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  2. Do keep us updated on this "project" super interesting to me & a few others im sure
  3. It IS humour. That's why a lot of posts were liked. The birds were burnt alive, but there's no changing that. Might as well make some jokes about it. They're birds, not humans.
  4. Do you really believe that this is a common scenario? Illegal work is typically not paying a lot (except for those who run their criminal empire in or from Thailand and can easily afford Thai Elite), so that trip back home for a METV comes at quite a cost. Many embassies and consulates also ask for proof of employment.
  5. yeah think they are available in most shops......good idea...
  6. Joining either camps is a no win for neither of them. however getting either camp to join them makes it win win for all, besides PPP
  7. When the govt ask me to do something I tell them to stick it up their arse
  8. Althpouigh the article has exp;ressed what is rerally happening, one cannot but help feel very sad for the Mr and Mrs Average Thai who see bills rise, lack of any democracy and constant reminders that this and that cannot be talked about . Army and in some cases the Police ( who were supposed to be reformed ) running riot stepping of the Rights of the people . Good honest people poorly served.
  9. It's blatantly obvious who the worst criminals are and they aren't foreign!
  10. The areas probably needed cleaned but I think it was mostly for show--picking prominent areas like the tunnel.
  11. where do you wathc have i got news for you?
  12. Let's see: there's the proposed Trump Tower in Moscow; the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Don, Jr., the Russian lawyer (Veselnitskaya), et al.; and I am sure other events can be included. On top of that is Trump's infamous Helsinki presser when he sided with Putin against his own intelligence community in front of the world, the private meeting(s) with Putin without any other Americans, that meeting in (of all places) the Oval Office with a smiling Trump with his buddies, Kislyak and Lavrov, and ad nauseam. Meanwhile, Trump's attorneys had to stand in front of a court and argue that Congress was merely hoping to "stumble upon something" as if no one is following the news. The Trump lawyers must be getting paid very well to say all of that with serious looks on their faces. I'd ask for an extra fee, if I were them. Mr. Strawbridge may be up for an Academy Award for having the gumption to make that argument. No kidding!! The whole affair is farcical and a waste of the Court's time. If it wasn't real, it would be funny. All that is missing is a "friend of the court" brief on Trump's behalf by the Russians. (There wasn't one, right?) Just to put a cherry on top, the president then said that he lost the case because the judge was an "Obama-appointed judge." The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, a George W. Bush (Republican) nominee, has already scolded Trump (or as close as he could as a chief justice) by saying, among other things: "That [an] independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/21/us/politics/trump-chief-justice-roberts-rebuke.html Yes, Trump lacks, if he has any, respect for the institutions of law in the USA. It is obvious his apparently nefarious business dealings are more important than his role as president.
  13. Ok point taken but... Pattaya has its own "set of outflows" one is right at the entrance to "Walking Street" which is North of where the photo of the Triathlon swimmers was taken. There is also one (that recently made news) at the north end of Pattaya bay and probably others all along the bay.
  14. Try this one: https://burirambuildersmerchants.com/ If it's not there it does not exist in Buriram....
  15. I believe paper calendars are still available.
  16. It appears both have come up with a plan to hold top jobs. they form one and then invite others to join, meaning they hold top jobs. not a bad idea, this way could also possibly work with PTP, no key positions . both get to save face and not go against their policies and principles. lets see how it plans out
  17. I think you're dead wrong on who might receive the "royal transference of power". I think he's trying to hold out to the end of a second term so that he can royally transfer power to son Barron when he turns 18 in 2024. Remember, with DJT, qualifications for the job mean diddly-squat.
  18. Same goes for drivers of motorized vehicles on the roads.
  19. do you go to the TOILET first thing when you get up......then put a big big sign on toilet or mirror in bathroom, reminding you when you have to sign in. You can sign in 5-7 days before your actual date.......!!!!
  20. You TV posters attempts at humor are pathetic. 200 trapped birds were burned alive & your making lame ass jokes that aren't even funny. I hope karma pays you a very unpleasant visit.
  21. void story. any citizen with Indian roots can apply for an OCI card (which looks like a passport) and is valid for life.
  22. Read between the lines "money for the boys" middlemen schemes.
  23. Pro: PP nightlife is budget friendly. Some amazing ladies if you look around. Local transport is good value. Friendly locals. (Had one store owner take me on his motorbike to another store to get what I wanted, diet Coke, then dropped me at my hotel.) Real hamburgers (not fast food) are way better and easier to find. Visa requirements easier to live with. There are casinos if you feel lucky. Con: got a fake $100 bill out of an ATM. Nothing could be done about it as it was spotted days later. Rents seem to be a bit higher for less quality. Convenience stores not nearly as convenient to find. Fewer Western goods on offer at markets. Massage a bit more pricey and good massage a bit harder to find. Though some nice neighborhoods and many good coffee houses, it is third world. If you like go-go, you are out of luck.
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