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  2. Hi guys. I'm back from Hanoi and would like to share my experiences. In my opinion, Hanoi is a great place to apply for a Non-Ed visa. Very few people go there, so there's no long queuing up. The officers are very nice. Of course, your paperwork must be in order. This has been my 1st ED visa application and that's what I needed as (copied from HCM consulate website as Hanoi's shows nothing basically): Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months Visa application form completely filled out Recent (4 x 6 cm.) photograph of the applicant Recommendation letter addressed to the Consulate Letter of acceptance from the concerned academic institute/organisation For those wishing to study in a Private institution, an official letter from the Ministry of Education of Thailand, or other sub-authorities concerned, approving the enrollment of foreign students and a copy of registration certificate of the concerned academic institute are required. Foreigners who obtain a non-immigrant visa must possess money or payable document equivalent to not less than Bath 20,000 for a single person and Baht 40,000 for a family. They require a bank statement (last month's is enough) to show proof that one has the funds to support themselves during there studies. Visa fees are payable in USD, e.g. 80 USD for a single-entry Non-ED visa. I didn't' see any requirement for police check from Thailand or applicant's home country but I attached one anyway. Please note that they don't issue Non-O visas to follow spouse (dependent visa) for private education courses. Higher education programmes would probably qualify. The officer said that dependent visas are issued on a case by case basis.
  3. The 100 baht tax on tourists is to pay for - the repatriation of people who die while on holiday ... from flying signs.
  4. Agreed, this is another bomb detector farce. The Thais are too corrupt to buy anything that actually works, and if they did accidentally get something that worked, their staff would be too stupid to operate it.
  5. There's already an exit tax. Years back you had to pay it in cash at the airport. Now they hide it and get the airlines to collect it but it's still there. It was 500 Baht when you paid cash at the tax counter before going through immigration.
  6. Buy her 1000 rubber bands for her next birthday, she will be suitably impressed
  7. I would have agreed with that before the 100 baht insurance /each visitor. Don't think it's coincidental both this and OA clarification are simultaneous .
  8. Which bit? all looks great to me Instantly a great sovereign nation again - World’s 5th largest economy Control of borders – no more freedom of movement into UK, wages will rise Laws made in Parliament again, by elected MPs, in British interests – not imposed Money No more multi-billion annual payments to subsidise EU countries No £40bn+ divorce payment – Money saved can be spent in the UK Food and clothing imports without punitive EU tariffs – everyday costs will be slashed VAT cut on many products, putting pounds in people’s pockets, boosting the economy And more Able to trade freely and fairly with the fastest-growing countries around the world Northern Ireland – No hard border is needed and none of the parties want one Our farms and waters will be under UK control again, our fishing fleet can rebuild Our UK armed forces will be free of EU command structures and directed by UK needs
  9. It would be great to see a couple of retractions/I was wrong statements. There was lots of speculation and opinion either way, only applies to OA or its for all visa/extension. 3-4 posters were adamant that it was for all visa's and all extensions, and were pushing that narrative. a lot of scaremongering and angst for nothing, they appear to be very quiet now.
  10. Doctors warn of ‘reefer madness’ as people react badly to cannabis medicines By THE NATION WEEKEND MANY PEOPLE have sought emergency treatment after developing side effects from using marijuana-based medicines, Dr Somsak Akhasilp, director-general of the Department of Medical Services, said on Friday after warning people to beware of the false belief that cannabis can treat any ailment. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102672-doctors-warn-of-‘reefer-madness’-as-people-react-badly-to-cannabis-medicines/
  11. Whilst it is true that the embassy is limited by ministerial regulation as far as the actual assistance they can provide (which in itself shows just what our government thinks of expats) I'm afraid that the customer-facing (at the prices they charge we are definitely "customers") staff come across are rude and arrogant, evidently insufficient (no) training in dealing with the general public. By far the most friendly, helpful and efficient staff members are the security chaps on the gate.
