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  2. Oh I understand I’ve dealt with that office for my wife’s Social Security and I hear you. They have learned to respond to me within at least a week because they know that I don’t put up with their BS. I’ve been dealing with them for a long time now for my wife it’s a long story but I finally got it taken care of. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. It should be easy for the police to walk around JJ market and find people selling exotic birds and animals, but corruption no doubt limits their effectiveness.
  4. It would seem the dems are, or up until now have been, playing politics with this. The risk that trump can, and undoubtedly will, play the ‘victim’ card if impeachment proceedings are launched would seem to be the only staying of their hand. However, if this investigation is as neccesary as claimed and part of the duty of oversight as the constitution describes (even more so now, with the complete blocking of access to evidence being attempted by the WH) there is no choice but to go down that path and have it all laid bare. With Nixon there was a gradual coming aboard of his party faithful with the impeachment. The evidence gave little option but for them to acknowledge the abuse of powers demonstrated. I doubt this would prove different in that regard.
  5. Am in my 23rd year living in Thailand and have never gone into a hospital for anything, including an emergency appendectomy, without a substantial deposit upfront. Have had 3 fractures, again paid for prior to surgery, husband's colonoscopy paid for in advance, CT Scans paid for in advance, hospital stays paid daily, etc., etc., etc., at hospitals where we are known! I don't know any "low life expats" getting away without paying their hospital bills. Perhaps claiming they have health insurance? Tourists, yes . . . people living here? With addresses here? I don't believe it. And maybe I just haven't met the low lifes.
  6. If Venezuela grossly under-reported its unemployment rate while at the same time over-valuing its national currency to prevent it from being affected by dwindling export figures, the country might be able to climb quite a few places.
  7. Fickle... The army will continue to rule as they have done for past decades. Same old same old usual.boring news. Paradise...
  8. Blind leading the blind or something like that. Get some proper people in and Maybe Pattaya can learn from them as well. Never going to happen though. Cheers
  9. AFAIK the proposed need for insurance only effects O-A visa issuance in home country. Nothing to do with extensions of stay.
  10. Can you explain then how Vietnam, a country with nearly 50% more people, has a lower total road death count, not just lower per capita? Mass mobility came at the same time in both countries so if the '2nd generation' theory is fair, the figure should be similar. Traffic laws are respected more in Vietnam and applied by the police more. I have no figures but would guess that penalties are also not as feeble as in Thailand. If you only get a tiny fine for driving like an idiot, you have no real incentive to not drive like an idiot.
  11. I figured it was probably something like that but I’ll keep that in mind because my wife just started drawing Social Security and we live in Thailand and we have a Thai address. Although her Retirement Social Security pension benefit payments are just going to our bank in the states and we just save it along with my military retirement pay. I only use my VA Pension as income. But I’ll remember that for my wife’s Social Security payments. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. You do not need a certificate of address to get a yellow house book.
  13. I agree that online reporting is a blessing, but I just feel that a 1 year visa (retirement) is getting to be too much hassle. Every day it seems IMM imposes a new requirement or change that is often poorly documented and confusing (as verified by all the posts on this forum), and the ED visa just sounds more straight-forward, and this school in particular seems to be well-connected with the government so have the whole process very stream-lined, with much of it being handled by the school itself! I travel out of the country frequently so border runs are no big deal to me. Finally, I actually have an interest in martial arts so, for me, it's a win-win. As for ED visa for learning languages, Thai IMM has (as usual) an arbitrary (IMHO) restriction that you now must be under 50 years old to get one, otherwise I'd consider it, as I'd like to learn to really speak the Thai language well.
  14. All they have to do is bring in 9 monks to chant for a while and it's all hunky-dory; Clean slate.
  15. Right, we should all just bow down to you superior wisdom and end all discussions right here right now. And if someone dares having a different opinion, we'll shout him down as an ignorant, gullible clown. Yeah, that'll work. Thanks for enlightening us!
  16. CNN is reporting Huawei phones will become a brick.
  17. No scam...solid company....works good as long as you can get registered with them. By "if you can get registered" with them is they do require ID verification and possibly address verification during sign-up or shortly thereafter. Kinda like signing up for a new bank/credit card account, but not quite as strict. But if they feel your ID or address is bogus/questionable they will reject or cancel your registration/account.
  18. Making medicine using drug dealers gear. Sounds like a bad idea to me. What if the gear is laced with LSD? There's lots of other bad stuff drug dealers mix in their drugs. Plus what type of weed is it? It's like confiscating a batch load of booze and mixing whisky with wine and beer.
  19. Thai dropped their luggage to 20 kg on April 1st for the saver fares
  20. I lost those other threads- but happy to chip in where i can
  21. I like that he is strong on the marijana liberalisation. In the position he is now he can push it through. Those 2 parties are now in a great position to get what they want. The others just have to bow to their wishes. That is how coalitions work.
  22. Yeah that Manila Office sucks I know because my wife just started drawing Social Security and I helped her set it up. Their hq in Baltimore is even worse, long story. The trick is just keep flooding their email in Manila with the same email over and over again every hour every day and eventually you will get a response because they’ll see your messages constantly coming in flooding their inbox and eventually they just want it to stop. That’s how you get responses from the Manila Office. And sometimes they don’t take phone calls either so I called the main embassy phone number in Manila and I forced my way through to their ss office phone that way. You really have to stay on top of that Manila Office hard or you’ll be lucky to get an answer within two weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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