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  2. Borrow Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. I don't know anything about Australia but my first thoughts would be my son's education and future life chances.
  4. I wonder what @Rc2702 is up to these days. And if he's going to Madrid.
  5. Please, read the detail of amendement of the law Land Traffic Act (No. 12), 2562 before talking .... Section 12 The provisions of Section 141 of the Road Traffic Act, BE 2522, as amended by the Road Traffic Act (No. 11) BE 2559 and shall be replaced by the following Section 140/2 Section 140/3 http://www.ratchakitcha.soc.go.th/DATA/PDF/2562/A/067/T_0067.PDF
  6. I am an American and don't have a dog in this fight. But I like the Brits, particularly their self-effacing humor. So here goes: I predict there'll be another referendum in the UK - soon after the UK leaves the EU. In fact, to make it precise there'll be another referendum within two years of Brexit, after the British economy's done a 737 Max and Brits picking foodstuff out of garbage bins can stop long enough to tell pollsters exactly what they think post factum.
  7. VERY sexy indeed and offer a tremendous belly dance as well
  8. Let them continue , no harm done . I personally need to get annoyed and infatuated at least one time a day
  9. 5k a pop, 10 Mill to have a kid? Got to be a wind up. Who in their right mind would want a kid at 58 years old? - the 'practice' yes, the result, no! How long do you think you're going to be around to look after that kid? 'and mostly interested in my money'..............not mostly, entirely! When you were 20, do you ever remember looking at 58 year old women and having 'strong sexual feelings' for them? Or for that matter, any feelings at all? If this is not a wind up, and I really think it has to be, the only thing she has any feelings at all for are your wallet and bank account. Please advise where I can buy whatever it is you've been smoking - I want some. Wakey wakey!!!
  10. The comparison is between Pele and Maradona owning World Cups and Messi bottling it. It must be a mental thing, but it has to be a black mark next to his name when considering the ATGs.
  11. Isn’t there some way to stop these ridiculous fake posts? On a more philosophical note, what drives people like the OP? There is no ad revenue to be made, he won’t dig up any interesting personal stories for which people might be shamed, so it does not seem like he’s fulfilling a need to troll. Is it his way of living out a fantasy? By sharing it out loud in a forum? No one with this much money, mediocre English, suggesting he is from South America knows so little about how to handle prostitutes.
  12. Another expert chimes in! This guy seems to be reasonably informed, other than he can't seem to get his billions and trillions straight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWGEKnZSOrY
  13. Those jugs are real. Fali Orapun https://www.facebook.com/faiift.orapun/
  14. Wow, sorry to hear that. And I was thinking to get one myself. Care to elaborate?
  15. By any definition, your workplace is far out of the city, should be little difficulty finding an affordable house in fairly close range. You say you have a family - if you have children of school age a major consideration would be organising your accommodation in relation to easy access to the right school, and minimising journey times in that regard.
  16. OMG renee zellweger is smoking hot in what/if netflix and its bingworthy
  17. That's what I was expecting when I purchased mine. The reality, however, is turning out to be a different story (read: TM30 nightmares.) Feeling like I'm just one small step away from being fitted for an ankle bracelet.
  18. A little hot here and quite a bit of pollution this year. Leave the hot alone. But fix the pollution Thailand.
  19. 1. China is facing a trade war, their number of visitors may go down as a result. 2. Number of tourist arrivals is down to effectiveness of advertising, as a majority of arrivals are package tours. If the agents, airlines and hotels put their minds to it, they can attract more tourists,
  20. Also checking to make sure expats have health insurance...
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