brings me close to outburst of fury! My two "girls" annoy me with this BS every time lightning is around. Any attempt with rational arguments is useless. You could hold a chicken drumstick in your hand and be struck by lightning "in a shack in a field". Sooo stupid!
  20. I think you underestimate the ability of a Thai driver..............
  21. I have used a desktop in the USA. I have Kaspersky Internet Security Installed in it. I see they have a global version also. I purchased a laptop here in the USA to use when I move to Thailand. Kaspersky tech support says I cannot use the USA version of their anti-virus in Thailand. That I have to use the global version. So does this mean that if I install any brand of antivirus while still in the USA on the laptop. The antivirus wont work in Thailand?
  22. Not going to see en masse resignation but counting on the young progressives in Dem and BJT to cross the floor and vote against party line with the pro democracy MPs for crucial bills.
  23. It is simply not factual that MPs are mostly remainers. What they have been elected to do is to represent their constituency as what would benefit Britain. And a no-deal Brexit won't. As they are all aware, jumping off a cliff edge like Farage's supporters without any plan is not the way forward.
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