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  2. why NOT do away with U TURNS and install MINI ROUNDABOUTS. These keep traffic moving like in the Uk....OHHHHHHHHHH wait they will NOT KNOW what to do at a roundabout WILL THEY???
  3. well the RTP can do something about the guns if they wanted, but sadly can do nothing about the prettiness of the girls.
  4. It would be pretty sad if a multiple entry visa was immediately invalidated as soon as you entered any other country that required a visa to enter. In fact, there are many people who do border hops to places like Laos while holding a multiple entry Thai visa. They do this to get a fresh entry on their multiple entry visa, and the fact that they must get a Laos visa when doing so has absolutely no effect on their Thai visa.
  5. On Jan 20, 2021, Trump will be inaugurated for his second term.
  6. I am still super confused about this. Do we need to have the work permit finished to apply for Non-B Visa or is it possible to obtain a non-B visa while we are waiting for the work permit to be processed? We have all the correct paperwork, stamps, pictures and everything, welcoming letter, company finance papers.. the works.. but not yet a work permit. We called immigration authorities in Songkhla and they say I can just go to Penang with the papers and apply for Non-B but on the internet pages of the Penang embassy they tell me to bring a copy of the work VISA. But I am applying for the work VISA. Very confusing. Not sure what to make of this.
  7. If I would have included the cooling my point would have been even stronger
  8. What about the last 15 seconds? I love it when people zoom into timeframes to find something they like. Provides lovely trading opportunities to screw them over. Point being, when you pan and zoom enough, you'll always find some spot to fit your hypothesis.
  9. Theres no way i can take on an entire familly on in there own home and no way would i be able to move out and take her with me ... they have the power over me as i am n alien.
  10. I had some success with Rhubarb, the secret is to keep the seeds in the fridge for at least a month before planting, then plant in a shaded area.
  11. You do realise its all travelling very fast. New facts being discovered daily. Rudy is in for a hard time. Even trump says hes not sure he is his lawyer. Another speedbump for the bus.
  12. We have been told that we need to have the condo decided before we move from our current place as stuff will need to be shipped by both air and ship. I dunno....maybe corporate company rule or something. We have been able to do as you suggest in the past but not this time.
  13. Spread the word about what!? That genuine tourists will never have problems with Thai IOs? That word doesn't need spreading, experience tells them all that already.
  14. So if it wasn't the fault of a guy swinging on the ropes that secured the lighting who's fault was it?
  15. Don't pretend. People don't come to Thailand repeatedly for tourism. They come for brothel visits. Let's not pretend. Name one country where Europeans/American/Australians or caucasians have married more brothel workers than Thailand?
  16. It sure does. Relative to 2016.. Just like it showed cooling for several years after 1998. And you know why that is? Because 1998 and 2016 were years of major el ninos. But all of the last 6 years have been warmer than the el nino year of 1998. With only 2016's high temperature due to the el nino factor. In fact out of the 10 hottest years on record, 1998 now stands at #10. It's likely that by the end of 2019 it will be #11.
  17. There is no legal argument in the letter. Just fake facts. So in your learned opinion why is the investigation against the constitution. Hint. Just saying it is does not make it a legal argument. Whoever wrote the letter must be ready to be a laughing stock.
  18. His work will be near Siam Amazing Park so I probably gave the wrong idea when I said near the airport. Sadly I think we have to discount The River as the commute would be too long. We’d much rather live in the city despite the commute. He would too as all of his colleagues live in the Phrom Phong/Thonglor area. They say it’s about a 1-1.5 hour commute by car. We are used to long commutes - I myself used to commute 2 hours each way using 3 trains. He used to commute 1.25 hours each way (no traffic) on narrow roads driving himself. I think he will probably sleep on most of the journey anyway as someone else is driving him in BKK Hes planning to leave at 6:30am if we live north Thong Lor. He did say he would be happy to leave for work at 6am so we could live at the river but I took everyone here’s advice and said we should choose Thong Lor or Ekkamai as it would be a shorter commute...much shorter on high traffic days. The list of condos is huge as it’s actually a website for a real estate agency. They seem to have all the same buildings as Hipflat and the other estate agencies have but they have fewer units in each available. And they also only have as far down as Ekkamai and a few in Phra Khanong. We won’t be coming to choose one until November so maybe the choices might change a bit. Im thinking TL from about Quattro northwards. If I have to walk or take a taxi to the station it’s not such a priority. I like painting so I spend a lot of time at home doing that anyway but I do plan to take oil painting lessons and to study Thai language so they will be my only commitments. We have lived in Asia and Several European countries. We do like being in the city centre and being able to walk to restaurants and cocktail bars but we are not party people. We are used to driving 1-1.5 hours each way to play golf on weekends. We haven’t lived in London but I’d say I’d prefer Mayfair but would need to live in Notting Hill so as not to have to live in a box Thank you for taking the time to reply
  19. LOL we have a jinjok toaster, he has the sense to get out before it gets too hot.
  20. Maybe not to an armchair comic like you.. but to the family of the deceased yes it does matter !
  21. It's not the wrong link. How hard can it be? Here's a screenshot. Pay particular attention to the heading: "Facts" and "Global Temperature". I have used exactly the same data as NASA. The data is available on that page as well. I'm sorry but I simply have to ask: are you trolling or are you actually serious?
  22. ...and genuine tourists never have a problem, just like Thailand. Most of the posters here need to remember that!
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