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  2. But they do employ larger numbers of people in the UK than the multi-nationals and pay larger amounts in taxes.
  3. They'd be idiots to stay because they know full well the extent of their financial crimes. Any sign of ex PM Somchai Wongsawat's wife, Jae Deng, Thaksin's sister? No sign of her in the election campaign and yet she had nearly all the northern Pheua Thai MPs in her stable.
  4. Versus what percentage that's just here to poke everything in sight?
  5. Thai drivers are NEVER able to keep to their lanes when making a turn.
  6. Having been acquainted with numerous bar girls , away from the bar scene , I lived in a condo block where numerous bar girls also stayed and often went back and stayed in the villages with them . I knew many of them quite well and none of them ever went to get a HIV test , they only got tested when they went to hospitals on other matters . Condom usage wasnt always a priority and many didnt seem too concerned about putting themselves at risk . As like a few posters on here , they took risks and just didnt care . IMO , there are many bar girls /punters with HIV and not knowing about it . As this thread show , there are still people who just dont care about whether they catch HIV or not
  7. I'm a British Remainer. I want my son to have the same freedom to live and work where he wants in the EU and I want to see the UK to be part of a powerful economic block to rival the US and China. I also would hate to see the Little Englander, nationalistic mentality succeed. Sent from my SM-G930F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. If no body sees it, it didn’t happen Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. When I was in Chiang Mai last December I used he red Songthaw a few times. Slow, had to wait until they got more passengers, etc. Since there were three of us it was much easier, quicker, and cheaper for the three of us to just use Grab taxi which we did about 90% of the time. The Red bus songthawes are old from a bygone era. Time to update their game and adapt to the more modern world.
  10. I'll stand corrected but as far as I know, a visa doesn't guarantee entry. I believe immigration officers have a degree of discretion - I know they do in the UK. Granted, that discretion probably has ground rules which are probably abused but isn't living in Thailand on tourist visas a form of abuse too?
  11. Strange that. The 650 MP's are overruling some 30 million voters. Don't you think that is undemocratic?
  12. Thanks so much for your help I just want to make sure the money is secure so I can get things done now, 300,000 is 6 x 150 baht payments = 900 baht if I decide to go that way but western union wants over 10,000 baht.
  13. I sometimes think about this because my wife is much older than I am. We have discussed me getting a local gik or two, but I think it was what she calls "funny talking" and if I did get one (or two), I could end up looking in the drain for my dismembered member.
  14. Depp seems a bit of a drip and he looks like a a trip of urine. Donnie brasco and then nothing of note all weirdo films with the exception be ing his bulger performance. Tosa
  15. Hi, I am getting a high end bean to cup coffee machine from home along with me as a passenger through BKK - Suvarnabhumi airport is there any regulations or restrictions any custom duties?Thanks a lot
  16. Chaeng Wattana don't ask for a TM30 if you are returning to your previous address.
  17. Why are so many remainers on these thread, not British. And why do those few who are British not open their eyes, and see in which direction those unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels intend to take the E.u.
  18. Just last month... Man Dies After Jumping From Balcony in LA Mall and Landing on Person Below https://www.theepochtimes.com/man-dies-after-jumping-from-balcony-in-la-mall-and-landing-on-person-below_2864705.html
  19. All diseases seem to be worse when poverty and squalor are present. Go to a red light district once the music stops playing, and the fairy lights go out, and you'll see the true living conditions, why they breed disease, and why people fall foul of a drug habit, etc.
  20. Parenting Payment is available until child is 8 years old. $501.70 F/n (couple) $776.10 F/n (single) Newstart is available with a child 8 to 16 years old $501.70 F/n (couple) $601.10 F/n (single) Newstart has liquid assets test, there can be up to 13 weeks waiting period. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/liquid-assets-waiting-period/28631 If entitled, rent allowance is $161.14/F/n. Superannuation in the accumulation phase will not be income/asset tested.
  21. Would that include the school children, like my sons,who support Brexit.
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