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  2. I would have much more favored an explicit end to this mess once and for all through the government but the left unequivocally refuses to even acknowledge it. How about this? If you support sanctuary cities and/or abolishing ICE, you are open borders and have no issue at all being part of the problem instead of the solution.
  3. Some already are. Phuket has a drive-thru kiosk. If you don't have to queue, it's also a couple of minutes. Just your passport, with the previous 90-day stapled in your passport. Don't even need a new TM47.
  4. Probably learned it from Thaksin..................... not short of a few stunts himself!
  5. My neighbour came to Thailand because he was sick of all the rules and laws in his homeland. He wanted more freedom to do what he likes. Last weak he called the police because some parked their car in front of his garage.
  6. ^^^^ ditto and its extremely cost effective.
  7. Also known as "how to spend a lot of money in a short space of time". Taxis are expensive. You can hire a car for day for less than it costs in a taxi from Patong to Kata or Karon. Do you live on the island? I would suggest that you hire a car for a while, at least until you decide upon which part of the island you want to live in more permanently. There are always cars available to buy, particularly in the Phuket related Facebook pages, as there's a constant stream of expats arriving and leaving. However, my advice is to check the legality of the car (ensuring there is no outstanding finance on it) service history etc. Better to buy from a reputable dealer (see a recent thread on the same subject).
  8. Guess he will get half and now he can get his own hottie.... too bad for Adele I think she is more genuine than the banker lol
  9. If they're upside down, what's stopping them falling out of the rack?
  10. The form is mainly static data input and there is little that goes in by way of evidence .... maybe a few clues entered on the 'additional information' section. The supporting evidence comes later, either by uploading yourself or scanning at VfS. There is no problem going over an intended 3 week visit IF you have a plausible explanation on the subsequent application. I know of at least 2 cases where the first visa was applied for on the basis of a one month visit and the applicants stayed for 6 months. One deliberately and one just because they got on so well that they decided she would stay full term. Both successfully applied for subsequent visas but this time stated (and could support) a 6 month visit.
  11. There should be no 90 days reporting as criminals in the first place.
  12. You’ve lost 5 of your last 8 matches in all comps and are playing like it.
  13. I use Ivacy, plenty of servers around the world and a solution for BBC IPlayer.
  14. May have mentioned elsewhere before, chatted with a Canadian guy on Facebook. He got a fresh income affidavit from his Embassy. Appointment. Show pension doc printed off the internet. Letter issued. In and out, 20 minutes, same as before. Said TI accepted it no questions. Funny old world.
  15. Wow, your so tough / so strong, what bulk powder do you consume 3 times per day?
  16. Thailand is probably running out of the Chinese on their first trip outside and duped by TATs broschures. They got back after the trip and spread the word. I doubt many come twice.
  17. The statement sounds to be made by one of the "why so many". Then again, it could be made by one that made the more miserable list.
  18. They do. But budget cuts, lack of personnel and facilities have lead to an incredible backlog. The present government seems to be asking for illegal immigration, and imo the only reason is to get Trump re-elected.
  19. Rubbish. democrats are not supporting the wall and ripping children from their parents, to put them in cages, whilst supporting the other measures of addressing illegal immigration. Meanwhile, can you support your claim about militia groups catching illegal immigrants by the hundreds, with a link?
  20. There is a full service print shop near the Three King Monument called Jarus Print - you'll see a Kaffe 151 on the corner,Jarus is left of them. Been using them for many years to print vinyl banners, promotional materials even did a complete trailer wrap. I don't have experience with book binding formats but I would be surprised if this shop wouldn't do it. Advise to take a Thai with you to help bridge the details. There are also numerous small print operations in and around the CMU. I know of a roadside print shop across from the UN Pub(a few meters to the left) a friend had a soft cover book printed there and they actually printed it on one-side of the paper making for what was 200pgs now 400pgs and twice the price. Again good to have a Thai friend who understands your details to help avoid running ground from the 'conceptual deficiet' that so often arises when working with Thais.
  21. I suspect that unless it's a lemon any 'mid-range' modern car offers 'satisfaction'... thats to stay it will never be awesome. So, unless purchasing Merc, BMW, Audi, Volvo etc expectations of quality have to me managed to avoid disappointment - I don't think the Volvo-XC-60 can be compared to the Fortuna or Everest. Thus in this mid-range I think anything you choose will be ok, it will never me the most amazing driving experience you've ever had - but it will tick the boxes, get you from A-B and be comfortable - thats all most of us expect from a car in Thailand because the costs involved with getting anything better than this are highly elevated. Thus your choice - CRV, Fortuna, CX-5 will all be ok. IMO: of these three the Fortuna is the most utilitarian and the CX-5 will offer the most premium feel. The CRV somewhere in the middle, not as nice or premium as the CX-5 but more utilitarian and more of a car feel than the Fortuna.
  22. So you want political correctness, nobody allowed to 'do their own thing'.
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