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  2. read it..a few posters were arguing about "on" in threads and basing everything on each wording in English, when everything has been translated from Thai to English by someone who wants to generate clicks from their "news".
  3. Thanks for the tip mate. I didn't know it was that easy, will give it a try for sure. I think I'll name my first batch Danson's Creek in you honour.
  4. thanks. Once in a while I will PM so as not to distract too much from original post. My PSA has been 2 or under for years. I almost never take antibiotics, but many years ago did take cipro for a stomach issue. It worked. I have been trying to get over a slight stomach problem now naturally, but given the circumstances think I will take cipro tomorrow. At the least, it can solve that problem. Will see the Dr mentioned here next week at which time I can ask his opinion on going a full month. If I am as lucky as you it just might clear up the BPH. I doubt if the DR will think its a great idea but if I have no bad side effects I want to do it. I will not get a biopsy, thats for sure since my symptoms are not extreme. I will listen to what Wittarat says as TracyB portrays him as patient and informative. FWIW... cipro was also shown in studies to reach the prostate and be effective. (same class as Levofloxacine)
  5. So, Jomtien is the only office who is checking bankbook after 90-day? CW is not doing any checks. We would know the situation next year during renewal. If I get an agent, I bet in Jomtien also they don't check bank book. Can someone verify that Jomtien does not check for agent submitted application.
  6. Despicable and shameful! This woman is going to sully Thailand's international reputation as a bastion of purity and chastity.
  7. I'll even pay 100 baht for a beer when at some establishments *though the 7-11 Tapper lager at 6.5% is a better deal. There is a good coffee place called 94 coffee, Thai owned company, in Bangkok at the Homepro on Rama III. (may be others) 90 baht for a Macchiato. If in the mood for a real treat try an Affogato for 90 baht! (vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over the top) It does seem strange that I pay more for coffee and beer than a decent meal at times 55
  8. You have asked many times and you got answered many times , mybe no one bothers to answer you now , because they , like me , are tired of writing the same thing over and over again in reply
  9. CHANG .... but no more beer Dr. orders kind of... too much fluid intake for an old geezer so switched up to Hong Tong on ice.. couple 2 or 3 and all is good.
  10. i work for 7-11 and i'm in heaven!!!!! i also sell face masks and own a private hospital. these farangs watched the wrong youtube video!!!! yea, tuk tuk, smoke, food might jack up your stomach, scams, heat, more walking, death roads, somethings very expensive, maybe aids, expensive beer, and nobody really cares about you. only your money. i can see how some are not thrilled.
  11. Kadilo


    I think he’s eggagerating
  12. I get that and appreciate it. So in your position, older guys who been here for years want to stay without problems, why "rock the boat"?? dont make sense if you want to stay long time without problems. Actually I wonder why oldies are not encouraging other new farangs to just shut up about the BS they read and pass it on? Thais will not listen to us, but surely if we complain to much they will notice. If youve kept your eyes open for years you should notice that Thai news and media been making Thai people believe ALL farangnare "mai-dee"... and it shows if you compare the way we are teated now even on the street! But really every country pollies does this to make a demon out of foriegners anf score points with voters! By complaining about things and to attack certain individuals online just plays right into their hands!
  13. This is an English language forum. Please speak English.
  14. OP, Try the hardware volume control (not window software volume) on the keyboard Fn key and a Fkey, usually Fn and F10 or F11,F12 etc. A new keyboard it may be muted or on low volume as default after being changed..
  15. https://www.sanook.com/news/7780666/ That guy was really moving!
  16. Is it correct that if you use a visa agent, you do not have to have money in the bank? They arrange this for you? This could be your plan A.1
  17. Croc of BS.... perhaps of a market idea to cut any competition I didn’t inhale.... I didnt have sex with that lady....
  18. Who makes stories like that? Does Tim Newton think he will make money with this? Or does he think he will educate all the people who don't know what's going on. Maybe he should open a YouTube channel and become an influencer or something like that. Good luck!
  19. Point 2 the container may have been loaded in Bangkok not Hong Kong assuming it was due to be unloaded it could have come from one of many dozens of ports and not Hong Kong at all. These ships don't move cargo from port a to port b they load and unload all over the place
  20. How these people enter illegally in Thailand? Land border obviously. But is the land border very porous?
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