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  2. Hands off she’s my Fri/Sat nighter, unavailable other nights ( school nights ).
  3. Maybe it started out as $500k and mysteriously turned itself into $50k. This miracle has been know to happen.
  4. FWIW, it seems like BofA OTPs now get delivered to Google Voice numbers. At least I was able to receive one for the first time ever this week.
  5. Would make sense, 5 bundled stacks of 100's would be $50,000......and thats all thats showing in the picture.
  6. I have been using bangkok bank for 3 years, first into a regular account, and for the last 6 months I switched it to a direct deposit of U.S Treasury. DD requires you go in person to withdraw funds. At the counter you can do withdraw and put into a second bangkok bank saving account that will have a debit card. You cannot have debit card with DD account.
  7. So can jay walking. It's not the drug... It's the fear of getting caught.
  8. Smoking dope can sometimes do that if there is an underlaying mental health problem, but need to smoke a lot and constantly The "medicinal" CBD does not have the psychotropic ingredient, different type of cannabis
  9. Good job at embassy right now..security 140 gbp per day plus expenses
  10. so the 2.5 SSD drives are the ones that are giving problems. I have them too in a few of my computers but also no problems. But i prefer the M.2 drives for their speed. My most recent computer has a 2 TB m.2 drive in it works great. The rest of my data i just store on a NAS with 5 drives each 6TB. I would not do that for video editing of course then a a small SSD drive would be better but for movies / TV series and work related stuff the NAS drive is perfect. But it seems you solved your problem that is great.
  11. Have a friend who now owns a house after wife died. It was built in her village and cost many multiples of any other house there. He has no problems with family, but how does he sell it? Nobody in the village has enough to buy it, or if they have they are using their money more productively, and who wants to move to some unknown village because they can get a good deal on a house?
  12. No. You need to show insurance when applying for your visa in your home country. Immigration will not be checking. It has nothing to do with them.
  13. Exactly , why not allow the real thing, unadulterated, as that is what has helped people down the ages ?
  14. So who has it right then? The official story or Fimka and Simon2. We must be told. The world is waiting.
  15. More like we KNOW he is unfit to be president. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. because she doesn't want you to see that one million extra baht she's accumulated .....
  17. Self made at home rubbish and all sorts of problems are going to happen. America can't use THC, but South Africa and other countries can use it in their lab produced products. So much misinformation and lies out there, speak to people who know the truth. Doctors here don't know much at all in this field of interest.
  18. Seems like the record has stuck again. Tell me, do Brexiteers have access to a "one for all" Farage song sheet somewhere in the "Dark web" ?
  19. My apologies, missed that one. Incidentally, all 6 episodes are now available for download.
  20. No need to call immigration offices. It has absolutely nothing to do with them. This is very simple. It is a requirement for O-A visas. Those are visas that are only available in your home country. Consulates and Embassies are operated by the MFA. The confusion has been caused solely by posters on here that either don't understand about visas, refuse to listen or are just plain scaremongering.
  21. You have a bit of a problem with your argument. He did not call every person who voted Leave a 'racist bigot'. What he actually said was: That's a very long way from calling all Brexit supporters 'racist bigots'.
  22. Ostrich meat!! Lovely. And one egg is a whole breakfast meal in itself. I agree about dog. Needs to be cooked properly though. Never eaten kangaroo, but an Ozzie I know made a fortune shooting them. There is an advert on Thai TeeVee about drinking crocodile blood. All the rage; I'm told. Makes ladies look younger! There is a lama farm next to Lewis Hamilton's home in Tewin. I think they breed them for the meat.
  23. To be able to laugh at Thai Tv 'comedies' even though it's the same jokes regurgitated ad nauseum.
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