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  2. The logic was always there.... everybody, save right wing fan boys, perhaps , has been talking about it since the first tariff was mentioned... there’s no change in this part of the equation, it’s simply been ignored because, apparently, the prevailing wisdom was that trade wars are easy to win.... lol... wisdom Anyway.... what is this pragmatic decision that has been made?
  3. EU is anti-democratic, please admit it, there is no such this as democracy there, but only tyranny!!
  4. What security risk? Surely the Indians won't fail to submit their TM30's?
  5. I like it fishtank. I have them ground the beans for me in the shop. I pay around 460 Baht for a kg (2 x 500g bags), or thereabouts. Not as cheap or quite as good at Douwe Egberts, but Thailand seem to have kicked them out for good. Taste if often subjective, of course
  6. Try Sansalee instead of Sasalin. It has a post code of 57170
  7. Damn right they should be recalled. How the hell they seemed to think that swanning off on holiday with this crisis going on was fine, is absolutely bloody mind-boggling.
  8. I have already given you my best guess from the information you provided, so the rest is up to you. @ballpoint has got it spelled out for you.
  9. You just perfectly described a con job that was done on me by a lady with a sick dog. After the last little chunk that I "loaned" her to help keep pooch alive, she became very cold and rude. Not long after, I met others in the neighbourhood who got suckered by her using a different angle (sick dog story was special for me because I am a dog owner).
  10. Mr. Papung 297 Moo 4 Tambon San Sali Amphur Wiang Pa Pao Chiang Rai 57170 Thailand
  11. Martial looks to be the one who will play more through the middle (switched to the no 9 shirt from 11), so that will be on him. If Rashford shares that responsibility then of course he will be expected to score. But remember this is a guy who scored probably the calmest World Cup penalty I've ever seen by an England player. But if either of those two look to be slipping, Ole has already said that Greenwood is the best natural finisher out of the lot. If Greenwood is really that good (looks to be almost perfectly 2 footed, has pace, good finisher and dribbler), then let's not block him with an overpaid mercenary.
  12. Hun Sen should be re-christened Helpyer Sen. He is to blame for turning the once-sleepy seaside town of Sihanoukville into a new Oriental Las Vegas - despite gambling being officially banned in Cambodia. More than seventy Chinese owned casinos have sprung up catering mainly to Chinese package tour punters - which means, the millions of reil generated mostly goes back to feed the Communist giant's greedy economy.
  13. Ubon will be along to guide you. Never rely on the links you post. I would not even bother reading them. Fact is most folk in los using VE are border bounce 2 times. Then follow with couple setv. At some point need fly into Thailand. By that stage can be denied entry even with valid visa. This method of remaining in los might give you a year or less.
  14. They have a second branch near where the one you go to is... Also they have opened a new store on Mahidol Rd...
  15. Not very easy bro. there is not sasalin on the internet and google maps. so i wonder what is real.. this make me crazy
  16. I'm just interested in why a Home Owner who rents out his home is a parasite? Just because someone has been successful and accumulated some assets and now wants to realize some returns on the assets, why is he a parasite? Just asking?
  17. HIs money, his life. Maybe he has money to burn and the amount is a <deleted> in the ocean.
  18. Actually the PLA is covered by the Chinese tobacco tax alone. Plus they downsized from 3m to 2m over the last few years. Apple products are assembled by a Taiwanese company called Foxconn. I think China is holding about $3tn in American bonds plus they're reasonably self sufficient in IT by now. and ahead in some fields. You are spot on about tariffs though.
  19. TAT on tour....taking the spin on the road....delightful..
  20. The original online registration allowed unlimited uploads but now only two
  21. Mr. Papung 297 Moo 4, Sasalin Wiang Papao Chiang Rai, Thailand 57170 I would write it like this, very simple & easy.
  22. Interesting resurrected topic. Why no pictures of said houses? Surely that is the point of this post. Pictures. I'd actually be interested in seeing what people build at various price points. Full disclosure, I couldn't build a dog house. Extra disclosure, I couldn't interior design that dog house either... My dog lives inside as a result.
  23. Why are headlines always scare tactics? Nobody will starve. There may be no frogs legs, but that's about it.
  24. Do the Spanish Embassy provide a list of who is accredited or maybe what accreditation they require? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
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