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  2. So calling someone out on a bigoted characterization of the people BDS is supporting is a deflection? You think that should be given a pass?
  3. This is a case where finding fingerprints may prove difficult. A Massachusetts man came home earlier this month to discover his house had been broken into…and cleaned. Nate Roman, 44, told news outlets that he and his 5-year-old son arrived at their Marlborough home on May 15 and found the back door open. Roman said he inspected his home and discovered nothing was missing. The presumed intruder, it appeared, had tidied the place up. “Nothing was damaged, nothing was taken … just arranged in a really creepy way,” Roman told NBC News. He said he could smell bleach and other cleaning solvents, while his son’s room – which was messy when they left it – was neatly arranged and the bed was made. An Origami rose made out toilet paper was left on the bathroom door handle, he said. Full article
  4. Fair enough, but why? Parliament has already said that they will not countenance a 'No Deal', so how is the deadlock broken, then? In the real world, that is?
  5. If she had done what the majority of the country wanted and left on the 29th of March, as she said over a hundred times, with a WTO deal, she would still be in a job
  6. It could indeed and that should be cause for concern for the nation. It could open up the window of opportunity for racists like Farage and/or others purely taking the opportunity with the main long term intent on wrecking the UK's competitiveness or attraction as a moderate and peaceful society.
  7. See now your just being nasty. Was only trying to help...keep pumping the key board drama, knock yourself out ! Im out for a beer
  8. Clicking on the News tab takes you to some pop up that says wait 30 seconds because you have an ad blocker. But it never lets you into the site. Is this intentional? Because if it is, I have a couple of words to say on that.
  9. Another Windows shortcut that I find useful is <Win-key>+<shift>+s to select what portion of a screen you want as a screenshot. It has options at the top, like rectangular screenshot, free-form screenshot, etc.
  10. lol. I am a retiree. As such am unemployed. But I still manage to get out and about a bit ! And in fact the airlines I prefer do not operate the Max and to date have cancelled orders for them.
  11. I did get your point but my comment was in regards to the original story that, according to the announcement, a 100 baht levy would be a solution to the problem. not suggesting its a substitute for proper insurance. On a different thread, I suggested that insurance could be made compulsory when booking a package tour {similar to your proposal } and that if there was a problem with workers from neighbouring countries not paying, then make their employers responsible.
  12. Yeah, E Coli responds really well to cumin powder.... If you have diarrhoea for more than 3-4 days, SEE A DOCTOR.
  13. What Churchill described as 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory', though perhaps Corbyn fears the same sort of meltdown that is about to afflict the Tories- to side with one wing is to lose the other. Brexit could be the undoing of both major parties.
  14. Only a hard-core right-wing rump in parliament and in the Conservative Party favour a no deal Brexit. It won't happen. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. I hear the food is better, ‘nuf said! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. one has greater control as the appointed estate administrator and beneficiary with the probate court when the wife dies...the usufruct is supposed to guarantee control (but not ownership) of the property until the death of the usufructee but to date I've never heard of anyone having to force the terms of the usufruct at the land office in the event of the sale of the property or etc...it's like a toss up between what the probate court (administrator) or the land office (usufruct) says and land office staff are known to be very xenophobic...a probate court disposition is definitive from my understanding and nice to have in addition to the usufruct...
  17. LMFAO... I've got beer, no need to rent a girl & very much live in the real world... When was the last time you left the house, that wasn't to your local watering hole? Edit: Only sat in front of my laptop (With beer) is because I have an early flight back to SG tomorrow, what's your excuse/plans?
  18. Keeping my head out of the sand Joking aside, as I said a couple of posts back I am at the stage where I'm jumping in & when I see these completely illogical arguments/thinking it concerns me about going in nuts deep. Fortunately which ever way it goes, it doesn't really impact me (53, touch wood healthy no priors & budgeted 10k THB pm for health insurance) BUT what makes me uncomfortable is the seemingly randomness of the rules..
  19. blackcab


    Off topic posts have been removed. I'm going to close this topic now. If anyone has a relevant post to add please message myself or another moderator and we will unlock the thread.
  20. I upgraded to the fiber. It's faster. However, I find that if you sign up with True Visions for their fiber option, you can get the same satellite service via fiber plus other HD channels (RT and Aljazeera come to mind) PLUS the same fiber speeds with internet as 3BB has for about 200 baht less total per month. I've been a 3BB customer for over a decade but I think this is a better offer. Moreover, since the dish will not be needed with the fiber option from True (it all comes in on one dedicated line) you will never again get any TV signal loss when a big storm comes past. So basically True are offering one fiber line that gives you both the "satellite" TV and fiber-speed internet for less than True satellite TV plus 3BB internet.
  21. You might be able to remove your SSDs from "Safe to eject" by going back into your motherboard BIOS (probably UEFI, but you know what I mean...) and find the screen with the SATA slots and see if they are set to "hot swap" (or similar wording). If they are set to Yes, change them to No. Then save the BIOS configuration, reboot and see if they still show up in "Safe to eject".
  22. I am only implying they have time that some of us mere mortals don't. Loads of disposable cash and all that time means they won't be as impacted.
  23. You expect the numbers to decrease? Even the Cambodians almost tripled their numbers since 2010. I counted the Chinese/Indians/Japan in my numbers, not just Westerners, I never said "Westerners" .....you did!
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