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  2. I reckon their 8500 over 48 months is actually 84 months, 7 years, which works out a total of 714,000. As the asking price is 495,000 I think I am correct. Our lad was quoted over 600,000 on credit for a 400,000 car over 7 years..
  3. The basic problem is he doesn't know how to use the gun properly don't blame his wife !!
  4. it really needs to be broken down by motorbike and....ooops, no other break down is needed. it will be 80% or close to that number. mostly YM 18-26 drunk.
  5. Thanks for reminding us. It showed the sheer avarice and ruthlessness (when it comes to acquisition of money and power) of Thai nature :Didn't they even break fingers and hands of corpses to remove rings and bracelets. A disgusting display of Thai savageness.
  6. Yes, expats are the biggest risk for these girls. I try to tell them when i get the opportunity
  7. You had better look out the window and reassess your time frame.
  8. The point seems to fly over dedicated Brexiteer heads ... the Germans care more about the single market than their UK trade. And if that were not true they'd be pressing to give the UK everything it wants ... and they are not.
  9. Can I cancel the usufruct if I intend to sell the land? That would solve the issue.
  10. She looks a little overwhelmed. Sad to see. Hope she can spin it as "wrong place at the wrong time" for herself....and motor on.
  11. Good on her! Our next generation is going to face tighter conditions. It will help to have a choice. Can't have too many passports!
  12. Anyone who's had a device which becomes incompatible with Play Services knows what's coming for the OP. It ain't pretty. You'll have to flash a custom ROM, or wait for Huwaei to push their own custom ROM based on AOSP. It won't be a brick, but forget about Youtube, Drive, Chrome, Play Store, Apps (even side-loading). Suspect developers will try work-arounds. Some may work. Pray Store.
  13. Yes..but the ancient Romans never got here..and if they did they wouldn't have got a work permit and they would have had to put 400/800,000 denarii in the bank.. They weren't that dumb.
  14. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/923278-yellow-house-book-and-thai-id-card/
  15. Let's hope. I wouldn't care who was PM if they legalized marijuana. It's so heart breaking to watch the hundreds of videos and tv shows with dope being smoking. You know the type people smoking dabs, bongs, big fat joints and your sat there "gosh, I used to do that back in my home country" your mouth drewling.
  16. And remember the Manila Office is the only Social Security Office for all of Asia for this entire region. So imagine how busy they must be. The trick is to just keep on bugging them to the point where they will respond to you just to make you stop bothering them. That’s what I did for my wife’s Social Security. You have to seriously become a real pain in their ass like I did for my wife. I understand they are very difficult to deal with if my wife was on her own she would have given up. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. What, pray tell, IS a a sound reason for carrying a weapon to any place?!?! This is 2019, not medieval times.
  18. Jeez, sometimes you just have to open your mouth and stare in disbelief.
  19. Latest story in the (Liberal) Financial Review - Morrison's supporters were "Christians, non-university educated voters in lower income brackets" - the "Trump Australians" - https://www.afr.com/news/politics/national/scomo-wins-the-trump-australians-20190521-p51pia (probably behind a paywall)
  20. Was this a referendum on Trump? The Australian markets soared yesterday. People with money are more conservative, even the clinton loving internet billionaires....get used to it. He's buddies with Trump, too..might be kind of handy if Mohamed comes calling.
  21. Minimum cost from PEA 1) Single-phase 5(15)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 728 baht 2) Single-phase 15(45)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 4,621.5 baht 3) Single-phase 30(100)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 12,383 baht 4) Three-phase 15(45)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 16,004.5 baht 5) Three-phase 30(100)A meter installation fee (Note: (Including 7% VAT)) Fee 38,754 baht Though if you do not have 3 phase 220V outside your property you may have to pay for a transformer and cables and that can quickly reach into the hundreds of thousands. You will need a new 3 phase CU as you can't just reconfigure a single phase one.
  22. Probably was getting up the backside from the LB which is a massive risk Yes, he thought he obtained it from beef injections. But, the concern I guess would also be his activity with the BR workers and the possibility that he spread it.
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