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  2. Understatement of the millennium. 80% of people do not have access to clean water or a flushing toilet.
  3. Throwaway phone untraceable number. Popular with drug dealers. But phone thieves want expensive phones. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. If someone has been working illegally in Thailand, that is a legitimate reason for denied entry (to be precise, entry should be denied under Section 12 (3)) While not publicly disclosed, the denied entry for those with tourist visas seems almost always to be because you have been enjoying Thailand for too long. Activities that were fine in your first month or two in Thailand are now against Thailand's interests when you are doing exactly the same six months later.
  5. Charcoal is formed when organic matter is heated (water removed) in the absence oxygen.
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  7. He didnt say they were steel sheets, they were shera cement based.
  8. The Mogg has been quiet of late but I note service has now resumed:
  9. Some how you changed the context of my meaning ! Requirements met to come half way around the world to be denied is wrong ! To blame others for some people who abuse the system is wrong
  10. Different day, same circus. If the ganja thing becomes a core issue life must be pretty good overall in the Kingdom.
  11. It is not as simple as just contacting immigration. To know if entry will be denied, you need to know, at least, the entry point that will be used, and the IO supervisor who will be on duty. At the majority of land crossings, and some airports, there is no need to check with anyone because we know if you have a visa entry will only be denied according to the rules prescribed by Thailand's Immigration Act. At those entry points that do not follow the law, it often depends on which immigration official is at the counter when you arrive, and that official's supervisor, whether additional unofficial reasons for denied entry (over and above those prescribed by law) will be applied. Indeed, it is instructive to look at what happens when immigration is consulted before issuing a visa. When you apply for the Thailand Elite program, immigration typically takes 1-4 months to screen your application. At the end of that time, you receive a notification that your membership application is accepted, but that immigration may still deny entry when you arrive at the airport to have the Thailand Elite visa affixed to your passport.
  12. Hilarious. You have very little experience of Cambodia; try going beyond the one block radius of your short-time hotel on Street 136 next time.
  13. Condescending insults is all you guys have? Why is it you guys all want to pile on for the attack, but no one ever wants to answer a question with something more thoughtful than "because you're stupid nah-nah-na-nah-nah!!!
  14. I went through something similar, only in a different country. My advice is to tell you, as crazy and upside down life is, you will make it. Everything happens for a reason. As for leaving Thailand, it's NOT the only option. Life is not, Thailand or Australia. There are many options/countries, don't restrict yourself. You are the master of your destiny. good luck.
  15. RTP : Try go to Bangla in Patong and you will find these psycho Somchais with slow loris every evening but I guess you are in on the take ...
  16. I'm confused and it's hot and I just got thrown out of my house lol. Typical thailand story. Every 180 days you need to get someplace else. During every year you must have a 60 day absence. That's my understanding of Indian law, maybe someone else can clarify better. Someone who isn't having an emotional disaster
  17. The idea is for it to look like a real phone. Don't think they want burners. They might kill you for that. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. Yes, just another form. You are organic matter, are you charcoal?
  19. I am on the same side as you, but can we make a sportsman's bet on it? I say we crash out with No Deal (worse luck).
  20. Just as well we didn't sell Tower Bridge and Castle to join the European Union, as it wouldn't have been money well spent. Far from helping the UK economy bounce back from the lean years of the Sixties and early Seventies, our economic performance measured by GDP actually grew more slowly after we joined the EU in January, 1973. Prime Minister Edward Heath's timing could hardly have been worse, as his decision to take us in coincided with a slow-down in the "catching-up process" which had fuelled rapid economic expansion across the Continent. "The UK thus joined on a false prospectus that accession would accelerate growth", according to analysts Graham Gudgin and Ken Coutts, of the think tank Social Europe. After examining the economic factors which combined to produce the Brexit referendum result, they conclude: "If the performance of the EU had been better, and the Commonwealth worse, the UK may have felt less temptation to leave, but this was not the case."
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