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  2. It’s not just taxes but back taxes from the date she bought it, plus interest plus a fine. This could potentially cost her close to half a million if not more and considering she has other properties this could cost her into millions . She may rethink her strategy twice
  3. Looking at DUI consequences in the USA, Downunder or most civilized countries 20 K sounds like a bargain. There is really no justification for Drunk Driving. Get a Grab Taxi or call a friend. But drunks won't listen I am afraid. Drive safely. MS>
  4. That is a disgusting thing to say. An elderly woman has died, used and misused f Ir years by a person who was cold callous n calculating and you say stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. but the idiots will keep waving their flags with cries of ingerland as they watch their country get carved up by the capitalist vultures ravenous to gorge on the carcase of a once great nation. And Boris can stop visiting the north and hospitals any more if he gets five years and a big majority. His pals must be licking their lips at the riches that await them.
  6. I would think it more likely that there is more to your mates story than you are telling or than he told you. Illegal immigrants get nothing. The clue is in the word "illegal".
  7. I don't think it's actually treason but otherwise correct. No need to overcharge. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Left Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Been going on for years I think every MLM company in the world has tried to get a foothold in Thailand it used to be almost every hotel along Rachadapiesek road doing seminars at the weekend
  10. The rice export in my eyes mostly suffers from the huge rice losses we had this year. Big areas of Isaan lost the rice to this years floods during raining season. It has absolutely nothing to do with the TBH, especially as it is not shifting as much versus other local currencies as it is versus Dollar and Euro, or Pound, pun intended, too.
  11. I had the same one about 10 years ago... nostalgia I still hear that 'peeeeeeee'
  12. from bangkok.diplo.de ''Please note that your travel document must be valid for at least three months after the end of your planned trip.''
  13. I've been using hotmail for the last 20 years and never encountered a bigger issue. Of course is the change to Outlook something you have to get used to. But hotmail accounts coincide with so many MS products that it's even more convenient to use one. With a VPN, they might get confused and send me an email if that was me in Laos, XXX place, but that's all in a way that it doesn't create such problems as the IOP is talking about.
  14. Yes. He was married before to face lift Meg Ryan. Has a net worth of 40 mil. But, he is an admitted sick dude. He claims to have Manorexia. Obsessed with his weight. I bet bulimia falls hand in hand in hand with Manorexia. Probably vomits when he eats to not gain weight. Anyway, nothing impressive about this for me. He could come to Thailand and have a true 10+ for practically nothing compared to what these US girls want. Some of these stay at home non travel western dudes are so stupid and have not clue. Hey but dude, good luck.... Funny. Many GF's 65/25 put yours to shame.
  15. Appreciate your comments but already know she has no intention of refunding security deposit based on previous messages. I know when I’m beaten and can only hope that other tenants are not subjected to same treatment although I wont hold my breath.
  16. ...maybe....but only if they change the rate of the Thai Bhat...say 1 US$ = 37 THB....for tourism promotion it would be far better...
  17. Im poor fat and degraded. My claim to fame is I have a 24 year old trust fund girlfriend who is better looking than his. Eat your hearts out boys, its great to be me.
  18. I have 3 non o multi visas in my pp plus an old retirement 12 month extension, current is a non o multi based on marriage. I anticipate some questions at swampy next week. Exactly what im not sure.
  19. hotmail is trying to have people switching their email to outlook... same company
  20. never blocked , but emails reporting my account accessing so and so and if suspicious or not ….. just confirm I know it is me myself ,and ok.
  21. Where do you come from and what type of Visa do you have? Posters here are asking wrong questions, or are just rambling.
  22. I'm a Brit but I guess the requirements are the same for all nationalities so I'll set out what they are for me and perhaps that will help: Visit the embassy in Thailand and swear an Affirmation to Marry. Take the above document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Bangkok and get it translated and stamped. Visit the AMphur where you intend to get married and get married. Job done.
  23. Hi djayz, I had exactly the same problem. I moved to new house, and there were some troubles with electricity, and i decided to buy generator, because i work as a designer and i need my computer work very often, and i can't afford myself to sit and wait. I chose solar generator, and i haven't regretted. I din't understand anything about this stuff, of course. And i started surfing internet, and on one 'men's-stuff-forum' one guy sent me overview, which i attach here. It helped me, because it's very constructive. There are some solar generators are described and compared, also there are pros and cons of every generator. Even i sorted out, so i think you'll find what you looking for. Good luck! Overview: https://generatoron.org/best-solar-generator/ My generator: Rockpals 300W 14/5000
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