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  2. It looks like the steering wheel Axe is defected. It happen to me the car go right or side left and the steering wheel move but without contact with the wheel
  3. If there is a country with more dimwits in it.... then i have still to find it !
  4. That's the normal yearly accounting/tax fee. The tax being talked about here is a different one and is on top of that yearly accounting fee.
  5. I don't know about you, but if I was living in the UK I would be driving a lot "better" car than I drive here which would balance out what you have to pay to keep a car on the road here.
  6. of course, no agent is involved. She told me she only has blue book for her own property where she resides aka lives, but not the houses and properties she has for purpose of renting, she has many apartments and houses in chiang mai, that is the problem.
  7. Every time i feel ill i do it And also when it gets too hot ! Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Have mentioned in another post that Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok has targeted that area recently - have no personal knowledge of surgeons but several appear to have international experience. They have live response on website and believe cost would be a bit less than the most expensive places.
  9. Was told yesterday it will be a beauty university or at least that’s what was on one of the signs outside. And yeah, I was thinking the same after they finished the gold domes. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Take her to oz. Why would you stay here with the dollar collapsing and no end in sight. If you find a nice small town I doubt it would be much more expensive especially with health insurance and she would be on benefits in a few years
  11. You must have had to help them get into the snorkel gear... but once they got it on, it must have been fascinating. Just joking - thanks for the photo and info...
  12. It's in the details. Go into any too robinson and 80% of footwear is made in China. Compared to same footwear that is made in Vietnam and more often than not cheaper in the UK too. We ship 2kg of clothes and footwear from UK for £21.50 tracked and it takes 5 days. Debox and package clothes/shoes. Kids trainers are rubbish here no matter what brand. Minimum 1500 baht for branded too so I can't recall the last time we purchased ant clothes here as the quality is inferior and price is higher.
  13. Groceries come from open markets in Thailand, only fools (or the rich/lazy) buy in the supermarkets
  14. put the cars and bikes in the crusher, letting the owners watch.
  15. she told me when she bought the house they never needed to do.
  16. I dont think you would have any chance of a carers pension in another country.I told Centrelink that my wife was virtually my carer following 2 minor strokes , diagnosed with sleep apnia,mild depression and continuing battle with skin cancer they didnt appear remotely interested in that
  17. You might find some information in this recent topic:
  18. It would appear so. But before we are obliged to move on, we need to be bled dry.
  19. That is not true, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about as usual. Not only was it not much more expensive than Thailand, In many of the small towns I stayed in there was a night life. Which surprised me.
  20. That’s nice to know that amongst many who’ve lost a lot there are still people who were lucky enough to bend the situation for in their advantage. So in your case if the money for the purchase was not borrowed from the bank of course there is a lot of room for making your investment secure. For example one time payments cash/transfers get you good discounts. Then a slightly up & down in market value isn’t as big of a hit as when taking a loan from the bank having interests to pay. Did my research looked at almost 50 plus houses. Flooding can’t be avoided with the infrastructure here. But I think normal monsoons won’t be a problem. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Rep Neal should grow some gonads and hold Secretary Mnuchin and the director of the IRS in contempt and invoke the inherent contempt process and and have the sergeant at arms arrest them and throw them in jail and fine each 25000/day until they hand over the requested documents Bars and money might just get someones attention.. Going to court is just a delay tactic ti try to get it beyond the 2020 election.
  22. The list you provided names quite a lot of items that are priced cheaper, particularly in the grocery section. And your point on quality and place of manufacture is a little flawed. The things made in China for the developed countries are different than the Chinese made stuff we buy in Thailand. That is because western countries have a thing called "quality control". Regarding evidence, jeez, I am still wearing tshirts and jeans I bought 15 years ago in the UK. However, my Thai bought underwear lasts 6 months before the elastic goes and drops to my ankles every time I walk up the stairs, lol.
  23. Elderly expats seem to be an easy target these days. What with battling with their depreciating currencies..often with health and medical insurance issues..an immigration dep't doing its HAL 9000 thing and getting bombed from a great height by the "farang" loathers- Only to be further insulted by preposterous propaganda claims on behalf of a Gov't which couldn't organize a booze up in a brewery.
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