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  2. Whoooooo sweet ! I love women with long hair !
  3. Tm30 not working or why didn't they arrest him immediately?
  4. Never catch their own wanted on Interpol
  5. Thank you very much for write this. Feel the same as you do.
  6. Twitching i doubt...fed up with a former has been super power still thinking it has clout in the world is about all...a handful of meaningless trade deals not worth the paper they were written on in 3 years tells its own story...a piece of cake and win win win was the lies the bulldogs believed...l see british steel and 5000 jobs are ready to go....how ironic
  7. “He’s lied his way through life, he’s lied his way through politics, he’s a huckster with a degree of charm to which I am immune. As well as being mendacious he’s incompetent.” Chris Patten on Boris Johnson https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-21/tory-grandee-patten-calls-johnson-mendacious-and-incompetent
  8. Coke zero and sprite zero work fine with keto diet, doesn't make you fat. I would question every doctor that tells me different...
  9. Silly question, in my experience, everyone in this country is right, no one is ever wrong.
  10. "Thailand also offers access to excellent health care, provided at world-class private hospitals by internationally trained doctors. But you need to be able to afford it." As is obvious from another post on TV where at one of these "world class private hospitals" someone was charged 30,000 baht for diarrhoea! And that is by no means an isolated incident - these hospital scams are a regular occurrence and seem to target the walking (or stretcher borne) ATMS that are called "farangs" in this country.
  11. Open a case at the consumer protection board. They will solve it for free. http://www.ocpb.go.th/ocpb_eng/main.php?filename=index___EN
  12. Chinese fugitive arrested at Suvarnabhumi By The Nation A Chinese fugitive wanted on an Interpol red notice has been arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport, acting Immigration Police chief Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang said. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1102157-chinese-fugitive-arrested-at-suvarnabhumi/
  13. I suppose one could get the bank book update done in a cash machine outside the bank, but imagine if the machine didn't give the book back! I always made sure my appointment was after the bank opened. (maximum One day previous to date of visa application) Bit hard to do on a Monday, unless able to get it done at a shopping mall that had your bank open on a weekend. IMO bureaucracy gone mad. If one has a bank book updated within the past week, and no withdrawals, surely one could assume the money was still in it, and even if not, what difference does a day or two make? However, it all fits in with making the process as unfriendly and difficult as possible to complete. Every year I went they introduced some unannounced and unwritten new regulation to make it more frustrating. In the end I just bit the bullet and paid an agent.
  14. Concluding then, on how the world is running for thousands of years, god is a sadist. To the story in the bible, it shows it is a chest game between him and an fallen angel, the devil. IF he cant win then wipes the board (did once) and start over, as the story goes with Noah. I cant give it any other name, its a game and he is a sadist. Seems he likes the game now running as it is. Of course a believer tells , we have our own free mind to do what ever we want.god gave us free will. WIth all free wills running, we see domination and cruelty all over the world for thousands of years and as with more people on earth, we see lots of Napoleons, hitlers or whatever and thats ok with god. OUr so called leaders are with god, so also sadistic. They swear god almighty to help them. SO suppression and domination is gods will. We had the crusaders and with the believe, help, support in/of god, they were the power and slashed the infidelities in Israel to regain the holy land. Yha right, slashing people who had other religion with also a god. I will not mention any more situations in which millions of people were killed in name of god? No , personal gain of leaders, who are with god. In the name of god, we conquered America and killed its people, we had slaves from Africa, Asia. Robbed everything they had and left them out to die. Oh no, of course it was our own free will !! But every time , they are screaming : In the name of god ! The scrolls are stories from the past, maybe a fiction writer. The writers might think , thats nice material for later to make movies. We created religions by that and movies. There are lot of scrolls not implemented in the bible, those are secret. Probably would disturb god religions. The bible is just a story from one particular species, the jews. However they have their own bible and jesus is not the son of god. We humans get clever more and more, but we will never evolve to something else as thinking me me and me. And otherwise i kill you, in the name of ....god.
  15. Clearly the BMW driver is in the wrong. More embarrassingly though he is simply a very very poor driver. Making a mistake is one thing but an inability to perform simple tasks like driving a car that nearly drives itself is pathetic.
  16. Chinese fugitive arrested at Suvarnabhumi By The Nation A Chinese fugitive wanted on an Interpol red notice has been arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport, acting Immigration Police chief Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang said. Lu Dayang, 48, was arrested on Sunday while trying to fly to Macao. Sompong said the Chinese Embassy informed his staff that Lu was wanted for allegedly smuggling illegal goods into China. He said Lu entered Thailand on May 8 on a 15-day tourist visa. The bureau revoked his visa on May 17 and identified his return flight. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30369811 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-05-22 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  17. Sonthaew, city and gouvernement maffia against free market. Big problem for Thai.
  18. There is no minimum amount to time you have to stay here other than being here long enough to do a application for a new extension. Just be sure you get a re-entry permit before leaving.
  19. Really? Shall try to get a copy of it. Thank you for the info.
  20. Interesting that Bank's business deals are described as less than transparent but he has deep connections with Russia. Farage allegedly received GBP 450,000 from him. For what exactly. Now which country in Europe would benefit from a weakened EU and a weakened UK, the latter possibly becoming militarily incapable under a very left wing future government and facing a real possibility of breaking up? Any guesses? Clue: Vlad likes the vodka!
  21. Thank you ubonjoe for the PDF file. Yes I can show 5 months at 65,000, basically since the news broke.
  22. So provided I then apply for a 1 year extension before the 90 day runs out all will be good. Can I change to retirement at this point?
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