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  2. index is continuously dropping. A quick look in the mirror today, muscle is actually visible where there used to be a sack of fat or nothing. It really feels great to see this whole new person in the mirror and positive Force Factor results. Nitro Strength The 1st of the 5 tips on muscle building is eating right. The reason why eating right is the most important tip is because even with a crappy work out schedule a great meal plan will help you pack on muscle, while even the best work out routine won't add a pound of muscle to your body without good nutrition. Eating right in body building terms includes consuming a high amount of calories, Nitro Strength for every pound of body weight. https://www.welldietreviews.com/nitro-strength/
  3. None of them are that great, but neither are they terrible... they definitely don't deserve the bad rap that some people give them, they are drinkable and don't attain to be the most luxurious beer on the market - they are the beer equivalent of table wine and for that the do the job they are designed to do. So I'll drink whatever is in the Fridge... Leo, Heineken, Singha, Chang, Ubeer, Mebeer (new one)... I also have Beer Laos in the Fridge a home but find that after 3 it seems heavy. Beer Laos White is nice, but I've only had that at a friends place. I really like Citrusy IPA's (such as Brewdog) but they are hellishly expensive over here, these too feel a bit too much after 3 or 4 though.
  4. It really seems that someone is very interested in eliminating cannabis as a medicine. Dr ...... in Thailand sounds very important, it is not. All that nature offers us is for health, in case it shouldn't work ... it certainly doesn't hurt
  5. Whelan thought the flash drive contained holiday photos, the lawyer has said. Our superspy is a combination of Austin Powers, Basil Fawlty and Ricky Gervais.....
  6. Right on, you got what I was trying to get at. Optics, profiling, bias and, to varying degrees with different interviewers, the government drone mindset, doing these tedious interviews day after day. Jaded. Impatient. "NEXT!". That sort of thing. Perhaps moreso in Bangkok. I've often thought applying through the Consulate up in Chiang Mai might be a more relaxed environment, and we nearly did that for the wife's visa application end of last year. None of which does you any good now, of course, and that sucks. Hope the next shot at it works out for you guys. Cheers, J
  7. Of course not as that would be unconstitutional! Section 113 - A Senator shall not align with or yield to the mandate of any political party. Section 114 - Members of the House of Representatives are representatives of the Thai people and free from any mandate, commitment or control. They shall perform duties honestly for the common interest of the Nation and the happiness of Thai people as a whole, without conflict of interest. Section 115 (in part) - A member of the House of Representatives and a Senator will uphold and observe the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in every respect. www.constitutionalcourt.or.th/occ_en/download/article_20170410173022.pdf How could a Senate selected entirely by the NCPO that includes members of the NCPO and active military officers not comply with the 2017 Constitution?
  8. Fair enough, but in the case of Brexit it is so multi layered and complex process, without precedent, what prior experience is relevant for a member of the general public. So far as I'm concerned haven't read or heard anything that empirically demonstrates Brexit is for the betterment of the UK.
  9. Apple wine from 100% boxes is the easiest of home-made wines to make, but to get a bit of body add a can of 100% grape juice for every 3 gallons. A filter kit is worth its weight in gold.
  10. Sounds like they are unfamiliar with Thailand's laws.
  11. I just set-up a new BeeLink BT-3 (4/64) mini pc (Win-10) with my TV. I plan to use it for browsing the internet as well as watching video. I'm using a wireless Logitec keyboard/mouse for input. Once set-up, it worked fine except I noticed the keyboard has no built-in microphone so I can not do voice search in Google or voice input into Cortana. Is there such a thing as a small USB microphone I can ad to my Mini PC? Any other workaround?
  12. Confrontation with the eu is exactly what is needed IMO, and should have been done 3 years ago! Instead, our politicians preferred to look towards their own financial interests - and so agreed to the eu's agenda. We can all see the result .
  13. Any reports of Thailand Elite being denied on entry? I think that would only happen if you had already paid up front, with no return of the fee.
  14. Maybe the guy making them in Khao San road is on holiday.
  15. It was a sensible, intelligent post. You didn’t brand the other side a bunch of racist, stupid bigots. Based on that, I also concluded you were a Brexiteer.
  16. that's that ruined then, nice while it lasted. I didn't have high hopes (pun unintended) for this throughout the funny farm anyway
  17. This photo could have been taken in our house. We've even got the same cups! Only Thai super power I have is the ability to sleep anywhere.
  18. Yes, in Bangkok. Reverse osmosis model with three cannisters/filter: resin, carbon & sediment. Not sure of model name, number, but could be RO Aqua Fresh 50 GPD? Bought from Mazuma directly. THB1500 is annual contract fee for the quarterly filter change, excluding filters, which cost about THB290 each. International Customer Service: 080 249 5599 Hope this helps.
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