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  2. Fake spontaneity. His actions were scripted. How can you tell? Fox was tipped off -- while all the other entities covering this had to scramble to cover his "walking out," they were all set up waiting for him. If there is one person who knows and understands fake news... Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Apprentice President: "I ain't gotta show you no stinkin' tax returns!"
  3. Why the bitterness towards Brexiteers?? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Yes and they will be able to prove it by dated pictures of where he was in respect to all of this which will have full range to hang him. Same as they hung the CM candidate who gave a couple thousand baht to a temple for merit, but they said was otherwise. If they want him or anyone bad enough, they will get them. But what is totally wrenching is that they - the Junta are totally shielded untouchables but they have created so much more foul more than all of the candidates and groups combined.
  5. Change their thinking... why dump excess milk, make cheese or other products?
  6. It is good to just take a rice mat, a cooler of refreshments and sit right on the beach. Never know if it will be raining which is always a problem.
  7. We must have read a different article as the one I read mentions the owner was in getting a coffee when the bowser boy came to tell her the car was on fire.
  8. Did you really sit and type that stupid reply? Really! 100 years? Then you should get 250 years for being so stupid
  9. Imo..terreeesa the appeeesa P45 will be given to her before the end of this week[emoji2][emoji2][emoji2] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Being completely irresponsible just pays so much better in Thai politics. We can just hope for a Disney ending to the silliness of the last five years. Sadly, cha cha and his band of trolls and goons will probably not leave anytime soon, unless the people demand it.
  11. Yes, growing up in the USA we were told "anyone can become president" . Now that this slick businessman, salesman, bullshitter got in, many is pissed off. I reported to unqualified state and federal government employees most of my working life. It unnerves me that they are living off pensions payed by taxpayers like me simply for being able to keep their jobs for 20 years. Once you are in the government - very hard to be fired...this is a major problem in the USA in my opinion, and always too much bureaucracy ,all payed for by the private sector taxpayers. Trump may not be reelected, but doubt he can be impeached as 2/3 majority of Senate in needed.
  12. Without getting involved emotionally, fact is, the Chatree mine issue has not and will not stop other foreign companies from investing into Thailand nor has the issue related to Hopewell Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System. Also, Thailand is still the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.
  13. Thanks. I will read up on it. I am almost 70 and only take ONE medication which is for high eye pressure. Unfortunately no way around that. Rarely, rarely have anything I can not fix without drugs.... But they are great when all else fails. I just don't want to be a daily user until necessary.. HERE is my latest "discovery" . My stomach was not right, on and off. I think many can relate. My friend takes a pill every day for acid reflux. A few days ago I came across a recommendation to drink baking soda with water. Discomfort gone ! anyone interested should read about it...
  14. Last update. Bangkok Hospital Samui finally sorted it. The interventionist and co flew out to Samui from Phuket (Bangkok Hospital Phuket) and did his stuff. All good now (apart for a wasted trip to Bangkok).
  15. Hardly as I retired at 52 but that is not the point........ Look as I said before I have no numbers to jiggle I have said these are "what if's" but the numbers are factual I was not even fully "break even" comparing with you because if I was even at 74.5 your not even as Mr 1809 a month was still getting another $97,686 during your 4.5 years of trying to "break even" Break even? Bird in hand bird in bush?? Call it what you like it was never a preaching as you are doing here It was a simple "what if" comparison I have said before & will say again One size does not fit all Yes there are folks like your example of " the guy who is 92 and has no other assets left? " Yes sorry for him I guess but again one size does not fit all Some folks are completely debt free including owning properties to live on at 62 with lifetime health care taken care of ...they are not your guy at 92 are they? Perhaps they too knew a thing or two?? Again Good luck to you & I hope you live a very long life
  16. I guess you have a mobile phone, put a reminder on that. OP ,just to make you feel good, the fine can go up to 5K plus 200 baht a day overstay, and possible arrest! But some years ago, 1 day late cost me 2K.
  17. Maybe they just want the IO's to follow the rules too. If you'd read the OP, the dough is not the problem; rather the IO won't obey the rules.
  18. Could anyone who used the Income Affidavit from the U.S. Consulate as proof of the 65K per month comment if they are asking to see receipts of the income? Or, will that practice begin in earnest later in the year? Just curious as Mod ubonjoe in another thread stated that if you have the U.S. Consulate letter you will not be asked for proof.
  19. More Max Hazan ludicrous and genius fabrication and machining skills, this time a 500cc BSA B33;
  20. More power to these mothers. Imagine, little old ladies standing up to the army. I salute them.
  21. It's not what you know its who you know! anything is doable in Thailand if you are prepared to pay etc! Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  22. Because we want to..that's reason enough..free world in'it. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  23. Ais has 3g 6mb unlimited for 30days 550฿ Works almost everywhere and now shares network with True Plenty fast for youtube and show box Start using the internet 550 baht. Can not reduce the speed 6Mbps for 30 days. More convenient than ever Continue playing internet! Auto renew this package every 30 days. Press * 777 * 9064 #
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