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  2. If Israel did the right thing and left the occupied territories for real ( not a pretend evacuation like in Gaza ) and the Palestinians had their own state, they might not feel the need to fire rockets at their tormenters. Making peace does work, as the British found when they started really talking to the IRA. Sadly, the Israelis apparently don't want peace, as they keep building settlements on illegally occupied territory in violation of all international treaties.
  3. In that case, are you also going to kiss his feet for creating all the beauty in the world?
  4. Both wrong. In fact they're ten years younger
  5. You seem to have a problem with the people of the U.K. exercising their democratic right to peacefully protest. You also seem to have missed the demonstrations with a million plus attendees demonstrating against the UK Government’s current course of action re Brexit. (Admittedly you probably spotted the 10,000 pro-Brexit demonstrators while ignoring the 1,000,000 pro-Remain demonstrators). Peaceful, democratic protest is alive and well in the U.K. Those who protest are not losers, they are participating in democracy.
  6. I'll ask around my car thief friends. As mad as it sounds, I'd be happy with that if it was going to save this recurring.
  7. Desperately searching article by article. In the end a 44 must help. What a farce.
  8. It's so obviously a political stunt that anyone with integrity would reject the demand, IMO. Hopefully the courts will back him. Why would courts back him? Is there some clause written into the law that makes exceptions for "political stunts", or are you hoping that the judge(s) will legislate from the bench?
  9. Are they ten years older? Damn, beat me to it.
  10. @Snackbar now I understand (and I am in agreement) Don't forget your single-pole RCBOs (not just RCD) are 1,500 each, and you need one per circuit you want to protect. Absolutely the best solution but they can be a real pain to get working if you have an existing system with zillions of borrowed neutrals A single front-end RCBO (or RCD added to the existing MCB) is also a solution if you have room in your board to install it. The Safe-T-Cut (expensive) has the advantage that it's a simple to install box, no mucking about with the existing wiring (apart from removing the MEN link in the board if one exists). A good halfway-house which is popular in the UK, would be a split or dual-RCD board. Split the circuits between two RCDs so if you have a failure you only lose half the supply.
  11. Big fines. Then the money should go into the maintenance fund of the jurisdiction.
  12. I was not in Bangkok in May 2010; I had to go but it was not done; can be very happily, it allowed me not to be part of officially more than 91 dead but in reality more than 700 ... By cons I went to Bangkok in April 2014 when the "yellow" blocked the historic part of the Thai capital; some photos are very explicit.
  13. I'm pretty sure it is full 63amp double pole (both L and N) breaker. The other breakers in your box are just single pole (L only).
  14. i love it when you have to go back thousands of years to find a valid argument. here's news from last week: exterminate all the Jews, obliterate Israel.
  15. Since when can a Juristic Person arrest and charge anyone with anything?
  16. OK, name 50 everyday family consumer items and 50 food items that are cheaper in the UK than Thailand, from your experience and prove the ref. I stated in post #4 is not accurate, so we can all benefit from this news.
  17. Ive had no problems with my 6 year old at Napa.
  18. I'm already on the single rate now, after all, I'm single, so not clear on how that works.
  19. I loved Georgetown and lived there for a while... Malaysia is easy with border runs. Frasiers Hill. I lived all over the northern mountain areas. Loved it. I even liked Cambodia, of course I had a pickup I drove in both Malaysia and Cambodia. Vietnam is another ok place, personally I am sick of the Asian mind set. So I am heading to Mexico in 2 weeks.
  20. January 2008. First trip to Thailand, and went to Udon Thani (Because i had spoken to a girl from there on the internet). Arrived via train in the early morning, went for a walk, found a beautiful park, later found a fishing lake, fishing by 3 p.m. By that evening already knew i had found home. Never did meet the girl, but she was soon replaced. Was offered a cracking waitress as a long term partner by a hotel/restaurant manager by day three - should have said yes, but was honest and said couldn't commit yet. Never mind, another girl asked to stay with me later that day! Made some good friends in my 9 days there, and met my wife to be on my last full day there (although i didn't realise it, as just running a small fishing park, who i told 'enjoyed my day's fishing, and i will be back'.) She took that literally and prepared for my return ........ 2008 and 2009 .... golden years.
  21. Yep. I remember a question ( on another forum ) from a guy from USA asking if he needed a passport to visit Vietnam because the USA won the war there.
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