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  2. CPU overheating can cause performance issues but would generally be OK from a cold start and then worsen. You could also try removing one of the RAM cards (8+4?) and see what happens.
  3. Then, excuse me asking the obvious question, but......................
  4. As far as I know, there are no consulates that are interested in seeing how much cash you are carrying. Quite apart from anything else, there is no way of knowing if the cash is yours. More important, if they require financial proof at all, they need something for their files. When inconvenient to provide a recent bank statement, I have used an older statement (proving it is my account) combined with an ATM machine slip showing my current balance, and that has been accepted.
  5. I just tried that site address and the video worked fine for me, but the audio wasn't there. Cute video! It does look like a little SE Asian girl and may have happened in Thailand, but I have to ask the OP why the exact location is important.
  6. Sock it to him, cousins! If possible, lock him in a room with Assange, see how long they last. Two men enter, one man leaves! (preferably NEITHER leaves!) reason being because it hurts his inflated ego and his narcissistic persona Balloon? Inflated? Love it! Maybe he'll get Farage to try to sabotage it.
  7. Local share market surges after Scott Morrison election win Investors are clearly happy with Scott Morrison’s win in the federal election, sending local shares soaring to a decade high.
  8. I always had that problem with EVA or China Air when I flew coach. Several times I was able to pick a seat, but then at the gate they re-assigned me! My last 6 trips or so were with EVA flying premium elite and that allowed me to choose my seat and that never changed. If you are 6 ' 5" I highly recommend you spring for the extra bucks for that class of seat
  9. Just had my first urologist appointment, will be getting an MRI on my pelvis, bladder and prostate ! Hopefully I’ll find out what’s going on, doctor also mentioned Urethral Stricture ? Have you heard about that ?
  10. One year multiple entry Non Ed visas have almost never been issued for years. You have only been able to get a single entry Non Ed visa giving a single 90-day stay. Depending on where and what you are studying, it has been possible to get extensions of stay (in the case of language schools, usually for 90 days each time, but sometimes only 60 days at a time) with limits applied in most cases for how long immigration will grant you the extensions. What I think is being discussed is forcing you to get a new visa for each level of Thai study, with only much more intensive courses qualifying for Non Ed visas. If the beginner's class must be completed in three months, it will probably be pointless in most cases to mess around with a Non Ed visa. It will be easier just to study on the tourist visa. I do not believe most Westerners can study Thai speaking, reading and writing to a genuinely advanced level in less than 16 months. Maybe, they want us out of Thailand before we are sufficiently fluent to truly understand what is going on.
  11. She laid their like a dead fish and complained about it hurting and hurry up. (trying to thai scam me into not having sex but paying trick) Before she was into it and some of the best sex I had just 6 months ago before my trip Nothing changed lookwise on both
  12. Hello, I am in France and I want to open a campany in Thailand. I also want to come and live in Thailand for ever. Please can you help me with Bank account issues, company creation process... I want to start a business In DIgitale Marketing. THank in Advance.
