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  2. Of course it will. You can’t have one group of 50+ who needs insurance and another group of 50+ who are exempt. Everyone will get this. You’d have to be a drunk on a bar stool to think otherwise.
  3. Couldn't agree more even though I lived many years in Kolkata - sort of brings to mind the saying "a face only a mother could love" in a different way. However, a 40min. flight from Kolkata gets you to Siliguri from where you can drive/take a train to pretty hill stations like Kalimpong and Darjeeling. Sikkim and Bhutan border the north of Bengal as well. In fact, I would recommend anyone coming to the East to head straight north from there to the mountains - the towns on the eastern plains like Kolkata and Patna are mostly ugly. I would definitely recommend someone new to India to begin in the South. Kochi, the Kerala backwaters and Kerala in general are perfect to start with. Dip your toes there and you just might start to like India. Just saw that Air Asia and Indigo (a very well run Indian airlines) fly Bkk(Dmk)-Cok. Here's a Stickman reader's story about Kerala: https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers-submissions/2010/02/delightful-indian-encounters-22-north-kerala/ There was another Stick submission by a guy whose father took ill on a cruise and was offloaded in Kerala, where he describes how well his dad was taken care of and the kindness he himself met with, but I can't find it.
  4. No logic. They just haven’t got to the others yet. It will be rolled out to everyone eventually.
  5. Hi all! My son and I will be traveling to Thailand on a tourist visa next month. So far, my passport has 2 visa exempts, 1 border run, 2 visa extensions, and 1 tourist visa. This will be my second tourist visa and my son's first tourist visa since we have first been going in and out of Thailand in November 2018. We will be arriving at Chiang Mai airport. How much Thai baht do Thai immigration officers usually require to present upon arrival as "show money" if travelling with a child? 20k or 40k thb? Thanks! PS. I have been to other countries this year and last year, too, (Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India) other than Thailand, if that makes any difference..
  6. I don't think wading across the Rio Grande under cover of darkness is really an option! I used to live in San Diego, and you certainly don't walk straight across the border at San Ysidro or San Diego!
  7. No we are just a bunch of sore losing whiners who will do anything to upset a democratic vote!
  8. There is a lot to unpack there. I certainly wouldn't advocate stating; " she tells them she wants an immigrant visa because we'll frequently travel to the USA". The purpose of an immigrant visa is to migrate to the United States, not to circumvent Tourist visa rules. For an immigrant visa you would need to establish a US residence and be able to sign an affidavit of support for your spouse. The other issue is. If you don't actually intend to move back to the US, there are time limits on how long a green card holder can spend outside of the United States, before the GC is revoked. But all that being said, as I indicated previously immigrant visas are objective rather than subjective, as with Tourist visas
  9. Here's a video from 2007. " The small Thai town of Pattani has gone to the birds -- literally. The town's economy is booming after residents started collecting bird saliva. Sea Swift nests, used to make birds' nest soup and made from hardened saliva, sell for $2,000 a kg. A few years ago, the birds inexplicably started colonising Pattani. Now, all the residents have got in on the act. As one resident states: "We used to live here. But now we're going to move to make space for the birds."
  10. just print out the e-ticket and take it with you as a safety precaution However i have not shown my e-ticket for the last 5 years, i believe, maybe longer. All i have provided, at the check in desk, was my passport, which was sufficient.
  11. What I'm thinking about now is what we wasted on our last application, and there's no telling how many times it'll take before she's approved. 32k baht might not be so bad. But if she tells them she wants an immigrant visa because we'll frequently travel to the USA would they give her one? Or is it only for people who are relocating? Is the immigrant visa easier to get than a tourist visa?
  12. The US dollar and the Euro have also dropped 10% against the baht in the same time period, not as much, but still significant. The Thai baht is strong.
  13. Fair point, but I don't know if those remainer Tory rebels would vote against their own government in a no confidence vote, potentially letting in a Corbyn Labour government. Would they let in Corbyn or bite the bullet? I don't know.
  14. More cases to come and not only Asian ones I guess ,as the Thais seems to enjoy their new digital toys and improving to use them . Maybe now our naughty boys start sweating a little
  15. If a confidence motion is lost then the Government is obliged to resign or seek a dissolution of Parliament and call a General Election. Although this is a convention, there is no law which requires that the Government resigns. However, it is very unlikely that one would not as such event would most probably cause uproar if it were to occur. Modern practice shows dissolution rather than resignation to be the result of a defeat. The government is only obliged to resign if it loses a confidence vote, although a significant defeat on a major issue may lead to a confidence motion.
  16. Flew into Cambodia from KL once on Air Asia. The various fees cost more than the RT ticket. Thailand is getting in on it, this is just another excuse to pull more money from tourists. Good for the officials, good for Benz and BMW dealers. If this was health insurance then ok, but it would have to be no-fault, eg no bs excuses like "oh sorry, it does not cover [whatever it is you're suffering from]".
  17. Yes, very helpful thank you TV. For many years I have been travelling to Chiang Mai twice a year for roughly 12 week stints Sept-Nov and Jan-March. (My home is in the UK.) So the Non-Immigrant O-A Multiple entry visa is ideal for me. I always have a high quality comprehensive international travel insurance in place. My questions are 'how and when can I know that this particular insurance policy is acceptable to the Thai/CM authorities?' and 'Is there a risk that I won't know for sure until I arrive at the Chiang Mai Immigration desk?'
  18. No, that's Kellyanne's job, to clean up his poopy. Today Mrs Conway said Ms Pelosi regarded her as her maid. No she's not her maid, but rather DT's nurse maid. Know your place, Mrs Corpse Bride!
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