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  2. No I did not miss that but I don’t think that’s the issue Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Penis reduction surgery perhaps your only option
  4. Never tried it, but sounds good. I only have my English underwear which is far too hot for Isaan.
  5. Keep moving sometime needed but it's still worth a 15 minute stop at a service centre or whatever, quick meal, coffee, snack stretch your legs, it does help a lot to refresh yourself and avoid sleeping at the wheel. Be safe.
  6. Are there any Indian Restaurants in CR, or are there any outlets that would deliver frozen. I was told there is a supplier in CM that will send but have no contact info. Looking for Garlic Naan - Samosas - Paratha, if I could find a restaurant I would have them supply a batch that a could freeze.
  7. Majority have 800k and THEN 400k all year exactly the same as O-A insurance coverage. Did you miss that?
  8. Silk underwear is cool and will provide a bit more modesty perhaps.
  9. Thank you for your advice, greatly appreciated
  10. Why? Do you need a bit more info or just a bit more time to fuel your building moral outrage?
  11. You can repeat Papadopoulos claim ad nauseum, it will not make it more credible. Downer had already completed a bright career and had nothing to win with making fake testimonies. It is simply ridiculous. It takes only 5 minutes to check his career on wikipedia.
  12. Well. stop sticking a tennis ball in your y-fronts then!
  13. Are you just looking for some place to do the injections? Medconsult Clinic in Soi 49 will inject for 200 Baht if you bring your own medicine.
  14. It is NOT deflection but a simple suggestion. Of course if you do not know how to use google search function, you can always say so and ask for assistance
  15. Sorry, I disagree. I do agree he has limited range. But he was great in all of the Rocky films, and he was great in all of the Rambo films. Nobody is saying he is a classically trained actor, and sure, you have to like his style. I guess being an ex New Yorker, I relate to his street style! Personally, I have always liked his acting, and many of his films.
  16. Well they say, size matters. So she might be right. She doesn't want the guys in town to get jalous. [emoji13] Gesendet von meinem SM-N950F mit Tapatalk
  17. I still feel they are making the change in steps and Step 1 is to require insurance for O-A visas at their gateways (consulates in home countries). Step 2 would be to require insurance when applying for extensions of stay in Thailand. It would be absolute pandemonium if they did this all at once and I think they will have to give those on extension of stay more notice than a month or two. I am not a scaremonger , just expressing a common sense opinion.
  18. Thanks for all the replies, In my passport I had no glasses, what is best for visa photos with or without spectacles?
  19. I wear very large, loose shorts as it is!
  20. Try switching from lycra to oversized cargo shorts No need to pull them up to your rib cage unless your 70+
  21. She probably just holds a grudge against you because yours is bigger than "hers"
  22. Pattaya has a council??...I just thought they found all thier silly ideas on google...
  23. That means it's dead. Such a shame. I wonder if Thailand has a coral gardening program? I also see on youtube the videos of Koh Tao coral bleaching. Let's hope action is taken swiftly to halt the bleaching of further coral reefs.
  24. I have nothing to do with/at immigration Gesendet von iPhone mit Thaivisa Connect
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