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  2. Wow, they just keep coming up with new ways to line there pockets, trying to legalize there corruption, they never cease to amaze
  3. I've done this several times and only ever had my blood pressure checked and a cursory listen to my chest with a stethoscope. They do ask me how I feel, if I have any problems, but there is no real checking, either in a clinic or in the hospital.
  4. I've read that some banks and microfinance institutions in Cambodia offer around 8%p.a. interest rates for US dollars. Can anyone please let me know which ones are the strongest ones who are not likely to go under and what rates they offer? Also, is it possible to open up accounts as a normal tourist who will visit there for a few days and if so, which institutions will do it for tourists?
  5. I useta travel between Jeddah in saudi and Doha in Qatar often and a security check was common before folks coming off the plane in Doha were allowed in the air side transit area, remove shoes, laptops, etc...a big PITA as the folks in Jeddah were very thorough...but we endured as the next stop was the airport business class lounge with their excellent bar and buffet, best I've seen anywhere...with free a la carte if desired and a nice wine selection...'and what can I get you today?' 'red Bordeaux, please' 'we have a selection of three today...' lawd today...
  6. I know that's why I said a Robinson or a Tops Plaza like the one in Phon which is like a small Robinson.
  7. 9.50 am Downing Street and they have just brought out the lectern and set it up ready for the announcement. Should be within the next ten minutes I would think!
  8. It's been much hotter, and more humid, these last few months, and this makes a huge extra demand on your A/C. If the ambient temp is say 30 C and you're used to cooling it to say 27C, then if the temperature rises by just 3 degrees to 33C, the unit has to work twice as hard to cool to the same 27C.. It's actually much worse than this since air at 33C contains much more water vapor, and it uses a lot of energy to condense it. So just 3C hotter ambient, and your A/C will use more than 2x as much power. Fridges/freezers usage will increase a little but since they're usually at 0/-15, then there's much less change between 30-33C ambient...unless of course you chose to sit in-front of an open fridge door. I don't use A/C where I now live, as there's always a cooling sea-breeze, and my electricity consumption hardly changes throughout the year.
  9. The 2 best shows they did was one in Vietnam, and one in which they destroyed some famous Olympic rower's garden. I particularly enjoyed the jet engine BBQ that burned May's garden shed down and Jeremy's super powered water feature. Jeremy pruning with a shotgun was classic. The amazing thing was that the rower had enough self control not to use a shotgun on them, as he surveyed the ruin of his garden. It was all a surprise to him, for real. His wife was in on it.
  10. You will still need your own insurance if you want premium healthcare if anything would happen to you. the 100 baht is to pay for shipping you home if something happens. Dead or Alive. But I find this outrageous, while we are on holiday, we pay taxes too, be it VAT, on products and services in great excess of 100 baht. But oh no, it is the Thai people who are paying for it, this is cheer populism, blame the government shortcomings on the foreign tourists. Tourism is driving a major part of thai services economy. But for 100 Baht I wouldn't go complaining too much, I just drink a few beers less and tip downwards.
  11. may the deceased rest in peace 45 mil and a red plate fortuner seem appropriate understanding of the financial situation of the family indeed, still the accident happen because the driver was drunk, even if not jail at least few years with social works, such helping traffic accident victims to recover and assist who got permanent injuries . shall not be only money
  12. Many throwing around vague usage of the word "spirituality", yet no one providing any explanation or meaning. Define it meaningfully and please feel free enlighten us with your best, convincing examples.
  13. Give your liver a break and get back to Thailand
  14. You must have done a massive amount of research on a huge number of politicians to make such a bold assertion. Care to share it? Or is it just some bs to try and make out Thaksin isn't a corrupt crook?
  15. Depending on the problem, family, friends, veteran support organisations.
  16. You only need to complete a TM6 arrival card when you enter the country with your address on it. Since it appears you will not be doing anything at a immigration office you do not need to worry about doing any reports.
  17. I go to NST since 2003 every year for 2 weeks. The first years I have never seen a farang downtown, in the lasts some more.
  18. It seems Thailand is doing all they can to discourage coming there. Immigration too. Not good.
  19. Thats just nonsense. What it's full of is over compensated techies, driving up prices and forcing retail workers, restaurant servers, policemen, firefighters and the like to spend 4 hours a day in their cars commuting across the Altamont Pass to get to work
  20. i think that even cheap chow lee will stump up the necessary.
  21. Correct, but my 2 questions are: 1. Why only O-A and not O/ extensions based on retirement? 2. How long before all people on all long stay visas have to have health insurance? As stated before, an easier way would be to charge everyone 500 Baht on arrival for health insurance, then all tourists and expats would be covered and there would even be enough left over to recoup the money hospitals have lost because of non paying expat and tourist patients
  22. "- money for emergencies and return of the dead." I know Thais are very superstitious but I didnt know they believed in zombies!
  23. and wonder how many notes they received like the sea urchins were under threat from anything else except being the next meal at there condo
  24. I suspect it won’t be long before someone decides that people only needing insurance for the first year but not for unlimited extensions is a loophole that will need to be closed.
  25. Speed limit is 120 in the UK, 130 many other places, but people still buy 260 kph bikes. If the above was true we would all be limited to a CRF250, which is a motorcycle i would not want to do serious mileage on tarmac roads on. Or even worse an M Slaz. So what about Ready To Race Orange bikes then? A 1290 KTM with 160 bhp and a cool mil odd Baht? The Tenere looks like a sensible option, especially for electronics technophobes like myself. Here's my fave colour scheme. Only the old Speedblocks/ Kenny Roberts Yellow/Black would better it. Que?
  26. You're right, it is my opinion but it is not just my opinion, it is based on personal experience on more than one occasion. The trolling on this thread is not coming from me.
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