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  2. I disagree, most people aren't all that adventurous and tend to stay where they were brought up or went to high-school/University. Even if it's not that great a place.
  3. And they WILL execute, Nast to by machine gun. Read one report where a dude shit his pants on the way to the Gun so they stripped him and hosed him down and then carried out the deed
  4. Leaving the question of why he was travelling on a fake passport with a serious wad of cash to one side, and coming back to the issue of facial recognition systems. Scoring 16%, 16%, 0% and obviously looking nothing like the dark looking fella on the far right of the picture, so another probable 0%, does this mean that he has lost face? Something I thought anathema in this part of the world. I wonder how that system would handle dealing with my passport photo and me in real time, after a serious night or weekend on the piss?
  5. You better never complain about “unelected” EU politicians again. Seems like your very own PM is “unelected”.
  6. Books are balanced mate. 2nd highest turnover in the league, no debt
  7. You may have to create a serious accident for those wheels but worth it IMO
  8. Gabba wont help unless he is in pain or having seizures. It doesn't stop tremors or muscle weakness. Why isnt he not being treated in hospital asap?
  9. I got my eyes on a new BMW M2 Competition, nothing fancy, just a simple econobox for around town
  10. A Filipino man has gone viral on social media after posting pictures showing how he slept for seven hours in a pool. It all started during a family vacation when the man, Seth Gabriel Ricafort, decided to sleep in the pool because there was no space inside the room they rented at the King Leonard Island Resort in Bocaue, Bulacan province, Philippines. He also added that the room was too cold for him, Ricafort told Coconuts Manila. “We’re on a family outing and there was no space on the bed, so my drunk cousin put on his trunks and said ‘I will just sleep in the swimming pool,’” his cousin, Iris Vicencio, the netizen who made the post online said in a mix of English and Tagalog. “I thought it was just a joke, [but] <deleted> he was serious.” When she heard that, Vicencio thought that her cousin was just playing a joke on her or a prank, but when her sister went outside, she was shocked to find out that Ricafort was still sleeping in the pool with green inflatables wrapped around him. However, it was important for Vicencio to remind everyone to never try this. “It should go without saying that no one should do this too. We didn’t stop my cousin because he’s a really smart guy and always knows what he’s doing, plus he had his friends around him the whole time awake from 1AM – 5AM, he’s safe and alive,” she wrote in her follow up tweet. Full article
  11. PM me I'll pay you for the bike. Send it to me via your nearest post office and I will pay on the receipt of the bike at my post office, I need something to fix.
  12. A Chinese man in Singapore has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for slashing his housemate with a knife after he refused to drink wine with him. Housemates Li Yubao, 31, and Zhao Dong, 41, were having dinner when they got into an argument, AsiaOne reports. Li, then a machine operator, has taken out a bottle of white wine and was trying to convince Zhao, a Chinese driver, to drink some when things got out oh hand. Zhao, who thought he had consumed enough liquor for the night, declined Li’s offer. The men eventually got into a scuffle after Li kept insisting for Zhao to drink more. Li reportedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and aimed for Zhao’s face. Zhao shielded himself with his left arm and was slashed. Zhao was immediately brought by another housemate to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital while Li stayed behind the apartment. According to the medical report, the cut was so deep that it left tendons underneath his arms exposed and a section of Zhao’s muscles were 50% torn. He had to undergo surgery and was given 12 days’ hospitalization leave. The slashing incident, which happened at around 10 p.m. on January 29, resulted in Li being sentenced to a 10-month jail term on Wednesday. Court documents revealed that the two men had been sharing an apartment with several others in western Singapore for about a month. Zhao reportedly did not immediately report the incident to authorities because he didn’t want to jeopardize Li’s career in Singapore. Full article
  13. So go fund me is officially dead now? I guess one could still use it for a new car when they know they can walk away after 100 baht in the ticket
  14. Emma, an adorable and perfectly healthy Shi-Tzu was recently put down, because its owner put it in her will that she wanted to be buried with her beloved pet when she died. On March 8, shortly after her owner passed away, Emma was brought to the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter in Chesterfield, Virginia, where she remained for the next two weeks. Staff there were informed about the dog’s fate, so they kept trying to convince the deceased woman’s estate to sign Emma over, so she could be adopted by another family. The shelter repeatedly told representatives of the estate that they could easily find a home for her, but they declined every time. They did the same on March 22, when an executor came to pick up Emma to have her put down, but there was no convincing him. The adorable Shi-Tzu was taken to a local veterinarian where she was euthanized. She was then taken to a cremation center in Richmond and her ashes were placed in an urn that was buried with the remains of the late dog’s owner to fulfill the request expressed in her will. “We did suggest they could sign the dog over on numerous occasions, because it’s a dog we could easily find a home for and re-home,” Carrie Jones, the manager of Chesterfield Animal Services in Virginia, told the Associated Press. “Ultimately, they came back in on 22 March and redeemed the dog.” In some US states, pets are considered personal property, which makes it perfectly legal for vets to put them down, if the owner so wishes, even after their death. Not all states allow pets to be buried with their owners, but in some, like Virginia, it’s still common practice. “This is an example of a completely needless killing of a healthy dog. Emma could still be around, living a happy life, bonding with a family,” Amanda Howell, staff attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, told CBS News. “Moving away from treating animals like property is a really big step for ensuring these types of provisions in wills are not enforced.” Howell added that both the executor and the veterinarian made a mistake in this case, saying that instead of blindly following the wish expressed by the owner in her will, they could have gone to a judge for guidance. Many judges refuse to enforce such provisions, even in states where the practice of having pets buried with their owners is legal. Cases in which families opt to have a late loved one’s pet put down when they are too old or too sick to be re-located with a new family are pretty common, but as one funeral services business owner told NBC, Emma was friendly and perfectly healthy. Full article
  15. There is a pervasive paranoia among a large segment of expats who frequently post on this part of the TV forum. I'm not paranoid and all those people watching me know that.
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