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  2. If shady business is not paying tax and NI on your cash in hand wage, from your farm or factory employer, then so be it.
  3. when I see some intentional obvious crimes, I wish there should be Sharia law everywhere, I wouldn't mind if as punishment would be cutting off some limb or even death penalty, because I don't see why society do need criminals and scumbags at all...
  4. But even if starting over with a new Non O from abroad, there is no guarantee that Immigration wouldn't ask for documentation that you kept up with the requirements for your previous extension. And if the agent was supplying the funds, you would not have any bank statements showing the funds you claimed to have at your latest extension. If there is enough of a time gap between you latest extension and you acquiring a new Non O, that is probably unlikely to happen. However, if you go straight from extension to a new Non O, it doesn't take much imagination from the Immigration officer to think of a likely reason why you didn't just apply for a new extension. Sophon
  5. You just wrote above that it applies to people doing an extension who originally had an O-A visa. I've been doing extensions for 15 years does that mean I now need insurance when even if I got a new O-A extension in America I would not now need insurance?
  6. One day, Trump will end up in court, and his defence will be, it was my childhood upbringing, my father taught me to Lie and steal.
  7. The Giant Killer. Thought this one was really good. Summary: The true story of the smallest Green Beret soldier who became a war hero-only to be killed homeless and alone, whose life and death are shrouded in mystery.
  8. Thais love Switzerland, let's apply a system of fines proportional to the taxable income and let's see how many of those benz stay on the road.
  9. Take off one of his hands & Deport him.. its best way to send message to everyone...
  10. Have you missed the action of BJ vs Agents? and the Agents and those connected won
  11. Sure, but that would require a degree of prescience.
  12. wow. its 5500 here on discount
  13. this is mine no problems i would be looking in the view sections the update official came out on the 21st afraid like to wait have had problems in the past with insider downloads
  14. And the winner is???? No impeachment inquiry at this time. I wonder what his mood would have been had the decision gone the other way. Would he have pulled out a gun and shot Nancy Pelosi expecting that his base would still support him?
  15. Stay calm, i just quoted what you said including "stuck with an agent" implies no way out and need to stay with an agent which i explained isn't correct
  16. With an extension of stay based on retirement originating from an OA visa. You wrote you need need medical insurance. Are you really saying you need medical insurance if you are doing an extension from 10 or 20 years ago O-A visa? For example I got an O-A visa in 2005 and have been doing extensions ever since. I would not need medical insurance if I got an O-A visa in America today. But you are saying that if I get an extension today in Thailand I'll need insurance? Are you sure?
  17. There's a motorised plastic boat for sale on baht sold for 6k.
  18. Thai military and shame should never be used together, completely incompatible.
  19. I have been insured for years (18 million a year - more than enough insurance) but if this BS idea of 40,000 baht OPD cover ever gets implemented to a marriage extension at a later date, it will add another 35% onto my premium. Just pure BS. Everyone is on the bandwagon now trying to make a buck. Yes, I believe in insurance otherwise I would not be insured but to pay for out patients when it is so cheap does my head in.
  20. Holy sh******t. I almost just died. laughing The "dream" part of your username is spot on buy hey, you got my vote
  21. Although the Thai Baht is very strong, Thailand in my situation seems still cheap compared to the Philippines. A typical livable condo in Thailand costs me 10k THB monthly, in Cebu it seems to cost twice as much, around 600 USD. From my research most rooms are just unbelievable small otherwise. I am not complaining about PH, on the contrary I find it very interesting. I am just saying that TH, despite the Baht and the expensive ED visa is still better value if we just talk about money and everyday convenience. Immigration however will be the major point for me. Also the pollution in Northern Thailand. Plan B is mandatory like ExpatPH said, I totally agree with that. Yesterday I read something about changes in the ED visa system here in the forum, which was fortunately not confirmed by the school I asked, but it just showed me again the importance of plan B. I like the fact that so many guys go to Da Nang now; I went there only once for holiday. It is a little bit like Chiang Mai without burning season and Immigration trouble and a beach for me. Bohol seems beautiful; English and the girls seem to be the major plus points for PH.
  22. When you say configure the VPN...do you mean to use your router as a VPN server (so others can connect to it) or as a client ie: your router connects to someone else's VPN server https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/overview You also need to decide/know which type of VPN you want to use IPsec,OpenVPN,PPTP etc
  23. What about "The Hangover part 2" even tho it was mostly a documentary
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