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  2. Looks like another Arab French... He should have chosen another brand. Nobody wants Huawei nowadays
  3. Through experience l found that if you make a small deposit on the same day as you lodge they are happy with that once l did the day before be didn't except
  4. Are you asking about a one year extension of stay? If so on what basis (for marriage you have to return 30 days later which might be an issue).
  5. Really stresses the need for dash cams front and rear....invaluable in the event of an accident.
  6. Thanks. I see that now, Peter. Register your property; get a username & password; file report after returning from abroad. Got it!! Thanx
  7. A Private grammar school. Obviously a person of the people, like Jerymrn Corbyn and Diana Abbott. And they wonder why thousands of traditional Labour supports are now looking for a new party to represent them.
  8. Personal remarks/exchanges removed. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  9. The agent will always say "no ploblem" but i recon it might only work once, second year forget it ! Dont be a stupid farang, its not worth the risk.
  10. Only in YOUR dreams and wishes Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. They should also stop the tourists in Chiang Mai that burn all the sugar cane and other garbage … (some irony used)
  12. I have not met anyone yet, who thinks usa is leader of the world... But more believing the opposite
  13. In Thailand, there is a list of very specific reasons for which denied entry is legal. Discretion is not one of those reasons. The denials we see here occur when an IO declares a rule that does not exist to the visitor, then stamps a different inapplicable reason regarding "inadequate means of support" in the visitor's passport. The "stamped" reason is not applicable to a Tourist entry, and the visitor is given no way to prove the charge false. This is beyond the 20K cash requirement, which is all that is needed in terms of money-proof for a 60-day tourist entry. It's very different scenario from the UK, USA, AU - where people are trying to get in from all over the world to get access to the handouts and higher-paying jobs. The Western folks being targeted in Thailand would have no reason to 'downgrade' their incomes, by trying to live here and work under-the-table. It is not abuse according to any published rules, no. But some unofficial "guidelines" about Visa Exempts came out some years ago - those being issued by immigration - not the MFA. Contrary to what I first believed, they hold no legal weight - were not an official Police or Ministerial Order.
  14. The sooner Trumps gone the better A fat global disaster
  15. I have been here 15yr ish my non O was obtained outside the Kingdom of Thailand my extensions done Immigration.
  16. What thais can produce by themselves and without the brain of foreigners are just these stupid soaps!!!!!
  17. I have a Non O Multiple entry that runs out on 19th June, how long before this finish can I get a new one as I will be back in England on 12th June.
  18. maybe arrange it around the outflow like a japanese garden
  19. Yes have two of them normal non medicated and believe price was about 360 thousand a few years back at second tier price private hospital. But perhaps stents have gone down a bit in price as most doctors are not as anxious to use for lower blockage as they were a decade ago. But sorry I am really off-topic. 1. There is no requirement for medical insurance for any extensions of stay provided in Thailand AFAIK. What may or may not happen in the future is not now. 2. As said some have valid medical insurance of much better quality.
  20. Kodi 19 gets a codename It's that time again. After unleashing Kodi v18 Leia into the wild, it's time to give the upcoming Kodi 19 a codename. As usual, our users suggested a myriad of names, most right up our alley, some less... erm... "appropriate". After compiling suggestions from the community thread, Facebook and Twitter, we arrived at the top 10 list: Magneto Mars Marvel Marvin Matrix Megatron Merlin Metropolis Mordor Morpheus At first glance it seems a consensual list. Nothing out of the ordinary and, with the possible exception of "Mars", all science fiction related. Next, we needed to decide what to do: follow the users' top suggestion as we've done in the past? Have team members vote to decide the name? Or maybe pick a completely different codename for Kodi v19 – Kodi "Muppet", maybe? With so many great suggestions, we decided a team vote was the way to go. So we did, and "Matrix" won the vote. And then all hell broke loose. Some team members argued we should be less predictable and geeky, that we could use some out-of-the-box thinking, choose something completely different, etc. What ensued was truly horrific. Geeks cursed each other, pizza boxes got thrown, beer was spilled, perfectly-formatted CSS insults flew, moms' basements destroyed all over the world. I mean, spilled beer! Utter madness. Bottom line – with such a great list of suggestions and a team vote, we still couldn't reach an agreement. And, for a while, we actually contemplated settling for Kodi "MultiPass". Nahh, just kidding! The users have spoken, the team has voted and, in the end, geekiness has won! Kodi "Matrix" it is. You can read the full story with links here.
  21. Pogba and Lingard were in the video for the new kit, so we can almost certainly say that they will be here next season.
  22. Please supply a link to the definitive exclusion of people on retirement extensions now and going forward ... and I don't mean the ambiguous initial announcement.
  23. But they can rightly be accused of traitors, if they do not respect and uphold the Democratic will of the electorate, and instead try to undermine it, sometimes even joining forces with those who intend to overrule the electorates decision.
  24. I find that flying business class works well for me. I simply can't sleep if my feet and ankles are swelling.
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