  13. Hi all, Just a quick bit about myself. I hold dual British and Irish citizenship but for the past almost 4 years have been living and working in the USA for one of the really big tech firms. I am here on a skilled worker visa, currently on an L1B but am going through the PERM labour certification hopefully to get my green card in early 2020. I've been with a Thai girl for the past 4 years and am going to marry her. I've ran this by my company's lawyers and after speaking with them and some other people I work with, the consensus of opinion is that it will be a lot easier to get my wife into the USA under an L2 and then put her as a dependent on the green card than it would be to try and get her the green card from Thailand. Our plan was to get married in her home village in November but I really want to get her over here ASAP so that we have some time behind us living together in the USA before there is any change of immigrant status application. We've decided that just the two of us and a couple of witnesses are going to do a quick marriage in Bangkok in July in the local Amphur and then do the Buddhist thing up at her home in November. I've been reading up about the L2 visa interview and I've got the official documents (freedom to marry affidavit, I-129s, I797 etc etc) all covered off. I am a little concerned about the wedding photos though. I think we will be the only people in the July photos. Do you think this will cause and issue with the US embassy? Does anyone know a photographer or somewhere where I can get some wedding phots taken in bangkok please? Thanks,
  14. While this new wave of nationalist fascists decry globalism, their evangelists, like Bannon and Farage, travel the globe to promote a world fascist movement. How does that work? That Orban visit to the WH last week was probably brokered by Bannon. If he arranges a Le Pen a visit, well, Macron's response is guaranteed to be entertaining. I would like to know what Bannon's personal motivation is in this, as he is already wealthy. The glory of dictatorship? He's been looking for a horse to back for years -- remember that Sarah Palin movie he did? Bear in mind The Orange One can turn against him in a tweet at any moment, and it was Bannon who told him not to back off after the Access Hollywood video came out. The guy is obviously a heavy drinker, nose like a raspberry.
  15. The first piece of hatred I percieved from a Thai person was that for the Sino-Thais, who make up 14% of the population. Considerable less than "3rd". And they are definitely not loved by the rest of the population. The recent arrivals of their money laundering cousins has done nothing for their popularity. Which is one of the reasons that the minority Sino-Thai dominated, militaristic, plutocracy has become so aggressive in its efforts to stamp out any vestige of Democracy. All "Happy Chinese Together"?........you are "ethnically" obtuse and severely mistaken. The "ethnically similar" Chinese are no more welcome than Caucasian, Christian Germans were when they invaded Caucasian, Christian France in 1870 or 1914. Ethnic groups in Thailand - Wikipedia
  16. If scanning 40pages (you probably mean about 20, as they are face to face) is your biggest nuisance while obtaining a work visa, be happy. good luck with your new job.
  17. Of course God exists... He's the big guy with long brown hair, a beard and wears sandals... Sometimes your can hear him upstairs moving his furniture around... some people call it thunder.
  18. Do you old folks remember the old original Mad magazine in the 60s and the paperbacks that came out now and then? I recall one cartoon where a motorist stopped to talk to the police man that was parked right next to a street sign that said "Speed enforced by Radar". The motorist asked how much does that system cost? The police man said $10 dollars. The motorist asked surprised, that radar system only costs $10 dollars? That seems awfully cheap for all that technology. The cop replied: "what technology"? All we did was buy this sign.
  19. Stopped off in Pattaya for a week on way to Macau GP in 1979. Came back 1997, been spending 6 months a year in Thailand since then. Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. You should go to the TM30 office of your immigration asap, and re-register. There may be a fine or not, depending on the delay since you moved and the mood of the officer, but it should be less than 2000THB. Bring the new TM30 slip with you when you go for extension in July.
  21. Yes I am aware how to send it. I was enquiring as to why they may want it.
  22. Yes Brits please make him feel very unwelcome. Whatever it takes. He's an embarrassing disgrace and people of no country should ever accept such an unfit demagogue as a normal American president. He's a very unfortunate aberration. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  23. If you are holding Baht then you are in a very good position to convert some of it to Euro and GBP. It could continue to strengthen of course, but if you hold off it could just as easily go the other way. In my view you have a historically good conversion rate, so go for it.
  24. Here's the culprit! Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  25. Yes. There is no perfect answer as much depends on things not in our control. The key to me, in my particular situation being single, and no attachments is the tax bracket, IRA conversions, my own passive income, etc. Between the two extremes of taking it right at 62, or waiting until your full retirement age, well, neither is probably optimal, but the difference is not ginormous for most people. So anything in the middle, depending on your individual situation is probably the best route. The total payout comes out about the same unless one lives well past 80. The social security guys and their actuarial analysts have that all laid out. Now if one is married, has other retirement plans, or has to worry about transferring benefits on death, has joint social security from the spouse, etc. things can get more complicated.
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