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  2. You only need to complete a TM6 arrival card when you enter the country with your address on it. Since it appears you will not be doing anything at a immigration office you do not need to worry about doing any reports.
  3. I go to NST since 2003 every year for 2 weeks. The first years I have never seen a farang downtown, in the lasts some more.
  4. It seems Thailand is doing all they can to discourage coming there. Immigration too. Not good.
  5. Thats just nonsense. What it's full of is over compensated techies, driving up prices and forcing retail workers, restaurant servers, policemen, firefighters and the like to spend 4 hours a day in their cars commuting across the Altamont Pass to get to work
  6. i think that even cheap chow lee will stump up the necessary.
  7. Correct, but my 2 questions are: 1. Why only O-A and not O/ extensions based on retirement? 2. How long before all people on all long stay visas have to have health insurance? As stated before, an easier way would be to charge everyone 500 Baht on arrival for health insurance, then all tourists and expats would be covered and there would even be enough left over to recoup the money hospitals have lost because of non paying expat and tourist patients
  8. "- money for emergencies and return of the dead." I know Thais are very superstitious but I didnt know they believed in zombies!
  9. and wonder how many notes they received like the sea urchins were under threat from anything else except being the next meal at there condo
  10. I suspect it won’t be long before someone decides that people only needing insurance for the first year but not for unlimited extensions is a loophole that will need to be closed.
  11. Speed limit is 120 in the UK, 130 many other places, but people still buy 260 kph bikes. If the above was true we would all be limited to a CRF250, which is a motorcycle i would not want to do serious mileage on tarmac roads on. Or even worse an M Slaz. So what about Ready To Race Orange bikes then? A 1290 KTM with 160 bhp and a cool mil odd Baht? The Tenere looks like a sensible option, especially for electronics technophobes like myself. Here's my fave colour scheme. Only the old Speedblocks/ Kenny Roberts Yellow/Black would better it. Que?
  12. You're right, it is my opinion but it is not just my opinion, it is based on personal experience on more than one occasion. The trolling on this thread is not coming from me.
  13. The problem is most people do not know what an O-A visa is. This was confirmed when I spoke with ( farang insurance guy) this afternoon at my visa agents office. He has been drenched with farangs on extension stays etc for last two weeks calling him and panicking. As he says, what can you expect from a government agency that cannot be consistent on any one issue across all IO's in Thailand.
  14. I did my extension of stay at CW about two weeks ago and no mention of TM30 then, so it must be a very recent change.....or they are only picking on a few people for some reason.
  15. are you always so excited when you give away money without receiving anything in return ?
  16. His only mistake seems to have been not getting the minions to check every minute detail to make sure he's squeaky clean!
  17. I wonder if Chinese tourists will start staying away because of the extra impost. Given their renowned stinginess, it could happen. Many restaurants closing the doors in Chiang Mai for lunch. Low season. numbers are down.
  18. It was the only book that the film rights hadn't been secured for already. I watched it on DVD a while back and it was rather confusing. I liked Woody Allen- he played another James Bond in it, I think. They had several James Bonds, if I remember correctly.
  19. So why don't you too? Are you the poster police?
  20. Wow talk about "bloatware" that's huge !!!!
  21. Yes but she, her boss and all their minions believe they are the only ones entitled to do that!
  22. The absence of (adequate) public libraries in Thailand, and in most of Southeast Asia as well, is truly unfortunate.
  23. Having to bring your landlord to Immigration or get the PoA, with some sort of stamps, seems a bit more challenging. What if the landlord lives overseas, and the lease is completed by the Juristic person as the agent, and the rent is paid directly into landlords account in BKK, condo in Phitsanulok, landlord permanent overseas
  24. I know this may be difficult to understand, but immigration offices will be in no way at all involved in the implementation of this insurance requirement. It will be for the embassies and consulates that issue the O-A visas to ascertain that the insurance is in place before they grant the visa. Visa ≠ permission to stay Visa ≠ extension of stay
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