  12. Kenny, I'm not a single dad but I can answer a few questions for you .... Australia is expensive, try buying any item for the household or groceries or electricity or rent any accomodation. Thailand is still way cheaper and easier to get anything done. You will be entitled to newstart allowance which you will receive with rent assistance and child allowance. ( but don't for a second think this will be any substantial amount ) ... you will be living like a porper, very frugalent and watching every cent ... basically you will be living fortnight to fortnight on budget meals etc ... Being over 50 doesn't mean you don't have to look for work, you will still have to contact ( I think it's 10 or 20 employers a fortnight ) Your superannuation is taken into consideration, however .. in your case I doubt this will affect your benefit, however if you have money in the bank ... they will expect you to survive on that first. good luck, but I would think carefully before contemplating such a move. Is going from hot to hell worth it ??
  13. Doctors warn of ‘reefer madness’ as people react badly to cannabis medicines By THE NATION WEEKEND MANY PEOPLE have sought emergency treatment after developing side effects from using marijuana-based medicines, Dr Somsak Akhasilp, director-general of the Department of Medical Services, said on Friday after warning people to beware of the false belief that cannabis can treat any ailment. “Marijuana can only be used for four illnesses, namely epilepsy among children, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, and neuralgia after other medications have failed – and this can only be done under a doctor’s watch. The use of marijuana for other illnesses is still being researched. People cannot simply apply it, as it might negatively react to their current medication,” he warned, adding that cannabidiol (CBD oil) must be from credible and legal sources to ensure a good standard of extraction. He cited Bangkok’s Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital, which in the past 45 days had seen seven people aged 20 to 60 seeking emergency treatment for symptoms like vomiting, nausea and vertigo after placing a few drops of CBD oil under their tongue or smoking weed to treat their pre-existing conditions. The patients included a man in his 20s, who used CBD oil to treat his stomach ache and began vomiting, a 35-year-old woman who used CBD oil to treat high-blood pressure and was hit with nausea and vertigo; and a weed smoker who developed stomach ache and nausea. There was also a 60-year-old monk who applied CBD oil for muscle pain but developed vertigo and partial paralysis; a 45-year-old man with a history of heart disease and high-blood pressure who developed nausea and vertigo the morning after using CBD oil; a bed-ridden cancer patient, 75, who passed out after consuming CBD oil and had to be treated in hospital for two days; and a woman in her late 30s who used CBD oil to treat anxiety and began vomiting. “There is no system to monitor the side effects of marijuana-based medicines, so I want major hospitals to gather data to see if there has been an increase in such cases,” he said, noting that his own inquiry at some emergency wards showed the cases were rising. Most of the patients had been made to believe by younger relatives or friends that marijuana can treat any ailment. Dr Teerawat Hemajutha, head of the Information Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine, said the marijuana-based medical treatments must be brought into the system by the end of this year. Misuse can cause fatal side effects, as well as result in dangerous interaction with the patients’ current medication. A 28-year-old man recounted his own experience, in which he placed 30 drops of CBD oil instead of following the doctor’s advice to treat insomnia by taking no more than two drops at a time. His overdosing ended in him developing hallucinations, vertigo and seizures. “Everything was spinning, I saw my child as a skeleton and my wife in double vision,” he recalled, adding he was certain it was the CBD oil because he had never used it before. He added that drinking alcohol or smoking weed years ago had not had such effects. “It was a horrific experience. I won’t use it again like this, I’ve learnt my lesson,” he said. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30369955 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-05-25 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  14. 'the repatriation of people who die while on holiday.' Given Thailand's safety record on the roads; in boats; at railway crossings; in elevators; on balconies; police cells ...... 3.8 billion won't cover it.
  15. "Stay at home europhiles" seems like an oxymoron to me. Surely Europhilia is all about freedom of movement, whereas Euroscepticism implies raising the drawbridge and filling the moat. Certainly all the 'proper' expats, as you call them, of my acquaintance are staunch Remainers.
  16. The bokeh designates in photography a background soft focus to detach the subject from its environment. it depends greatly on the architecture of the iris (number and shape of the petals), the content of the background and to a lesser extent the geometric quality of the lenses.
  17. Off topic posts and replies have been removed. The topic is not about the demographics of expats in Thailand.
  18. Aussie dollar has dropped 33%, guess they're leaving the EU too.
  19. “There were voices down the corridor, I thought I heard them say.... Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place..............”
  20. Didn't realise it was an old thread, still hope everything worked out Ok for him.
  21. Europe united under German rule sounds like the EU to me, explain why you excluded Hitler?.
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