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  2. Thailand has become a very expensive, polluted, grot hole with even more traffic jams and gridlock, and packed trains. The people are mercenary in their hunt for money, especially in the bars. ( "You buy me drink !"). On my last trip we spent about 50% more than last year. The fun has disappeared completely in the last few years. The Chinese are welcome to it. Time to explore Europe.
  3. I guess my point is that this is an international chain so they present you with a menu representing the menu from the international chain. Then you look at it and there are several things on that chain menu that they don't serve. It looks really bad to the customer. I won't go further, but people can guess what I'm thinking and what many customers will think as well. Oh well.
  4. without going into more details, i do not owe taxes in the country of origin, that i can assure you. so if what youre saying is true i would get stuck when they ask for tax returns
  5. Historically, the use of the EN term "pension" in Thai Immigration docs has been a translation of the original Thai language that supposedly means more general sources of income. However, there seem to be some Immigration offices that at times interpret the term literally, which isn't the way it's mostly been treated in the past..... What a PITA....
  6. "...or keep going if you can clear the junction before the red light". What? Which country, anywhere, states that? "I have always thought amber means get ready to stop..." You got that part right.
  7. They are all running so scared now. They thought they had maligned and vilified UKIP into indifference, but they didn’t account for Nigel Farage under a new banner. The Brexit Party will rout them all with MEPs. Next stop will be for Brexit to rout them at a GE too. There will be no calls for a vote of no confidence for a while.
  8. Regardless of what you read, almost no one speaks English in China, even in hotels. Once you leave the airport, you're largely on your own. Maybe that's why there are few independent travelers there...
  9. I can say I have never fallen asleep when at work.... Honestly, this falling asleep excuse really means poor driving causing an accident.... BS on falling asleep....just another not my driving behavior causing accidents and another reason why thailand will never resolve its hideous driving behavior/record... lack of accountability and never blaming the driver for unacceptable driving..
  10. You can translate it yourself. There is no such thing as a certified translator in Thailand, ie no certifying body.
  11. They will give you the list in English and Thai. I found it. marriage visa - Chonburi.pdf
  12. If that were the case (extension cancelled as of the day your balance drops below the threshold,) would they give you 7 days to leave or would your overstay kick-in immediately? I would assume it would be in one's best interest to notify them immediately upon breaching the threshold rather than being discovered at a later date.
  13. Didn't a British man recently find a mobile intending to find its owner, and got about 10 days in detention for doing so.
  14. Do you think he unintentionally removed the sim card, deleted all the data and changed the language to English ??
  15. I dont think he matches the demographic of big spending Chinese who apparently dominate the tourism industry in LOS.
  16. yes i have all the documents to prove it is legal, jus t the tax returns im worried about. il revise my question then, not banks, say a tax department on another country asks for tax returns, how do i prove i wasnt supposed to pay taxes for it
  17. I don't think pointing out the facts about the recent visa rule and enforcement and changes is Thai bashing. But I agree -- no.
  18. Lets face it those with a pink card think its wonderful and makes their life so easy,to the rest of us we just think ,glad they are happy,its such a jore having to take your passport once to get a bank account,the strain and fear walking down the street with it,as for a sim got mine with my driving licence and my wifey by my side. Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  19. the muslims of Thailand were here first so get used to to it!
  20. A few random images from Google: Where did they get the transliteration of your name from? Afaik this has to come from a certified translator and is not made by the person at the government office.
  21. One more would be 51 percent. Before you call six or seven months a few months. Issues with maths?
  22. I cannot make any sense out of what you are reporting to be the blood test tesult. In a Complete (Full) Blood Count tthe leukovytes (WBCs) would be a number in the thousands. It cannot be "14 point". Do you mean 14,000? Or was a leukocyte score calculated? If so I would still need to know the specific WBC value and the differential count, the percentage if neutrophils etc. This will be reported as a percentage not just as "presence". The percentage of neutrophils, lymphocytes etc is helpful in determining if for example a bacterial infection is present. Leukemia if suspected requires a bone marrow biopsy to diagnose. If it is leukocyte score, the system I am familuar with has a maximum of 3 so again I don't undetstand what is being reported. HIV does not directly affect the leukocyte count. He may well have not only HIV but full blown AIDS from what you describe but this cannot be determined without specific tests i.e. HIV test and if positive CD4 count and viral load. If he does have leukemia it may ce a type associated with HIV. If he does not have leukemia he likely has other infection associated wirh HIV. His refusal to be tested for HIV precludes appropriate trwatment and may cost him his life, unnecessarily. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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