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  2. I drink 5-7 liters of bubble water a day. I used to drink that much of other things, and believe this is a healthy choice. I put a blast of apple cider vineagar and some stevia drops in it too.
  3. What a ridiculous comment, being a British national somehow qualifies you to teach in Thailand. And of course we can all be doctors as well without a degree, a license and Work permit. Of course you can teach in thailand but without a degree, a license and a work permit its illegal.
  4. Do you honestly think that scottish TAXPAYERS would vote for independance knowing that at least 70% of their wages or salarys would go on all the various taxes??? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. If my guess is correct, I think most farangs here that have visited KL before have never been to Genting Highlands: This is one of the most popular place where many ethnic Chinese of KL would go to escape the boredom of the shopping malls or the heat once in a while. It's only an hour's drive away from KL or a 12 ringgit bus+cable car ride. The cooling 13 to 22 degrees C weather is definitely a big draw. This place has something for everyone - casinos, restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, indoor and outdoor theme parks, swimming pools, golf course, hiking, prostitutes, loan-sharks etc. You see, many ethnic Chinese of Malaysia suffer from alcohol flush reaction so we cannot really drink that much, so bar-hopping is not really for us. In addition, we are not really that attracted to dark brown-skin women like you guys.
  6. Yes just the form and your passport and if you are lucky enough to show up on your birthday...
  7. Jim’s Test & Tag is New Zealand’s largest specialist test and tag provider, servicing clients from Kaitaia to Invercargill. All of our technicians are highly trained and receive ongoing training and support to ensure they are providing you the most up to date and professional service possible. As business owners in their own right, they understand many of the challenges facing businesses today. Each is police checked before joining our team and committed to helping you keep your workspace safe and compliant. Our fully mobile service is designed to keep your business running efficiently without major downtime while equipment is tested offsite. Utilising portable appliance testers, we can record every reading we take and provide these in a detailed report upon completion of testing. Should these reports be lost, we can provide copies within 24 hours and often sooner for urgent requests.
  8. The same reasons other people want to live in Germany. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. They keep forgetting to add the cement ! regards worgeordie
  10. With sustainable means me keep doing it not it being available of from yourself. My problem is that your solution squeezing limes and stuff bores me after a while. It takes effort (yes I am lazy) and not as nice and easy as just opening a package and mixing. So what would happen to me (not you your more disciplined in this) that I would get bored with the taste and the fact that I had to squeeze a lime every time (and buying them making sure I dont run out its easier to do with packages then limes. Then I would revert back to my bad habit of drinking sugary drinks. So me doing this prevents me from doing something worse. Its not perfect but its an improvement on what it was and this I can keep up (sustainable). So i go for a less then perfect solution that beats the alternative. Having said that there is not much wrong with this, especially for someone like me who works out a lot and can use the extra calcium, potassium, and magnesium. I actually have to take tablets and drink these things so I don't cramp up during a workout. I sweat that much and workout that hard.
  11. Funny..why no Brexit areas..was it an snp drawing?? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. I have an HDMI cable that came with a set-top box with which it works perfectly, it won't work at all going PC to monitor. I have another which only works one way round despite HDMI supposedly being symetrical. Great that you got it sorted.
  13. This was about MEP's getting elected , a majority isnt necessary to have the most MEP's
  14. Japanese are too polite and much more respect for their own government. https://www.pewglobal.org/2018/11/12/views-of-the-u-s-and-president-trump/ Charts also referenced in ‘Absolutely Unprecedented’: Why Japan’s Leader Tries So Hard to Court Trump, By MICHAEL CROWLEY May 24, 2019 https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/05/24/shinzo-abe-trump-japan-226985 And this is before Trump's lack of concern for North Korea's recent missile firings.
  15. Yes same thig here a month ago in and out less than 5 min. Go to info desk get a number then go to your right to 90 day report. The girl will process you immediatly if no one in front of you
  16. Catch a wave and you're surfing on top of the turds.
  17. I think it is likely...and an outcome that we all probably want to be achieved...that the two sets of Chinese populations and their opposing forms of national government can reach equilibrium through the workings of binational market forces. These forces are already hard at work, achieving substantial business ties that bind the two countries together in highly successful commercial enterprises. Now, PRC citizens are allowed to enter Taiwan and vice-versa. Arrive any time at Taoyuan Airport outside of Taipei and you’ll join lengthy waiting queues of passengers, many bearing Chinese passports. Regional dialects aside, such as Cantonese, Hakka and several others, the majority of citizens in each country speak and understand the same form of Mandarin. They are all ethnically Chinese and each set finds great similarities in their respective cultures. As Big China moderates over time...an outcome we can only hope for...tensions should reduce, allowing the two nations to jointly prosper and grow. Nobody wants war on either side of the Strait. Anything else is essentially posturing, jockeying and a surfeit of pride or arrogance momentarily at play. Pray for continued peace.
  18. It's clear you haven't a clue about pollsters. They're meant to predict the future or provide estimates of the present. What's at issue here is the past. You know, the past. When things actually happened and we have records of them.
  19. So, scientists discovered the DNA molecule and you decided the above... typical
  20. Drink dark over proof rum, its great in hot weather After 3 you don't care what is happening in the world ( so I've been told )
  21. Both of my parents died from dementia. Mom took care of dad at home by herself. Then later when the situation required it, me and mom moved in together so I could care for her. It was much harder than just taking care of an elderly person who is mentally OK. Dementia is a horrible disease, a slow downward slide into nothingness. Just as you find a solution for one problem, the situation changes and another problem emerges. Although I would probably not have been brave enough to move my mom overseas, I do think keeping them active doing new things for as long as possible helps to prolong life. In my mom's case, she broke a rib getting out of bed when I did not hear her. The doctor said to let her rest in bed and after 6 weeks she will be up and OK... mom died 6 weeks after seeing that doctor. That may have been good advice for a younger person, but it was the wrong thing to do for an elderly person with dementia. If practical, get them back on their feet and active again as soon as possible. If they stop wanting to eat or drink, you are in trouble. In the USA, anyone can call hospice for an evaluation. It does not have to come from a doctor. Best wishes.
  22. Yes but the primary requirement is for a doctor to state she is unable to travel.
  23. I already shared with you feather merchants what God wanted us to know about creation in Genesis.
  24. I certainly hope so. I am not in the SNP so cannot claim to know what their thinking is, but on Twitter there are many who are starting to question whether she will actually take the plunge, or whether she is quite happy with her lot as it currently stands. This is in the Scotsman from Saturday: Scottish Government to set out plans for indyref2 within days of Theresa May’s departure "The Scottish Government is poised to set out plans for a second independence referendum, along with citizens’ assemblies to help shape future constitutional change, within days of Theresa May’s departure as Tory leader. Constitutional relations secretary Michael Russell is to update MSPs at Holyrood, possibly as early as this week, as the SNP Government prepares to push forward with legislation for another vote on leaving the UK."
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